Are bag stuffers at conference effective


Why are conference bags so important?

The gift a person receives in any context can either give people a positive or negative impression – this also applies to the gift bags given out at events such as conferences. From the initial invite to after the event, guests wish to feel valuable, one of the most effective ways to do this is through the giving of conference bags.

What is a bag stuffer?

A bag stuffer is a store offer or a calendar of store events/promotions on a piece of paper that is given to every customer who buys from you. And, unlike its name, its not to be stuffed willynilly into a bag – nor are you to ever be tempted to pre-stuff your shopping bags!

What to put in a swag bag for a conference?

If you’re going to use this swag bag idea, order a lot. These are always popular at conferences and as “thank you” gifts. You can even include a little information about your product, service, or overall offering on a postcard inside of the cup. Wine tumblers are a great option, as well.

Why do people wear reusable water bottles to conferences?

It’s something people will wear in many different contexts outside of the event itself. It may sound like a simple idea, but reusable water bottles are some of the most valued swag items given out at conferences. First of all, they’re convenient — and a lot easier to handle than open cups of water that can easily be spilled everywhere.


What should I put in a conference bag?

Branded phone chargers, headphones, portable power banks, or travel chargers are great tangible items to include in your conference goodie bag. You can also consider smartphone screen magnifiers or virtual gifts to keep the weight down—e-gift cards, apps, and online game access are all fantastic ideas.

What is the purpose of goodie bags?

The purpose of a promotional goodie bag is not just to get maximum attendee eyeballs on your brand, but also to make a lasting impression on the audience. In essence, corporate goodie bags are your brand’s golden opportunity to enrich the audience experience throughout the course of the event.

What are the advantages of gift bags?

Unlike placing your gift in a box to wrap it, gift bags more readily accommodate odd-sized and shaped gifts. You can buy a size larger than your gift and simply include some tissue to take up the extra space in a festive manner.

How many items should be in a swag bag?

It really depends on the reason why you’re sending out your swag bag as well as the recipient of it. Usually, a set of four to five items is generous enough and prevents you from giving too many or less than you should.

Who invented goodie bags?

Gift bags were invented by Francis Wolle. He was messing around when he had an idea. He started folding paper into a bag shape using origami. His first attempts were messy, but then he sound a way to make it sturdy enough to hold an item.

What’s another word for goody bag?

What is another word for goody bag?goodie bagparty bagfavor boxUSgift bagparty favorswag bagwedding favourUKwedding favorUScandy bag1 more row

What are the pros and cons of paper bags?

Pros and Cons of Using Paper BagsPaper bags are 100% biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable.Many paper bags can withstand more pressure or weight than plastic bags.Paper bags present less of a suffocation risk to young children or animals.

Why is it better to use paper than plastic?

Despite its low durability, one advantage of paper is that it decomposes much more quickly than plastic, and therefore it is less likely to be a source of litter and pose a risk to wildlife. Paper is also more widely recyclable, while plastic bags can take between 400 and 1,000 years to decompose.

What is the importance of gift wrapping?

Gift wrapping serves as a garnish to your already wonderful gift. It adds an element of surprise to your present and makes the receiver feel even more special. With just a little more effort from your side, your present will be superior to every other present they will possibly be receiving.

What do you put in a virtual swag bag?

What to Include in a Virtual Event BagGift cards or discount cards. You can support local businesses and delight your attendees at the same time when you include a gift card or discount code for a perk or product.Food delivery. … Prize drawing. … Links to relevant content.

Who gets a swag bag?

A “swag bag” is a bag that’s filled with small gifts and handed out for free at trade shows, 5K runs, movie premieres, fundraisers, award ceremonies, and many other events. The bags are either passed out as a “welcome” to the attendees at the beginning of the event, or they are carried home at the end as favors.

Why is it called a swag bag?

The Swag Bag In the 18th century swag began to be used to refer to goods acquired by unlawful means, a sense which in the following century was joined with bag, referring to an article in which a thief transports stolen goods. The Swag is safely planted with the Fence—The Property is taken to the Receiver’s House.

What do conference bags depend on?

