A shape within a u shape layout for conference room


What is the best layout for a conference room?

Create a layout similar to a boardroom style floor plan with long rectangular tables forming a square in the center of the room. Similar to other interactive layouts like the decision maker or the circle, the square puts everyone on equal footing. This arrangement is ideal for professional discussions and group brainstorming. 12. Conference

What are the rows of chairs in a conference room?

This is basically a row of chairs facing the front of the room, usually divided by the center and/or side aisles to allow access by the delegates with ease. Mostly the rows and columns are supposed to be equal.

What is the best room layout for a group meeting?

Certain conference room layouts are better suited for different-sized groups. For example, classroom and auditorium styles are optimal for larger groups , whereas boardroom and hollow squares are appropriate for 20-30 people. Is group interaction an essential part of the meeting?

What is the best space layout for an event?

A favorite for corporate events or very large groups, theater layouts put the attention on the group (usually arranged in neat, evenly spaced rows) on to the front of the space. With or without a stage, this layout is great for presentations, lectures, and product demonstrations.


What are the 4 examples of room setup styles?

Meeting Room Set-ups and StylesAuditorium Style. Appropriate for a short lecture or larger groups that do not require extensive note-taking.Banquet Style. Used for meals and small group discussions. … Hollow Square Style. … Classroom. … U-Shape Style.

What is U shaped setup?

A U-shaped seating arrangement is just what the name describes – a letter U setup of tables and chairs arranged in an open-ended shape with the participants facing inwards. It is a classic boardroom setup that enables members to both face each other and the speaker.

What is conference room layout?

Conference Room Layout Like a boardroom, most conferencing spaces are designed with a long table and plenty of chairs. Usually, a conference room will also have a projector or large TV on one side, with the chairs arranged so that no one has their back to the screen.

How do I make my conference room look professional?

7 Conference Room Design Tips for a More Productive WorkplaceInvest in High-Quality Audio and Video Equipment. … Respect Personal Space. … Choose the Right Colors. … Invest in Movable Furniture. … Let in Natural Light. … Keep Distraction to a Minimum. … Keep Your Clients in Mind.More items…•

What is the meaning of U shaped?

Definition of U-shaped : having the shape of a capital U a U-shaped statistical curve specifically : resembling a broad U in cross profile a U-shaped valley.

What is the best classroom seating arrangement?

Horseshoe or U-Shape This model supports both student-to-student interaction and teacher-to-student interaction. The class interacts in a large group format, though teachers have ample opportunity to work with students one on one.

How do you arrange a conference room?

Creative meeting room layout tipsArrange your tables into unique shapes that resemble your company logo.Highlight VIP guest seating with floor risers.Visually divide spaces with a mix of table heights. … Use interesting chairs set ups. … Separate areas with lighting. … Put attendees into groups.

What is a good size for a conference room?

Size and Seating Capacity “Cheat Sheet”Conference Table SizeSeating CapacityMinimum Room Size120″ (10′) L x 48″ W8-1018′ x 12′144″ (12′) L x 48″ W10-1220′ x 12′150″ (12.5′) L x 48″ W10-1221′ x 12′168″ (14′) L x 48″ W12-1422′ x 1211 more rows

What are some commonly used event space layouts?

Consequently, below are the Top 10 Most Popular Room Arrangements that will ensure the most effective events.Auditorium.U-Shape.Banquet Style.Conference Style.Classroom.Crescent Rounds.Reception Style.Chevron.More items…•

What makes a great conference room?

“A meeting area that’s comfortable stylish and fully equipped will help you communicate better and build relationships,” notes Gaiku. “It can effectively lead to attracting clients or finalizing deals.” Or, we might add, brainstorming the Next Big Thing. You’re there to work, so you want a results-oriented environment.

What is the difference between meeting room and conference room?

A meeting can be small in scale. It can take place in a small room and with few attendees. A conference is on a much larger scale. A large room to a vast conference hall for many attendees.

What are the criteria for designing place for business meeting?

Importance of a Meeting Room:Modern Design that Represents the Company’s Vision and Goals: … A Meeting Room Strategically Designed for its Users. … Size, Capacity, and Layout. … Ergonomically Designed Furniture. … Technologically Ready Layout and Design. … Excellent Sound and Acoustic Performance.More items…•

8 Possible meeting room layouts

Boardroom style is one of the most popular meeting room styles – and you’ve probably seen it before in many office-related movies .

