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What is the Neufeld Institute conference?

This conference is a fundraiser for the Neufeld Institute and the offspring of a collaborative effort between Jack Hirose of Jack Hirose and Associates and Dr. Gordon Neufeld of the Neufeld Institute – a worldwide charitable organization delivering developmental science to those responsible for our children.

When will the 2020 Vancouver Neufeld conference be held?

APRIL 8, 2020 – UPDATE FOR CONFERENCE REGISTRANTS RE LIVESTREAM EVENT ON APRIL 16, 2020 Dr. Neufeld originally planned to kick off our 2020 Vancouver Neufeld Conference with an in-person evening keynote. Now it will be held as a livestream event, but we’ve changed the topic to provide Dr. Neufeld with a chance to address what is on everyone’s mind:

What are the Neufeld intensives for helping professionals?

Resources for Helping Professionals Our Neufeld Intensives are geared to support helping professionals in their quest to make sense of the children in their care. The Intensives I & II are the gateway to our advanced courses as well as further support and training. Courses recommended for helping professionals →

Where did Dr Neufeld give his presentation in Vancouver?

Description: This is a professional recording of an outstanding presentation by Dr. Neufeld to a full house at the world famous Chan Centre for the Performing Arts in Vancouver, BC. The talk was received enthusiastically by both long-time students of Neufeld’s approach as well as by those who had heard him for the first time.


Date & Location

Emotion matters. Contrary to the received wisdom of the last few centuries, today’s science has revealed emotion to be at the heart of most matters and of what matters most. Emotion is now being recognized as Nature’s way of taking care of us.

Day 2 – November 26, 2019

In Part II of the Keys to Emotional Health and Well-Being, Dr. Neufeld turns his focus specifically to those whose conduct and behaviour typically tend to mask the underlying emotional problems. Insight is absolutely critical when dealing with those who are more likely to be the cause of trouble than present as troubled. Dr.

Day 3 – November 27, 2019

In many ways, empathy could be considered a bellwether of emotional health and well-being. When emotions are in trouble, empathy will be in trouble as well. On the other hand, if our emotions are working as they should, empathy will be one of the ultimate fruits.


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What did Dr. Neufeld do?

Neufeld did a brilliant job of explaining why a child’s relationship to the adults responsible must be the context for parenting and teaching. All the basic constructs of his teaching are woven into this captivating presentation. If wanting to get a taste of this refreshing approach, …

Where was the presentation The Challenges of Parenting and Teaching Today’s Children filmed?

The challenges of parenting and teaching today’s children. A two-hour public presentation filmed live at Vancouver’s Chan Centre for the Performing Arts. Description: This is a professional recording of an outstanding presentation by Dr. Neufeld to a full house at the world famous Chan Centre for the Performing Arts in Vancouver , BC.


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