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What are A1 auditions?

The A1 Conference was created specifically for actors, stage managers, tech crew, and music directors. Participants can audition/interview for the Artistic Directors and Casting Directors of the country’s leading regional theaters and entertainment companies. All participants must apply to attend the conference.

How many people audition for UPTA?

More than 900 Auditioning Actors!

How do you do summer stock?

Additionally, summer stock can be a fantastic way to meet phenomenal performers from other major programs all over the country and create lifelong friendships and connections.Look into organized mass auditions and find the one that best fits you. … Utilize your school. … Search by show. … Search by theatre. … Stay organized!More items…•

Why is it called Summer Stock?

The name combines the season with the tradition of staging shows by a resident company, reusing stock scenery and costumes. Summer stock theaters frequently take advantage of seasonal weather by having their productions outdoors or under tents set up temporarily for their use.

What are Moonifieds?

Families tell us “Moonifieds” is a life-changing weekend. Selective college programs from all over the country conduct early auditions, and you can be a part of it. “Moonifieds was so organized and well run. I received multiple offers from top programs, and ended up attending one of those schools!

Do you get paid for summer stock?

You may receive free room and/or board, perhaps even a small stipend, but probably not a real salary. College- or university-connect companies. These may be either Equity or non-Equity, or may be non-Equity with a few Equity guest artists in leading roles.

Is Woodstock a playhouse equity?

As a landmark playhouse site in the pages of American Theatre History, the Woodstock Playhouse today is a Not-for-Profit theatre under the ownership & directorship of the Pan American Dance Foundation, Inc., which also owns and operates the New York Conservatory for the Arts of Hurley, NY.

Does UCLA have a good musical Theatre program?

In College Factual’s most recent rankings for the best schools for theater majors, UCLA came in at #19. This puts it in the top 5% of the country in this field of study. It is also ranked #3 in California.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Volunteering at A’18

As host chapter, AIA New York is looking for volunteers to help with tours, symposium check-in, and in various capacities throughout the conference.


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