Meeting room layouts FAQs

Presentation style meetings are usually larger meetings with an interactive display at the front and rows of people facing the presentation. However, if you are presenting in a smaller meeting, you might use the boardroom or U shape style, ensuring that everybody can easily see the interactive display.


From U shape to lecture style, there are many different meeting room arrangements. The perfect layout depends mainly on the number of people at the meeting, the room size, how formal it is and what is being discussed. Every meeting is different, and one company may use several meeting room styles!

What is the best layout for a conference room?

For most situations, the best furniture layout is a U shape, with chairs lined around the U. It’s ideal for presentations, video conferences with other teams, and group discussions.

What is the largest conference room layout?

Auditorium Layout. Finally, the largest conference room layouts are auditoriums. They have a similar arrangement as classrooms, with chairs facing a “stage” area designed for presentations and lectures. However, auditoriums don’t have tables, and they may not even have retractable desks for taking notes.

How many chairs are there in a boardroom?

Generally, a boardroom is designed around a rectangular or oval table, with 6-24 chairs that face each other. It’s not as large as a normal conference room, because it’s catered for high-level discussions or meetings with the Board of Directors. The goal is group interaction. For a boardroom, we recommend installing a wireless system where each board member has a dedicated microphone. This will allow for seamless communication between members, while also providing an easy connection to a conferencing platform.

How many people can be in a huddle room?

Typically, a huddle room is designed with a small meeting table that can seat 4 to 6 people comfortably. These compact spaces are ideal for impromptu meetings and small-scale conference calls that require privacy.

Why is an auditorium important?

For example, an auditorium can seat far more people than a typical office space, so it’s ideal for hosting a lecture or presentation. Furthermore, a room’s layout can have a dramatic effect on productivity and connection between employees.

U-shape style conference room setup

Temukan Pin ini dan lainnya di Meeting Room Setup oleh Desiree Chattman.

U-shape style conference room setup

Temukan Pin ini dan lainnya di Meeting Room Setup oleh Desiree Chattman.

How can we create a safe conference room layout?

The pandemic-driven safety measures have altered conference room layouts, at least for the immediate future. That means, safety must be your top priority when reconfiguring a conference room layout. Here are some best practices for reconfiguring your conference room layout to limit capacity and maintain physical distancing.

5 types of conference room layouts and designs for 2021

Purpose of room: Take phone calls, conduct virtual business meetings or smaller team meetings, and meet with clients and stakeholders

Bonus: Making the most of your new conference room layout

The name of your conference rooms might seem like a small detail, but it’s an important part of the overall employee experience and can help people feel connected to the company.


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What is the Imperial layout?

The imperial layout is basically the broken horseshoe but with chair places on the inside and the outside of the shape, with head table still facing the rest of the group. Also great for meals, the Imperial makes cafeteria style dining more interesting.

What is runway layout?

Even if your event isn’t a fashion show, the runway layout is a dynamic arrangement ideal for performances of any kind. With or without tables, your audience will be included in the action without having to directly participate.

How to plan a wedding layout?

Here’s what you need to think about before you plan your event layout: 1 Headcount: Begin with the guest count or expected number of registrants. Figure out how many people you are trying to fit in your layout. 2 Safety and security: Once you’ve got an accurate headcount down, consider what safety features you’ll need. Things like wheelchair access and clear paths leading to emergency exit doors should come to mind. 3 Space dimensions: You’ll also need the measurements of the space or spaces within the venue. This might sound like common sense. But it’s tempting to just start planning right away. However once you create a meeting layout you love, you don’t want to suffer from having all your hopes and dreams crushed if you find out it’s not realistic later on. 4 Necessities: Then you’ll need to factor in event necessities like decor, furniture, and food. For example, will you be hosting a buffet style dinner? You might want to consider moving your buffet away from the dance floor for easier access. 5 Objectives: And finally, keep your event objectives in mind. Each event room layout has its own advantages and disadvantages. Know what you’re going for before diving in.

What is a square in a floor plan?

Create a layout similar to a boardroom style floor plan with long rectangular tables forming a square in the center of the room. Similar to other interactive layouts like the decision maker or the circle, the square puts everyone on equal footing. This arrangement is ideal for professional discussions and group brainstorming.

