A devops journey sal padilla conference

What are the topics covered in this year’s DevOps Conference?

Topics which will be covered in this conference include Cloud and data center, enterprise collaboration, data platform, and business intelligence, development and DevOps, and mobility & security. Who should attend and why?

How much does it cost to attend DevOps conferences?

Price: DeveloperWeek PRO Pass (Ends on 24 Sep): $295. Premium Pass (Ends on 24 Sep): $495 2. DevOps Days Price: Tickets not available yet. 3. The DEVOPS Conference 4. Agile + DevOps WEST. 1. DevOps Days Cairo (Online) 2. DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas-Virtual Price: $325 with 50% off. Location: Bellevue, Washington, USA.

What is the Agile DevOps Conference and why should you attend?

Topics that will be covered in this conference are Digital transformation, Agile DevOps leadership, Agile Engineering practices, and agile & DevOps certification training, and many more. Why should attend? Developers, testers, and Business analysts should attend as it provides more learning opportunities. Cost: Starts at $1079.

Who Should Attend the DevOps Conference?

Automation experts, Architects, Developers, Testers, Engineers, Managers, and Business Analysts should attend the DevOps Conferences.

May 2019 Conferences

Description: This conference will focus on DevOps, Continuous Delivery and containerization event.

November 2019 Conferences

Date: 2 Nov to 8 Nov
Cost: Around $2220 for the full conference. (This price was the price for the year 2018)

December 2019 Conferences

Description: Linux Foundation and Cloud Native Computing Foundation sponsor this conference and will help you to meet the leading contributors of cloud-native applications, microservices, and containers.

October 2018 Conferences

Description: DevOps experts and practitioners will speak about new ideas and methods. There will be more than 50 speakers from top companies like Barclays, Jaguar Land Rover, The Walt Disney Company, Nike, and many others. It will include new technical and architectural practices.

November 2018 Conferences

Description: This conference is for the cloud computing community. There will be technical sessions. You will get to know more about training and certifications.

December 2018 Conferences

Ticket Cost: Academic starts from $150, Individual starts at $ 550, and Corporate starts at $1150.

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