A teacher’s guide to parent-teacher conferences summary

Teachers’ Parent-Teacher Conference To-Do List:

  • Set the agenda. Send a list of discussion topics in advance to parents.
  • Be prepared. Do your homework and know everything you can about the child.
  • Be welcoming. Sit at a table with parents so that you are meeting as equals.
  • Maintain the three Ps . Be polite, positive and professional to set the meeting’s tone.


Should parents have Parent-Teacher Conferences with their child’s teacher?

If parents find themselves feeling uncomfortable about parent-teacher conferences, Santana suggests they find other ways to communicate with their child’s teacher. For example: Schedule a phone call, use an intermediary at the school if they are more comfortable doing so and use technology to communicate virtually or by electronic exchanges.

What should be included in a parent teacher conference comment?

These parent teacher conference comments serve as fantastic conversation-starters. Plus they cover all the basics: strengths, weaknesses, and suggested next steps. You’ll be one step ahead of the rest!

How do you organize a parent/teacher conference?

You should think about three stages: before, during, and after. Send a personal letter to each parent to confirm the day, time, and place of the conference. Inform parents ahead of time about the purpose of the conference. Gather file folders or portfolios of each student’s work.

How do you conduct a parent/teacher meeting?

Sit at a table with parents so that you are meeting as equals. Maintain the three Ps . Be polite, positive and professional to set the meeting’s tone. Identify what is expected. Work together to set common goals for the student. Listen to the parents. Focus on responses and be ready to follow up. Plan regular updates.

What do you talk about at parent-teacher conferences?

Make a list of topics that you want to discuss with the teacher and that you think the teacher should know, such as your concerns about the school, the child’s home life, any major changes in your family, habits, hobbies, part-time jobs, religious holidays, or anything that is worrying your child.

What is the purpose of parent-teacher conferences?

A parent–teacher conference is a time when important people in a student’s life can talk about how that student is doing in school. It’s a chance for you to ask questions about the class or your child’s progress.

How do teachers guide to parent-teacher conferences?

Before the ConferenceGet informed. … Prepare your materials. … Send informative invitations. … Create a welcoming environment. … Open with positives. … Discuss progress and growth. … Avoid teacher-talk. … Ask questions and listen.More items…

What parents should say at parent-teacher conferences?

Parent-Teacher Conference ChecklistsAsk your child how she feels about school.Ask your child if there is anything that he wants you to talk about with his teacher.Tell your child that you and the teacher are meeting to help her.Make a list of topics that you want to talk about with the teacher.More items…

What is the importance of parent conference?

Historically, parent-teacher conferences have been the main forum for communication between teachers and parents. These conferences are crucial for strong relationships between the two parties who are chiefly concerned with a child’s academic and personal development.

How teachers write short note to parents?

Be specific and detailed in describing what the class will entail.Make it clear throughout the letter that parental involvement is vital to enriching their child’s education and personal growth.Include school contact number and email address.Include preferred times to call.

How will you make parent-teacher conference effective and productive?

Parents’ Parent-Teacher Conference To-Do List:Plan ahead. Determine what you need to know.Make a list of questions. Review them and prioritize them.Identify goals. Find out what the teacher expects from your child and why.Listen to the teacher. … Seek at-home strategies. … Plan regular updates. … Get answers.

Why is it important for teachers to build relationships with parents?

[7] Several studies have proven that collaboration between parents and teachers improves children’s academic achievement, work habits, social skills and emotional well-being.

What questions should parents ask teachers?

8 Common Questions Parents Ask TeachersHow Do I Help My Child With Technology When I Don’t Know Anything About It? … How Can My Child Be Successful in School? … Is My Child Behaving in School? … Why Do You Give so Much/so Little Homework. … What Is the Purpose of the Assignment?More items…•

What questions should I ask at parent-teacher conference?

Questions About the CurriculumCan you describe your teaching style?What skills are you working to develop right now?How do these skills relate to the goals of the entire school year?What are the five most important skills you want students to develop this year?Does my student have to take standardized tests?More items…•

What questions should I ask at a parent teacher interview?

Here are examples of good questions for a parent-teacher interview:Do you have any concerns about my child’s skills level?Does my child have difficulty listening to and/or following instructions?Does my child have difficulty staying on task?Does my child have difficulty organizing notes, work, stories, etc.?More items…•

What is parent teacher conference?

