A cure in sight conference agenda


What is a cure in sight?

A Cure in Sight (ACIS) helps provide services nationwide through building public awareness, educating OM patients and their caregivers, funding on-going eye cancer research, and by financially helping in-need OM patients find and pay for the treatments they need.

Where is the Cure SMA Conference?

The hotel is located just steps away from the vibrant Downtown Disney district, as well as the Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks. Cure SMA has been hosting the Conference since 1988—bringing together leading SMA researchers, clinicians, individuals with SMA, and their families.

What happens if content is presented on the Cure SMA website?

Cure SMA is not liable for content presented without proper permissions. Where possible, pictures that did not have consent to be posted on the Cure SMA website have been removed from the presentations.


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