A pre-bid proposal conference is never to be used for

It shall never be used as a substitute for amending a defective or ambiguous invitation.

Can potential bidders attend pre-proposal conferences?

The clear presumption of the FAR is that “potential offerors” may not be (and need not be) present at the pre-proposal conference. In addition, mandatory pre-bid attendance could work a hardship on some potential bidders, especially small businesses.

Can a pre bid conference change the terms of a contract?

Anything that happens at a pre-bid conference to change what is expected under the terms of the solicitation must be incorporated into the contract by means of an amendment to the solicitation. Our experience has been that pre-bid conferences sometimes bring out the existence of ambiguities or inconsistencies in contract language.

What is the grantee’s role at the pre bid conference?

The grantee is expected to answer questions that arise at the pre bid conference but is also required to publish all questions and answers, including the furnishing of any new data, to all interested bidders, and then to allow sufficient time for everyone to review the new information and prepare their proposals or bids accordingly.

Should attendance at pre-bid conferences be mandatory?

However, the FTA’s position is that attendance at pre-bid conferences should not be made mandatory. The main reason for this position is that the solicitation’s specifications and ultimately the contract itself must stand alone and contain the entire contractual commitment between the parties.

What is the purpose of a pre-proposal conference?

Pre-Proposal Conference means a public meeting at which companies, who are interested in Responding to the Request for Proposal, gather to obtain additional information concerning the scope of services required under the Request for Proposal.

What do you do at a pre-bid meeting?

The objective of pre-bid meetings is to explain the details of the solicitation documents to interested bidders. Prospective bidders are permitted to request clarifications on the invitation for bids or request for proposals by a stipulated date, and the pre-bid meeting is held within that period.

What is the purpose of the pre-bid construction schedule?

So, what exactly are construction pre-bid meetings you ask? Pre-bid meetings are conducted by the owner to clarify any concerns the bidders may have with the solicitation documents, scope of work and other project details. Attendance is not mandatory, however it is highly-recommended for prospective bidders to attend.

What are pre-bid activities?

Pre-bid meetings are gatherings scheduled after an invitation for bids or request for proposals is advertised. They are called pre-bid meetings because they are pertinent to procurement of goods, non-consultant services and works. When they are scheduled for consulting services, they are called pre-proposal meetings.

When should a preconstruction conference be held?

One of the most important steps to help overcome those obstacles is to get the project started off on the right foot by holding an effective, efficient pre-construction conference. The pre-construction conference, or “pre-job conference” should be scheduled and conducted prior to the actual field work beginning.

What is a pre-bid meeting and who conducts?

A pre-bid meeting is conducted to clear up any confusion regarding project details, scope of work, and solicitation of documents. It is during a pre-bid meeting that contractors can decide whether a project is in their company’s best interest.

What is the purpose of pre bid in auction?

Choosing to place a pre-bid allows you to head into an auction with a sense of understanding or even of added confidence if you had the highest pre-bid. You can go into the auction on your own terms, placing a higher pre-bid on an item that might deter others from bidding when the real-time bidding starts.

Why should you hold a mandatory pre bid conference?

Pre-bid meetings give you an opportunity to learn about the details of the project and to ask the Project Manager or the contract manager questions.

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