Am-bench conference


What is a bench conference in court?

A bench conference is a discussion between the judge and the attorneys outside of the hearing of the jury. When a judge does not want the jury to hear what is being said to the attorneys, he will ask them to “Approach the Bench.”

Why attend the bench-bar conference?

And for good reason. The Allegheny County Bar Association’s Bench-Bar Conference is the region’s premier gathering of legal professionals. For more than five decades, lawyers and judges from the Pittsburgh area have congregated at Seven Springs Mountain Resort for a few days of networking, education, socialization and entertainment.

Is there a bench-bar conference at Seven Springs 2022?

We are back to a live, in- person, Bench-Bar Conference at Seven Springs for 2022! This event has been the best event of its kind among the Metropolitan Bars throughout the country for many years. I have great memories of spending time with other ACBA members, colleagues and judges at the Bench-Bar Conference over the course of my career.

What does it mean to approach the bench in court?

When a judge does not want the jury to hear what is being said to the attorneys, he will ask them to “Approach the Bench.” A bench conference is also referred to as a “sidebar conference.”


What is an AM Bench?

Additive Manufacturing Benchmarks (AM-Bench) provide a continuing series of controlled benchmark measurements, in conjunction with a conference series, with the primary goal of enabling modelers to test their simulations against rigorous, highly controlled additive manufacturing benchmark test data. All AM-Bench data are permanently archived for public use. The AM-Bench conference series provides a venue for sharing the results of these tests and convening modelers and experimentalists to discuss successes and challenges.

Who is the AM bench 2022?

AM-Bench 2022 is sponsored by the TMS Additive Manufacturing Committee, Process Technology and Modeling Committee, and Integrated Computational Materials Engineering Committee, in collaboration with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) – Langley, and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

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Bench Conference Law and Legal Definition

Bench Conference is a meeting at the judge’s bench between the judge,counsel, and sometimes the defendant. The meeting will be out of the hearing of the jury. However, it may or may not be of record.

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