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What is women on the move?

I hope you found inspiration and aspiration from our conversation. The mission of women on the move is to help women in their professional and personal lives. Our goal is to introduce you to people with great ideas, inspiring stories, and a passion to make a difference. If you enjoyed this episode, please rate, review and subscribe.

What do you get from the Women’s Conference?

You’ll get a gift bag. You’ll get food, make sure you have sustenance and everything. And you’re going to get access to these women speaking about their career and how they made it. You’re going to get information for free. And what ended up happening was I put that out there in 15 seconds on event, bright, I sold out.

What is the vision of the women’s Ministry?

“ Our vision is to develop a community of women who will rise up in prayer who will stand up as a banner of hope and light to bring salvation, deliverance and hope in this crucial hour in history and make a difference over our nation. ” All face-to-face monthly meetings have been suspended until further notice due to COVID-19.

Why host a women’s wellness Conference?

Bring together experts in the health and wellness fields to create a conference that gives women the confidence they need to take charge of their health.


Nehemiah: How to build teaching series

To join in with the teaching for the up and coming dates in this series please contact us by sending an email to secretary@womenonthemoveuk.com or check out our Facebook page

All monthly meetings have been suspended until further notice due to COVID-19

We usually meet every month on the first Saturday of the month. Please join us for fellowship, prophetic worship, life transforming words, prayer and intercession from 10am to 12pm


Our next conference “The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory” will take place in July, either in real life or on Zoom.

School of Grace

Discover our flagship project! We work hard to support the construction of a school for the poor and orphans in Kindele / KINSHASA in Congo. Become a participant in this project by giving for the construction of the building or by sponsoring a child for the year so that he has access to an education. All information on the links below. Read more

Prayer & Intercession

We believe in a powerful and Almighty God who hears and answers our prayers. Join us for our weekly intercessory prayer meetings on zoom. Every Friday night at 8pm . For details on how to join the zoom meeting please email secretary@womenonthemoveuk.com.

1. Focus on wellness

Bring together experts in the health and wellness fields to create a conference that gives women the confidence to take charge of their health. Invite fitness influencers, health-focused companies, snd body-positive speakers like model Katie Willcox of Healthy is the New Skinny.

2. Foster entrepreneurship

Spark creativity with a conference designed for female entrepreneurs. Feature speakers from the food, arts, media, apparel, tech, health, and beauty industries so that business owners of all types can benefit from the sessions.

Book the perfect conference space

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3. Bring bloggers together

Blogging can be a lucrative endeavor, and it is also a creative outlet that almost anyone can enjoy once they find their niche.

4. Feature panels on podcasting

From companies to individuals, it seems like everyone has a podcast these days! It just might be the new blogging, so hop on the bandwagon and host a conference for podcast hobbyists and entrepreneurs alike. In fact, you can easily reach out to podcasters via social media channels like LinkedIn or Instagram. to gauge their interest in your event.

5. Host a documentary screening

Educate and inspire by showing relevant documentaries at your conference! Showing films is an impactful way to get your conference attendees fired up and ready to tackle their goals. Be inspired by documentaries that focus on social change (in fact, Sundance curated a handy list of titles).

6. Give out swag bags

Every conference attendee needs to walk away brimming with knowledge — and an arm-full of goodies! Approach potential sponsors and ask them to provide in-kind donations that you can send home with your guests. In addition, Etsy is a fantastic resource for commissioning small businesses to produce custom swag.


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