Why are circle layouts important?

Circles are natural for human beings as they convey a sense of camaraderie and teamwork in a layout that emphasizes equality. Circle layouts are best for full attendee engagement on topics that might require vulnerability or otherwise more personal connection.

What is a tiered classroom?

A hybrid of the classroom and theater layouts, the tiered classroom arrangement makes for a more focused experience than perhaps either of its counterparts. Moving the tables and/or chairs to face slightly more towards the center where the speaker or presenter is makes is easier for them to observe and interact with the group.

How many seats are there in a cafe style table?

Small round tables surrounded by three to four seats are what’s commonly used for cafe style layouts. Arrange tables in casual rows so for a relaxed yet intimate atmosphere. Seated lunches during speaker presentations are very much encouraged in this layout.

Boardroom Style

This classic setup is ideal for up to 30 people (or more) depending on the size of the room.


This popular setup works well for presentations, demonstrations and video conferencing where the focus is at one end of the room.


All attendees face the front of the room, so this conference room setup idea is perfect for lectures or presentations. This is not an ideal setup for group work.

Hollow Square

This setup is a good choice for easy and efficient group communication. It also gives a moderator or facilitator the option of working from the center of the space.


Banquet-style seating is ideal for, not surprisingly, occasions that involve meals – or small group discussions involving a maximum of 8 or 10 people.


This layout, also known as “theater style,” is similar to a classroom-style setup but is often aimed at larger groups. Are you having an “all-hands” meeting or a town hall? This design will help get as many people as possible into one space.

How to Choose the Ideal Conference Room Setup

It’s important to consider the size and scope of your meeting. You don’t want attendees to feel crowded, but you also don’t want them shouting across the room to hear each other. Here are some significant points to consider:

Why are chairs and tables arranged in rows facing in front?

Chairs and tables arranged in rows facing in front to support writing, using computers or taking meals.This kind of a set up can be used when you want your guests to eat plated food, use their computers or take notes during the meeting. It is most appropriate for training and lectures.

What is a row of chairs?

This is basically a row of chairs facing the front of the room, usually divided by the center and/or side aisles to allow access by the delegates with ease. Mostly the rows and columns are supposed to be equal. If your meeting doesn’t need much of note-taking or when you want to achieve maximum seated capacity, then this set up style would be a great idea.

Why do you have a round table?

Normally the purpose of the opening is to allow presentations that are visual so that everyone can see.

U-Shape Classroom Set up in a meeting room

Find this Pin and more on Our Meeting Rooms by Colorado Convention Center.

U-Shape Classroom Set up in a meeting room

Find this Pin and more on Our Meeting Rooms by Colorado Convention Center.


Theatre Style Layout

Cabaret Style Layout

Boardroom Layout

  • A boardroom layout consists of a single table that is large enough to seat all delegates around the outside and is most suited to smaller groups where there is likely to be plenty of discussions. The shape of the table does vary from venue to venue but will typically be oval or rectangular. As delegates will be seated all around the table with this meeting room layout, If presentations will …

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Banquet Layout

  • As the name suggests, and banquet style layout is used for dining rather than meetings or conferences and will usually be made up of a series of round tables seating between 8 and 10 guests. Unlike a cabaret style where one side of the table is left empty, with a banquet style layout seats are placed around the entire table. A banquet layout can sometimes be referred to as ‘dinn…

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U Shape Layout

  • A ‘U’ shape layout is perfect for events with smaller groups where there will be plenty of discussion between the delegates and also presentations that people need to be able to see. This layout is also sometimes referred to as a ‘horseshoe’ layout and is created in the shape of a letter ‘U’ with delegates seated along two sides and one end. This l…

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Classroom Style Layout

  • A Classroom style layout is perfect for training events or meetings where delegates will be taking a lot of notes and will provide attendees with plenty of room to work whilst being able to see presentations and speakers clearly and easily. A classroom layout is usually created with small rectangular tables with two delegates on each one. Tables will be placed in rows facing the fron…

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  • In summary, there are a variety of options available when it comes to choosing a room layout for your next conference or meeting and which one you choose will ultimately depend on your individual event and what you are looking to achieve. Consider the space you have available in your event space, the presentations (if any) that will be taking place, and what delegates are goi…

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