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Which conferences should you attend to get a better understanding of computer vision?

Here is a list of ten conferences – both virtual and in-person – that you must attend to get a better understanding of computer vision: Organised by the Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci), Computer Vision DEVCON is a two-day conference targeted at computer vision practitioners and innovators across the globe.

Are virtual conferences on computer vision on the rise?

These virtual conferences are quickly gaining momentum across the world. With newer technological possibilities discovered and developed – especially in the field of computer vision – it is no wonder then that conferences that seek to delve deeper into this topic are being planned throughout the year.

Which are the top conferences for computer vision practitioners in India?

One of the top conferences for computer vision practitioners and enthusiasts in India, ICVGIP will be held in IIT Jodhpur at the end of the year. Started in 1998 and entering its 12th edition this year, it provides the perfect forum for the presentation of technological advances and research findings in this emerging technology.

What are the performance classes for conferences?

Based on the H-index percentiles, the conferences are grouped into performance classes that range from A1 (=best), A2, B1, …, B5 (=worst). Microsoft Academic’s field ratings for conferences.


Is Aamas top conference?

The best quartile for this conference and proceedings is -….TitleProceedings of the International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, AAMASOverall Rank/Ranking12071SCImago Journal Rank (SJR)0.402Impact Score2.46Publisher6 more rows•Nov 16, 2021

Is EuroSys a top conference?

Eurosys Conference (EuroSys) conference is ranked/rated A according to the CORE 2018 ranking. About CORE 2018 ranking: The CORE Conference Ranking is a measure to assess the major conference in the computing field.

How do you rank in conference?

Conference rankings are determined by a mix of indicators, including citation rates, paper submission and acceptance rates, and the visibility and research track record of the key people hosting the conference and managing its technical program.

Is UAI a good conference?

Conference in Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI) conference is ranked/rated A* according to the CORE 2018 ranking.

Is Icaart a good conference?

International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence (ICAART) conference is ranked/rated C according to the CORE 2018 ranking.

What are top tier conferences?

I many parts of Asia “Top Tier” tends mean journals and conferences that are high ranked by their National Research Foundation. The NRF tend to rank journals based on journal index, and other criteria. In Europe top tier tended to mean the journals that the respective community believed to be of high quality.

Do conferences have h index?

In this regard, the widely used h-index ranks the conferences at the same level, even if they have a different number of publications and received citations. Therefore, in this research, DS-index is applied to rank conferences distinctively. This helps researchers to find a conference with more impact.

What is impact score of a conference?

Impact Score is defined as the ratio of the number of citations a journal receives in the latest two years (Including the year of calculation) to the number of publications (published documents) of that Journal in those two years. It is calculated as Cites / Doc. (2years).

Is IEEE a top conference?

Conferences with the highest number of leading publications The leading computer science conference in terms of the number of papers published by top scientists is IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition with 2010 publications by top scientists in the last three years.

Is Icml a top conference?

ICML | 2021 – The Thirty-eighth International Conference on Machine Learning. The International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) is one of the best machine learning conferences.

Is Ijcai a top conference?

The International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) is the leading conference in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The conference series has been organized by the nonprofit IJCAI Organization since 1969, making it the oldest premier AI conference series in the world.

Is NeurIPS the best conference?

The Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) is one of the most prestigious AI research conferences (the other one is the International Conference on Machine Learning, or ICML). In 2020, the acceptance rate at NeurIPS was 20% — a total of 1,990 papers out of 9,467 submissions got in (source).

The first machine learning conference I ever attended was a complete disaster

Figure 1: ICMLA 2013, the first conference I presented at, was a complete disaster. And it was totally my fault (but not for the reasons you might think).

You get what you put into a conference

Since then I’ve attended too many conferences to count. Some of them great, some of them a borderline waste of my time.

I created PyImageConf to be the conference I would want to attend (and you would too)

Figure 3: PyImageConf, the practical, hands-on computer vision and deep learning conference.

PyImageConf sounds great, what now?

In order to create a small, intimate conference, I’m capping the total number of attendees at 200.

Qualis (2012)

This conference ranking has been published by the Brazilian ministry of education and uses the H-index as performance measure for conferences. Based on the H-index percentiles, the conferences are grouped into performance classes that range from A1 (=best), A2, B1, …, B5 (=worst).

MSAR (2014)

Microsoft Academic’s field ratings for conferences. Microsoft Academic describes field ratings as follows: “The field rating is similar to h-index in that it calculates the number of publications by an author and the distribution of citations to the publications.


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