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Focusing on metal additive manufacturing

additive manufacturing
3D printing filament is the thermoplastic feedstock for fused deposition modeling 3D printers. There are many types of filament available with different properties, requiring different temperatures to print. Filament is commonly available in the two standard diameters of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm. › wiki

, AMPM2019 will feature worldwide industry experts presenting the latest technology developments in this fast-growing field. Join the metal AM industry in Phoenix, Arizona’s Sheraton Grand June 23–26, 2019!

Will you attend the AMP 2019 Annual Meeting&Expo?

I am honored to invite you to attend the Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) 2019 Annual Meeting & Expo, which will take place November 7-9 in Baltimore, Maryland. Please also plan to join us for a full day of Corporate Workshops on Wednesday, November 6.

Where will the 2019 TERMIS-am conference be held?

We are excited to announce that the 2019 TERMIS-AM Conference will be held December 2-5, 2019 in Orlando, Florida at the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort Universal Orlando™! As the conference Chairs, we would like to underline why we accepted this mandate and our goals for this conference:

What is the reservation cut-off date for the 2019 AMA?

The reservation cut-off date is Wednesday, July 11, 2019. Complimentary guest room Wi-Fi is included. > Reserve your room here. The AMA has teamed up with Delta Air Lines to offer a special discount on air travel.


Where is the Termis conference?

Orlando, Florida USA. We are excited to announce that the 2019 TERMIS-AM Conference will be held December 2-5, 2019 in Orlando, Florida at the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort Universal Orlando™!

Where is the ideal place to meet the Americas?

Florida is the ideal place for supporting an Americas meeting, situated almost in the barycenter of the Americas at the crossing routes between Latino America, the continental US, and Canada. This locale, with ideal winter weather and local attractions, will foster an environment for meeting, enjoying, sharing and networking .

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3D Printing for Production

team and the top names in production 3D printing to discuss what’s next for additive technology.

2021 Recap

The 2021 AMC+E is over and we want to thank everyone that made this year a success – our attendees, speakers, sponsors and staff. It was incredible to connect with this vibrant community again and see how far the technology has come in such a short time.


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