A cancer conference may be established in a site-focused format

What should be included in a cancer conference presentation?

Examples of items to include for the cancer conference presenter includes case identification (patient initials only, or a numeric value such as Case #5), history and physical examination, pertinent lab results, radiology findings, pathology findings, staging, and treatment options. personal ID are NOT included.

What activity is not performed by the Cancer Conference Coordinator?

Survival data on cancer patients is obtained primarily by implementing active and passive follow-up procedures. What activity is not performed by the cancer conference coordinator? 1. Case selection for the cancer conferences 2. Tracking patients enrolled in clinical trials 3. Review of the CoC requirements for the cancer conferences 4.

What is a histology-specific cancer conference?

A cancer conference format that includes a discussion of rhabdomyosarcoma is referred to as a Histology-Specific cancer conference. What is the primary reason (s) retrospective cases are discussed at cancer conference?

Can a non-staff physician attend a cancer conference?

B. Restrictions on attendance at cancer conferences by non-staff physicians are subject to the discretion of the chair of the cancer committee. C. Physician participation is mandatory for CoC accredited cancer programs. D. None of the above D. None of the above

Who is ultimately responsible for the developing of a cancer conference plan in a CoC approved facility?

Who is ultimately responsible for the developing of a cancer conference plan in a CoC- approved facility? If the facility is approved by the CoC, the Cancer Committee is responsible.

Which type’s of facility holds cancer conferences?

Which type(s) of facility holds cancer conferences? Rationale: Facilities with and without CoC approval organize meetings that perform the functions of a cancer committee.

What activity is not performed by the cancer conference Coordinator?

What activity is not performed by the cancer conference coordinator? Rationale: The cancer conference coordinator does not present the case during the cancer conference. The physician is the one who is primarily responsible for filling that role during the meeting.

What are cancer conferences?

Cancer conferences are meetings where specialists from various areas of expertise discuss selected cancer patients. This provides a consultative service to the physician(s) treating the patient with input regarding further diagnostic work-up, staging, treatment and follow-up options.

What are the three types of cancer registries?

There are Three General Types of Cancer Registries:Hospital and Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center (ASTC)-Based Registries.Population-Based Registries.Special Registries.Hospital and ASTC based cancer registries maintain data on all patients diagnosed and/or treated at their facility.

What information is maintained in the cancer registry?

Cancer registries maintain a wide range of demographic and medical information: Demographic information: age, gender, race/ethnicity, birthplace, and residence. Medical history: physical findings, screening information, occupation, and any history of a previous cancer.

What is a cancer registry reference date?

The Cancer Registry uses the reference date to determine which eligible cases must be included in the Cancer Registry database. The reference date is January 1 of the specified year determined by the Cancer Committee and approved by the American College of Surgeons/Commission on Cancer (ACS/CoC).

How often should hospital cancer registry job descriptions be reviewed?

Cancer registry responsibilities may change with yearly caseloads or as cancer program responsibilities change. As a result, position descriptions should be reviewed and revised annually.

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