What most people forget is that conference bags and their contents depend on what type of event you are planning and who your audience is. The swag bags dedicated to a group of young, rebellious, tech-savvy start-up disrupters will differ tremendously from the goodie bags you prepare for middle-aged seasoned financiers. They probably have at least one Ferrari at home already and won’t even bat an eyelash while throwing your goodie bag content.

What to throw in conference bags?

The first thing people toss when it comes to conference bags is everything paper printed. Stop wasting your money on flyers and leaflets because they will not make it past the conference venue or the hotel where the attendees stay during the event. In the “Toss it” garbage pile, you will also find:

What Do People Enjoy Taking Home in their Swag Conference Bags?

If they do not use the items, they may give them to someone who will find the stuff appealing and practical. So here are some suggestions we will elaborate on in a moment.

What is reusable tote bag?

Reusable tote bags are all the rage right now as they also speak to the global environmental protection efforts. 1. Luxury Products in Luxury Bags. If you organize an event for 2,000 people, you won’t probably have the budget for 2,000 luxury swag conference bags. However, here are some ideas:

What to use thank you bags for?

Use such bags as corporate gifts or “thank you” swag bags for a charity event .

What to pack for an airport goodie bag?

While all participants love a sweet snack, make sure you pack them, so they make it through airport security. Forget about full-size bottles of wine or boxes of chocolates that will most likely melt in a few days. Little artisanal snacks provided by your local producers give the goodie bag an impressive touch. Think about branded boxes of homemade cookies, tiny marmalade or honey jars, small bites of hard cheeses, or dry/smoked samples of cured meats.

What is a lunch bag within a bag?

A bag within a bag? This is pretty meta, but hear us out: lunch and cooler bags are excellent choices for attendees, especially if you organize the event during the summer. Lunch bags and cooler bags will most likely go home with your participants. Such items make fantastic additions to a beach day, a picnic, or the next business trip.

Why do we need goodie bags for conferences?

The corporate event goodie bags are one highlight of conference events. With virtual events because of the pandemic, more importance is placed on gifting to advertise your brand. If a conference bag is done right, it will improve the overall impression of the event and your brand.

What is a functional conference bag?

A functional conference bag can make a strong first impression of your brand. Provide practical items with an event logo on the packaging . It takes the branding to an extra level and makes your event successful. For example, snacks and beverages are important when planning a conference event. Find services such as snackmagic that provide time-efficient and cost-efficient services.

What should a swag bag company offer?

Swag bag companies should offer items that attendees won’t throw away. Hence, choose a company that will make your event successful. There are factors to consider when choosing a swag bag company.

What is reusable bag?

Reusable bags are exceptional swag bag ideas for adults. With more people becoming environmentally conscious, show that you care with branded shopping bags. Personalize the gift to make the attendee feel more appreciated.

How to set your brand apart from competitors?

Choose a company likely to set your brand apart from competitors. For example, a quality swag item will keep attendees thinking about the event and your brand for years. Hence, gift your attendee’s high-quality items with a specially designed label. SwagMagic provides custom branded swag boxes to help you with conference event planning.

What is a swag bag?

A swag bag meaning is a bag filled with free promotional items to give your event attendees. They go hand in hand with corporate events. People associate the quality of your brand with the swag bag. High-quality swag bags give attendees something practical to use for years. Hence, you need to choose items that will leave the best first impression on your attendees.

What is a goodie bag?

Conference goodie bags are the first gift you give an attendee. Some items make the experience more enjoyable while ensuring the attendees get the most out of the corporate event. Such items are significant additions to enhance the conference goodie bag.

What makes an event go the extra mile?

But sometimes, it’s the little things that can make an event go the extra mile: the special surprises the coordinators throw in, the prizes companies hand out, the contests that take place. You know … the free swag!

How to make a swag bag stand out?

One way to make your swag bag stand out is by filling it with fun, seasonal items. Most companies don’t give out seasonal items because they’re looking for gifts that can be used year-round, but that fact alone makes these items even more special.

Do keychains go in swag bags?

