A technician is tasked with preparing a conference


What is a technician tasked with preparing a conference room?

A technician is tasked to prepare a conference room so that at least 20 guests will be able to wirelessly connect laptop computers to the company network. Which of the following network devices would be the BEST choice for this connectivity?

What should the technician do next to resolve the problem?

The technician loads the correct driver, verifies that the system works correctly, and documents the resolution. Which of the following actions should the technician perform NEXT? Educate the user as to how the problem was resolved and verify that they are satisfied with the results.

What is a technician doing at an after-school community center?

A technician is installing a SOHO router at an after-school community center. The customer would like to keep children from accessing anything inappropriate while browsing the web. What action would help complete this goal?

What is the role of a network technician?

They work closely with network administrators to ensure uninterrupted access to the company network. D. They perform regular backups of files saved on the network and train users in accessing network resources. Which of the following statements is true regarding a network technician? A.


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