A stage conference


Is your conference stage lighting practical?

It’s important when planning your conference that audience lighting is sufficient for attendees to be able to take notes if desired, but it also shouldn’t detract from presentations occurring on the stage. So, that takes care of the practical nature of conference stage lighting.

What are the goals of conference staging?

Conference staging goals. Although the content of the conference is what should take center-stage, sometimes attendees need a helping hand to get over the line and engage with what’s being said. That’s where the right environment comes into play – particularly, by creating ambiance with conference staging.

Are conferences too stale?

As you know, conferences are the bread and butter of event planners. You plan so many conferences of a similar nature each year that it can be easy to get stale. But, just because conferences have a heavy business-focus, doesn’t mean they need to be (or should be) lifeless!

How long does it take to organize a conference?

Organizing a conference from the ground up requires a tremendous amount of forethought and data gathering. The entire process can take a couple of years depending on the size of the group, but it is conceivable to launch a successful conference in a single year if you can make swift decisions.


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