A list of umc conferences


The denomination has seven central conferences: Africa, Central and Southern Europe, Congo, Germany, Northern Europe and Eurasia, Philippines and West Africa. Learn more about central conferences. For contact information for United Methodist churches outside the United States, please contact the appropriate bishop’s office below.

Annual Conferences (Directory)
  • Dakotas Annual Conference.
  • East Ohio Annual Conference.
  • Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference.
  • Indiana Annual Conference.
  • Iowa Annual Conference.
  • Michigan Annual Conference.
  • Minnesota Annual Conference.
  • Northern Illinois Annual Conference.


What conferences are in the Southeastern Conference?

Southeastern Jurisdiction Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference Florida Annual Conference Holston Annual Conference Kentucky Annual Conference Memphis Annual Conference Mississippi Annual Conference North Alabama Annual Conference

How many conferences are there in each state?

Each conference is a geographical division. In general, the smaller states in the United States hold one conference each, while larger states often include two or more conferences. Several annual conferences are held in other nations as well.

What is the role and composition of the annual conference?

Role and composition. Among their other duties the annual conference elects delegates to the general, jurisdictional and central conferences, and votes on amendments to the church constitution. Its executive committee, composed of its ordained clergy members, authorizes the ordination of clergy, also disciplines and hold accountable its members.


How many missions conferences are there in the United States?

In the United States, an annual conference may cover an entire state, only part of the state, or even parts of two or more states. There are also three missionary conferences in the United States, which rely upon the denomination as a whole for funding.

How long is the annual conference of the clergy?

Each year an equal number of clergy members and lay members attend their conference’s annual conference session for worship, fellowship, and to conduct the business of the conference, which may last 3-5 days.

What is an annual conference?

The annual conference is a regional body, an organizational unit AND a yearly meeting. Many of these yearly meetings happen in the U.S. in May and June.

What is an annual conference in Methodism?

An annual conference in Methodism is a regional body that governs much of the life of the “connectional church”. Annual conferences are composed primarily of the clergy members and a lay member or members from each charge (a charge is one or more churches served by a minister under appointment by the bishop ).

What are the two annual conferences of the Wesleyan Church?

Evangelical Wesleyan Church. In the Evangelical Wesleyan Church, two annual conferences exist, the Eastern Annual Conference and the Western Annual Conference. It is presided over by a bishop. Annual Conferences in the EWC are invested with the responsibility of reviewing candidates for holy orders.

What is an annual conference?

Annual conferences are the normative Free Methodist organization at the regional level that provides for reasonable spans of care for ministers and congregations, as well as the structure for effective kingdom expansion. Each annual conference in the Free Methodist Church shall be a member of a general conference.

How long do you have to be a lay member of the Methodist Church?

The Lay Member must, at the time of election, be a professing member of the United Methodist Church for at least two years and four years an active participant in the church. This requirement may be waived for those under 30 years old in the Central Conferences, and is waived for newly organized churches.

What is the primary unit of denominational government?

The entire group of all annual conferences makes up the General Conference which meets every four years. Only the General Conference can speak officially for the church.


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