A drill which is conducted in conference room


What is an unannounced drill?

Surprise or unannounced drills are used to simulate actual disaster scenarios. These events are triggered by an organization announcement and immediately followed by a period of staff purposely shutting down the systems being tested and communicating with end users that a drill is currently in progress.

How to plan a successful conference room pilot?

The administration is an essential factor for a successful CRP. Therefore, assign an administrator to impart a focal point for all activities of the conference room pilot. He should plan the CRP, including scheduling, task assignment, monitor, follow-up, process&documentation standards.

What is a comprehensive business continuity drill?

Comprehensive business continuity drills are completely unannounced and involve all members in the company. The sole purpose of a full-scale drill is to shut down your current operations and get them fully running again at the backup site with little downtime. Mature organizations, with trust in their plans, perform these tests.

What is the it disaster recovery drill?

IT Disaster Recovery drill: In 2013, staff from campus IT departments assembled to respond to a simulated total loss of power in the University’s primary data center. Staff collaborated real-time to discuss appropriate actions, communications tactics and continuity efforts.


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