They present information about a student’s grades, what’s being taught to them, and observations about their learning. During the meeting, both the teacher and parents have the opportunity to work as a team in coming up with the best action plan for their student’s education.

Why is it important to have recent work on hand at a parent conference?

Having recent work, grades, and other student items on hand at the conference helps connect something tangible for parents related to their child’s progress. Parents and students benefit greatly from having this material accessible throughout your discussion.

What is the job of a student leader?

Your job as their leader is to explain the benefits of self-reflection and how overcoming challenges is a valuable skill they should inherit. By selecting work that demonstrates areas they need to improve and sharing them may elicit help from their parents to get the support, they need away from school.

What is the importance of respecting families’ time?

It’s also necessary that you stick to your conference schedule so that all families get their fair share . Allowing yourself a buffer in between helps you maintain the right timing, which can easily be set up in ClassTag.

Why is student led conference important?

Student-led conferences are a fantastic opportunity to help children develop vital life skills that don’t always get exercised in their daily norm. Leading a discussion can help your students improve their confidence with public speaking, organization, self-reflection, and long-term planning. As your students prepare for their meetings, provide opportunities and encouragement to sharpen these tools that connect to “real world” success .

Can parents attend a classtag conference?

Unfortunately, not all parents can attend conferences in person or during the timeframe that they are being held. Therefore, offer alternatives such as virtual or landline calls. These are time slots that you can add as an option to your ClassTag parent-teacher conference schedule set up.

What is parent teacher conference?

A parent-teacher conference is a face-to-face meeting between one teacher and one or both parents (or guardians) of a student. It is an opportunity to discuss a student’s academic progress and social behavior. Many schools schedule these in both the fall and spring. If there’s one part of the school year that strikes fear into the heart …

Why are parent-teacher conferences important?

Nevertheless, parent-teacher conferences are a wonderful opportunity to extend lines of communication between home and school, keep parents informed about their children’s

What is a teacher’s desk called?

A teacher’s desk is sometimes referred to as “power furniture, ” and it tends to inhibit conversation and makes many parents uncomfortable (perhaps a throwback to their days as a student). Instead, conduct your conferences at a table.

What does it mean when a mother tells her son she is failing three subjects?

A friend of mine once said, “It’s important to remember that children are ego extensions of their parents.” If you tell a mother that her son is failing three subjects, you are, in effect, telling the parent that she, too, is a failure. On the other hand, if you tell Mr. Velasquez that his daughter is the most outstanding science student in the school, Mr. Velasquez will be mentally patting himself on the back all evening long.

How to get parents to come to your class?

Invite parents to bring a list of questions, issues, or concerns. Have sample textbooks readily available. Establish a waiting area outside your classroom. For reasons of confidentiality, you only want to meet with one set of parents at a time.

What are the stages of a successful conference?

Productive and successful conferences take careful planning. You should think about three stages: before, during, and after.

How to make arrangements for an interpreter for non-English speaking parents?

If necessary, make arrangements for an interpreter for non-English-speaking parents. Review notes on each student’s behavior, academic progress, and interactions with peers. Establish no more than two or three concerns or issues. More than that will discourage most parents. Clarify ahead of time who, exactly, will be attending each conference. Is it the child’s biological parents, a relative, a guardian, a grandparent, a foster parent, or who? Check and double-check names.

What is parent teacher conference?

Every parent-teacher conference, including virtual parent-teacher conferences, is an opportunity to have productive discourse about how to help a child realize their full potential. But making the most of those meetings may require thinking in advance about what information will provide the most accurate assessment of a student’s academic performance and what steps teachers and parents can take to better support the child. Teach.com asked experts in the field of education to share tips for parents and teachers alike on how to make the most of conferences.

Why is preparation important for parent-teacher meetings?

To ensure better outcomes in the interest of child development, preparation is key for parent-teacher conferences and any parent-teacher meeting. These encounters are often brief, so it benefits the adult stakeholders to make efficient use of time and address concerns, clarify any confusion and walk away with specific answers. To achieve that, here are some useful tips:

Why is learning about teacher expectations important?

Learning about teacher expectations encouraged the parents to adjust their own personal requirements, which provided the student with more time to work on other assignments and participate in other activities. It also gave Dause an opportunity to establish a rapport with the family.

Why is regular communication between parents and teachers important?

