Are apple airpods good for conference calls


Are Apple AirPods good for phone calls?

To be fair though, the quality of your call is going to depend more on the service coverage you have, but the AirPods will still get the job done. The other thing you have to keep in mind is that because the Apple AirPods’ batteries are tiny, it won’t last very long compared to other units.

Should you buy Apple AirPods for your next meeting?

Its simplistic design is another bonus since you wouldn’t want to wear over the head headphones during most meetings, & the wire of regular earphones do get in the way and limit your distance from your PC. The AirPods provide a balance of headphone’s wireless capabilities as well as the discreet design of in-ear headphones.

How long do your AirPods last during a conference call?

I’ve also noticed that when both airpods are plugged in, the battery life during a conference call may last a realistic 3-4 hours which forces me to take one airpod out, charge it in the case and repeat. I’ve experienced situations where the airpods would completely disconnect from the call as well.

Do the Apple AirPods Pro have Hi-Res audio?

Yes, but Hi-Res audio is a certification, not really a performance benchmark. The AirPods Pro use AAC as their primary Bluetooth codec, which won’t hit the exact thresholds needed for that certification. However, you’re unlikely to hear any deficiency in sample rate or bit depth —especially if you’re listening on a bus, train, or airplane.


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