Am via conference call 845-217-4647 no pin needed


How do I connect to a conference on a personal number?

Add One Number to your account and connect on a conference simply by calling this personal conference number. Use One Number for a more seamless audio conference call or in conjunction with video conferencing and screen sharing.

Where can I get free dial-in numbers for my Conference?

No matter where they’re calling from, provides your participants with over 15 free dial-in numbers worldwide. From the United States to the United Kingdom to South Africa, provides Free International Dial-ins to make sure your participants can stay connected.

When is a PIN required for a meeting?

A PIN is only required when a meeting organizer joins their meeting over a phone. The PIN for meetings is sent to the audio user when they are assigned the Audio Conferencing license and are enabled for Audio Conferencing.

How do participants connect to the conference without a code?

Participants call a dial-in number to be instantly connected to the conference without entering an access code. Host receives a text message alert to a verified mobile number when the first participant joins the conference.


What is the code for conference call?

Note for International Participants: International participants can join a voice conference by dialing into the call using the toll number (1-719-867-7633)….Conference Audio Features.Security*31Enable/disable conference security code*91Hear a participant count*92Hear a role call*93Disconnect all lines1 more row

How can I check if I am in a conference call?

The conference number and conference ID are available on the telephone tab for both the organizer and participants: During a meeting, tap anywhere to display meeting options and then tap the phone icon. Result: Audio options are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

How do I setup a conference call using access code?

From your business phone system or mobile phone, follow these steps:Join your conference by dialing the conference call number in your meeting invite.Once connected to the call, enter the access code that’s provided in your meeting invite.When more than one person joins, the conference call will begin.

How do you call a conference bridge?

From an Internal PhoneDial the conference bridge extension.Enter the conference bridge participant or host pin (if required).Record your name and then press # (if required).

Can others see my number in a conference call?

Only the meeting organizer can see your number.

How do I stop a conference call?

Leave With a Goodbye. Always sign off from a conference call with a formal goodbye. It’s a phone call after all, and you would do the same thing if you were talking to a person one-on-one. Even if you didn’t say much, throw in a send off to make your presence felt.

How do I join a conference call with access code on my Iphone?

When you’re prompted to enter the access code, tap the code (“Dial #####”) in the bottom lefthand corner. You will automatically join the conference call.

How do conference calls work?

A conference call is a telephone meeting. Participants dial in using a conference bridge number, which connects them to a common virtual meeting room that can be joined by people almost anywhere in the world.

How do I join a free conference call?

Start Conferencing TodayGet a Free Account. Create a account using your email and password. … Host a Conference Call. The host connects to the conference call using the dial-in number, followed by the access code and host PIN. … Participate in a Conference Call. … Add Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing.

What happens if a meeting hasn’t started?

If the meeting hasn’t started (there’s no one in the meeting yet): A caller will be prompted if he’s the organizer; if he says yes, he’ll be prompted for his PIN, and after he inputs the PIN, the meeting will start and the user will join the meeting.

Do you need a pin to start a Skype meeting?

You can use the Skype for Business admin center to enable or disable this setting for a single user. A PIN isn’t required for the meeting …

Simple, Easy Access to Your Conference Call

Aside from allowing you to save a single phone number to your address book, one of the biggest advantages of dedicated lines is the ability to do a pinless conference call. No PIN, no conference call access code, just dial a single phone number and you’re on the call.

Secure Conference Calling on Your Terms

Thanks to dedicated lines and our advanced conference call management technology, a pinless conference call is just as secure as a pin-protected one. However, you may want to use a conference call access code for security reasons, depending on the call.

How Does No-Pin Conference Calling Work?

One of the main differences between Branded Bridge Line and other conference call service providers is the fact that we offer no-pin conference calls with each of our plans.

Stop Wasting Time on PINs

See the difference PINless conference calls can make – your callers will thank you. They’re just as secure, but with less frustration. Start your free trial today. No credit card required.

Same Great Account, Better Dial-in Experience

Add One Number to your account and connect on a conference simply by calling this personal conference number. Use One Number for a more seamless audio conference call or in conjunction with video conferencing and screen sharing. And, it integrates with your favorite features, including custom hold music and custom greeting.

Put an End to the Access Code Fumble

Meeting credentials always seem to go missing when you’re running late for a conference call. It’s known as the “access code fumble”; but with One Number, you can leave those days behind.

How to Get One Number

If you’re an existing user and upgrading to One Number, not to worry. Your original dial-in number and access code still works for anyone who has it. And international participants will continue to use their international dial-in number and access code as usual.

SMS Notifications

Another common conferencing scenario is hosts who are late to their own meetings. With One Number, hosts can enable text notifications and receive an SMS as soon as the first participant connects to the call. You (ahem) might never be late again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Avoid the hassle of dealing with access codes and go with Free Conference Call. No pin conferencing, what we call our “One Number,” makes it easier for participants to join a conference directly without fumbling with codes or extra gateways.


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