No matter what the conditions, regular communication between parents and teachers is important because there shouldn’t be any surprises between the adult stakeholders in a child’s education.

How to help students with challenges?

Particularly when students are having challenges, allowing the student to participate can give them agency in seeking a resolution.

What are the three Ps of a good meeting?

Maintain the three Ps . Be polite, positive and professional to set the meeting’s tone.

How to communicate with a parent teacher?

For example: Schedule a phone call, use an intermediary at the school if they are more comfortable doing so and use technology to communicate virtually or by electronic exchanges.

What is the purpose of parent teacher conference?

The purpose is to have a two-way conversation so both of you are on the same page with regard to providing the best, supportive environment for your child to learn and grow.

How to talk to your child after a conference?

If your child was in attendance, debrief with them on the way home and outline what you felt were the highlights of the conversation. Be sure to remind them of the things they’re doing well, but also begin to discuss plans for how they can improve their performance in weak areas. Explain what you expect of them in terms of improved academic or behavioral performance, and have them outline what they’ll be doing to improve.

What to ask before leaving a conference?

Before leaving the conference, be sure to inquire about the communication protocol. Is it best to contact the teacher via email or telephone? What time periods of the day are best to talk? Establishing a framework for future discussions will help keep you all on track for your child’s success.

Why is it important to communicate with your child’s teacher?

Communicating early and often with your child’s teacher is an important aspect of ensuring your child has the best possible education. Yet, sometimes parent-teacher conferences can be stressful for a variety of factors. In this article we provide a how-to guide for making the most out of your parent-teacher conference experience.

How does engagement affect school success?

Although there are a multitude of factors that influence your child’s success in school, one of the most important is your involvement in the educational process. But engagement is much more than attending parent-teacher conferences once or twice a year. It’s schools reaching out to families in meaningful ways on a continuing basis, and families staying connected with teachers to actively support learning. To be most impactful, these connections need to last over the course of the school year and be a truly cooperative effort between you, your child, and your child’s teacher.

How to establish rapport with your teacher?

To establish some rapport with the teacher, begin by offering some praise for something they’ve done for your child, whether it’s leaving helpful comments on homework or offering before-school study sessions for tests. Teachers will also often open with something complimentary about your child, such as their ability to follow instructions or willingness to help their classmates. Once you’ve both established a feeling of trust and mutual respect, the work can begin.

Can parents attend parent teacher conferences?

Parent- teacher conferences can be a bit unnerving for parents regardless of how many times they’ve attended. It can be difficult to cover all the questions you have in a short period of time, and you may even leave the conference feeling like you weren’t able to accomplish much. However, there are practical steps you can take before, during, and after parent-teacher conferences to ensure you have all the information you need to support your child’s learning.

What is a parent teacher conference?

We all know parent teacher conferences are a short amount of time to communicate what can often be a large amount of information. there are two checklists now included in this product. The teacher checklist is a quick way to give parents an overview of their students’ behaviors and performance

What is a check list for a parent conference?

This is the perfect form for your upcoming parent/teacher conference! The quick and easy check list will help to keep your conversation on track and alert parents both to their child’s areas of strength and weakness. It also saves you valuable prep time and will keep you organized for conference da

How to prepare for parent teacher conferences?

So as you prepare for conferences, focus on the positive – the positive traits of your students and the positive social-emotional and academic behaviors. Use what the child currently knows and can do to set the next learning goals for the child. ( This blog post includes a form to help you organize your parent teacher conference ideas – your celebrations and next steps for each child.) Taking a bit of time to plan what you will say at conferences, and what you will show, will help you to WOW the parents every time!

What should I show parents at conferences?

Of course, parent teacher conferences are a time to tell a parent about their child’s learning. But, this learning is easier to understand when you also have things to show parents – plus, it takes parents’ eyes off you for a while!

What are parents looking for in a child?

What are parents looking for? 1 you know their child 2 you like their child 3 their child has friends 4 their child is learning

How to get parents to share their concerns?

Send them a survey. A single sheet of paper (or simple Google form) gives parents the chance to share their thoughts and concerns with you before they walk through the door for parent teacher conferences.

Do parents want to make sure their child has a sense of belonging at school?

Are there parents who are exceptions to this? Of course. But the vast majority of parents (especially in the primary grades) want to make sure that their child has a sense of belonging at school. Keep this in mind as you use the following parent teacher conference ideas.

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