A-mode conference


Why is the combination of conference mode and attendant routing not supported?

If Compliance recording is enabled on the agents, the combination of Conference mode and Attendant routing is not supported. If you need to use Conference mode, select Serial Routing, Round robin, or Longest idle as the Routing method. If you need to use Attendant routing, set Conference mode to Off.

What is the new conference mode in Skype for business?

Finally, after months of waiting, a fix has arrived in the form of ‘Conference Mode’, and based on some initial testing this is a great improvement! Conference Mode is enabled on a per queue basis and only supports Microsoft Teams users – you can’t deliver calls to users on Skype for Business using this new mode.

What are the agent requirements for conference mode to work?

For conference mode to work, agents in the call queue must use one of the following clients: Agents’ Teams accounts need to be set to Teams-only mode. Agents who don’t meet the requirements aren’t included in the call routing list.

What is the “group Class mode”?

This mode is specifically intended for group education purposes. Its major feature is that only one participant (the lecturer) can be seen and heard by other users who stay fully focused on the class. The lecturer, on the other hand, can see and hear all participants and is able to communicate with them if need be.


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