A pa conference in denver colorado


How is the location of the APA Colorado Conference chosen?

The location of the conference is chosen by the APA Colorado Board of Directors through an RFP process. APA Colorado currently contracts with Conference Direct to acquire competitive bids for each conference.

Why attend AAPA 2022?

Also known as the Crossroads of America, this city is the perfect place to come together with your peers. Map out your future, find new directions for your career, and remember why you set out on your PA journey in the first place. AAPA 2022, the only national PA conference, is the grand junction for everything you need as a PA.

What is capa doing for PAS in Colorado?

She is inspired to make PAs in Colorado able to practice at the top of their license and is excited for all the initiatives CAPA has in store for PAs in Colorado. Kendra enjoys staying active and competing in marathons and triathlons. CAPA advocates for all PAs in the state of Colorado.


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