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What is a Mindful Society 2022?

A Mindful Society 2022 will be a 7-day virtual learning summit giving you direct access to leaders in the field of mindfulness sharing the latest applications, research, programs and practices.

Why the Mindful Society Global Institute?

The most successful mindfulness leaders, advocates, and facilitators rely on a network of peers and access to up-to-date credible practices to stay ahead in the field and create lasting change. That’s why we created the Mindful Society Global Institute.

How can we create a more mindful Society?

Access mentorship and support with a community working together to create a mindful society. Engage with global leaders who can help you take the safest, most effective and up-to-date approach. Advance your initiatives without spending hours combing over scientific papers and reports.


Toward a Mindful Society

Barry Boyce interviews Jon Kabat-Zinn, who was a keynote speaker at the Creating a Mindful Society conference in New York City. (Click here to view the livestream.)

Does mindfulness go beyond simply cultivating our attentiveness?

The ultimate promise of mindfulness is much larger than that, more profound. It helps us understand that our conventional view of ourselves and even what we mean by “self” is incomplete in some very important ways.

Why do you think a scientific approach is important in spreading the practice of mindfulness?

I am not really interested in “spreading” mindfulness, so much as I am interested in igniting passion in people for what is deepest and best within all of us, but which is usually hidden and rarely accessible.

What are some of the new frontiers that mindfulness has entered in recent years?

The mindfulness work is spilling into areas way beyond medicine and healthcare and also beyond psychology and neuroscience. It’s moving into programs on childbirth and parenting, education, business, athletics and professional sports, the legal profession, criminal justice, even politics.

Does the synchronizing of mind and body bring benefits beyond functioning effectively?

The awareness we are speaking of when we are using the term “mindfulness” also encompasses the motivations for our actions, for example, the ways we are driven by self-aggrandizement or greed. In the financial crisis of 2008-2009, we’ve seen the effects of greed played out on a massive scale in the banks and insurance companies.

It seems that the notion that we can think our way out of our big problems has been tarnished recently

That’s a key point. Even very, very smart people—and there are plenty of them around—are starting to recognize that thinking is only one of many forms of intelligence.

What do you mean?

Quite simply, the future is not here, even though we can create as many illusions about it as we’d like. The past is already over. We have to deal with things as they are in the moment.

As a member, you will..

Access mentorship and support with a community working together to create a mindful society.

Participate in events like ..

In January, a team of Authentic Relating and Circling facilitators led the community in a series of interactive exercises to create deep human connection in this age of virtual connectivity.

What members are saying

Access a supportive community that helps you learn, introduce, teach, and advocate for mindfulness and compassion in society.


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