It used to be cool to get a keychain in your swag bag … until everyone started to give out keychains in their swag bags. It didn’t take long to become one of the least effective ways to get attendees to remember your brand.

Do conference attendees travel long distances?

A lot of conference attendees travel a long distance to come to the event, and many of them traveled there via airplane and don’t have much extra room in their luggage. Take these people into consideration when picking your event swag.

Can you give out a pen at a conference?

Sure, everyone can use an extra pen, but I mean … come on. A pen? Giving out a pen at a conference is the oldest of old school. First of all, we’re smack dab in the middle of a this giant mobile movement, meaning people aren’t relying on pen and paper as much as they were ten years ago. Additionally, the pens given out at conferences are known to run out of ink pretty quickly and be of very low quality. If you’re willing to spend a substantial amount of money on higher quality pens, it may be worth it, but you could also put that money toward a more unique and memorable experience for your attendees with a better swag item.

Is everyone on their phone at a conference?

Everyone and their mother is on their phone at conferences — all the time. Whether they’re tweeting, checking their email, or trying to meet up with other attendees, their phone is most likely going to be at 50% battery life by lunchtime.

Is a backpack a swag item?

Strictly in practical terms, you could make the argument that backpacks are a great swag item. They’re reusable in many different contexts, they can flatten and fold up for the trip home, or they can be used to help carry all the other swag and stuff attendees picked up at the conference, right?

What happens if you give away a goodie bag?

If you give away lazy, disposable materials to your guests, they will quickly end up in a landfill (or in the ocean), and you will look cheap and shortsighted in your attempt to impress guests. A boring goodie bag—like a boring event—can easily become a forgotten waste of resources.

Why use hashtags in goodie bags?

Use a hashtag as part of your goodie bag design to encourage guests to share their experiences on social media. Event hashtags are helpful when compiling the media surrounding an event. Host a simple social media contest with additional prizes for your guests.

What is a digital goodie bag?

Digital goodie bags could consist of free trials of premium software, gift cards, food delivery, prize drawing, coupon codes, and other perks that can be enjoyed remotely. The perfect goodie bag doesn’t have to be expensive to be memorable—but including high-quality products will surprise and delight your audience.

What is a goodie bag?

The goodie bag is a compact, sought-after space used to represent your brand and your event partners. It’s an opportunity to offer something back to attendees in the form of useful, niche products, and energetic snacks to help keep them engaged during your event.

What to put in a camping bag?

This could include a candle, lavender-scented hand lotion, mints, a facemask, or chocolate. – Outdoorsy: The perfect bag for attendees who like camping or hiking. Your bag could include a hat, dried backpacking meals, a compass, lightweight rope or carabiners, a waterproof notepad, or a backpack.

What to put in swag bag for a conference?

That’s why you should drop a healthy snack in their swag bag. Think trail mix, protein bars, or dry fruit.

Why do people attend live events?

4 in 5 millennials (79%) report that attending live events makes them feel more connected to other people, the community, and the world. So why not let your attendees indulge in some giving? “You can either give them a card to fill out and let them choose the charity of their choice during the event or send them an eGift card to donate before or after,” says Rudeegraap.

What happens if swag ends up in the trash?

If the worst event swag ends up in the trash, the best stuff ends up on your attendee’s desk — where your brand will get exposed to their coworkers. That’s why Valleskey recommends offering your guests a little greenery.

How to get people excited about high end items?

Let your event attendees or booth visitors try their luck with scratchcards offering special prizes. This is a great way to get people excited about the potential for high-end items without having to spend your entire swag budget on a single event. Be sure to advertise all the potential things they can win if you want to build anticipation and encourage participation.

What is Rudeegraap’s favorite pen?

Rudeegraap recommends going for both functionality and fun when possible. “One of my personal favorites is fidget pens,” he says. “As opposed to a fidget spinner — which can be distracting and doesn’t have a functional purpose — fidget pens can be a subtle way to give people something to do with their hands while either at their desk or in a meeting.”

Is a mug a swag?

A branded mug might be a tried-and-true swag idea. But when you’re trying to differentiate your brand from the rest, consider giving attendees one they truly want.


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