A ranked conference


Conference Data

Name Abbrv. Rank Source
Name Abbrv. Rank Source
1st International Conference on Building … COBEE Not ranked ERA
1st International Conference on Engineer … ICEM Not ranked ERA
2008 International Conference on Biomedi … BIO ROB B ERA

Apr 9 2022


What is the conference ranking?

The Conference Ranking is a way to assess the quality of a conference in a particular field. How are conferences ranked? The executive committee generally ranks conferences. There are timely rounds for submission of requests, both for the addition and re-ranking of conferences.

What is a good a level conference?

A – excellent conference, and highly respected in a discipline area B – good to very good conference, and well regarded in a discipline area Australasian – A conference for which the audience is primarily Australians and New Zealanders Unranked – A conference for which no ranking decision has been made

Why isn’t the WCC ranked ahead of the six major conferences?

And, again, that bottom 60 percent-and especially the bottom 30 percent-is why the WCC wasn’t quite able to land ahead of any of the six major conferences. The ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC have a combined total of one team ranked outside the composite top 200.

What are Microsoft Academic Field ratings for conferences?

Microsoft Academic’s field ratings for conferences. Microsoft Academic describes field ratings as follows: “The field rating is similar to h-index in that it calculates the number of publications by an author and the distribution of citations to the publications.


What are conference rankings?

It uses ranks such as A* (=exceptional), A (=excellent), B (=good to very good), and C (=sound and satisfactory). They make the criteria for the different ranks explicit in a formal ranking description document. Also, they have an online database with their rankings.

What is core conference?

The CORE Conference Ranking provides assessments of major conferences in the computing disciplines. The rankings are managed by the CORE Executive Committee, with periodic rounds for submission of requests for addition or reranking of conferences.

How do I find my conference paper ranking?

I would recommend this website http://www.guide2research.com/. It provides updated rankings and ratings (important ones) for all the conference and journals.

What is a flagship conference?

A* – flagship conference, a leading venue in a discipline area. A – excellent conference, and highly respected in a discipline area.

How do you rate a conference?

Here are the main points that you need to include.Title. The title needs to grab people’s attention. … Problem Statement. You should state the specific problem that you are trying to solve.Purpose. … Methods. … Do Your Research on the Conference. … Select Your Keywords Carefully. … Be Concise. … Use Example Abstracts as a Guide.More items…

How do you know if a conference is good?

Another good way to identify a reputable conference is to look up the list the speakers in the past years. If they are established researchers in your field, the conference is probably reputable. However, the level of the conference may not be great if just one two of the speakers are well-known.

What is a good impact score for a conference?

In most fields, the impact factor of 10 or greater is considered an excellent score while 3 is flagged as good and the average score is less than 1. This is a rule of thumb.

What is impact score of a conference?

Impact Score is defined as the ratio of the number of citations a journal receives in the latest two years (Including the year of calculation) to the number of publications (published documents) of that Journal in those two years. It is calculated as Cites / Doc. (2years).

Is IEEE a top conference?

Conferences with the highest number of leading publications The leading computer science conference in terms of the number of papers published by top scientists is IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition with 2010 publications by top scientists in the last three years.

What is another word for flagship?

What is another word for flagship?jewelstarchiefforerunnerheadleadleaderprizeshowcasebellwether12 more rows

What is IEEE flagship conferences?

The conferences are technical events where the papers are presented and uploaded in IEEE Xplore digital library while the congress is a training ground for the members to improve their technical as well as professional skills.

What is core ranking?

About CORE ranking 2020: The CORE Conference Ranking is a measure to assess the major conference in the computing field. This ranking is governed by the CORE Executive Committee. There are timely rounds for submission of requests, both for the addition and re-ranking of conferences. The final decision is taken by the academic committees on the basis of data collected during the submission process.

What does “unranked” mean in a conference?

Unranked – Assigned to the conference for which no ranking decision has been taken. National – Assigned to the conference that runs mainly in a single country, having chairs from the same country, and that is generally not well known.

Why is ranking important in a conference?

Ranking/Rating of a conference is a very important parameter in order to judge the quality of publications under the conference proceedings. Hence, one should do a proper research before choosing the conference suitable for their research paper. You can find the comprehensive list of conferences with their ranking/rating on.

What does 2 pages mean in a conference?

the page count (two pages means an abstract, not full paper ), how many papers are accepted (some conferences accept a lot of papers, some accept very few), how the conference is ranked. The latter may not be obvious until you ask someone who works in the field.

How to make a presentation for a conference?

If you are presenting your paper at a conference, you should take care of following points shared below for a successful presentation: 1. Write out your speech, ‘start, middle, end’, ‘problem, struggle, resolution’. And create simple imagery slides.

Is a non-review paper published in a conference?

The non-review papers or presentations will be published in conference proceedings”. the journal is a good one, but you need to know their criteria of publishing, to make sure that your paper will be included in the journal not only in the conference proceedings.

What is the ranking of a conference based on?

You can always have a look into the list. The rankings are based on general reputation of the conference in the field , the citation of the papers published in the conference, reputation of program committee members and reputation of the review process. It is not based on scientific measurements.

Is the conference ranking based on scientific measurements?

It is not based on scientific measurements. While the ranking could change in time. New conferences are typically ranked in the third tier. Top conferences are known for their impact history and their rigorous review process. They should be equivalent, if not superior in impact and prestige, to reputable journals.


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