Are bit conferences predatory


BIT Life Sciences (or BIT Congress Inc., BIT Group Global Ltd) is a for profit meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions (MICE) company based in Dalian, China, that specializes in arranging multiple scientific congresses that have been described as “predatory”.

Do predatory conferences really outnumber Legitimate conferences?

Moreover, recent data shows that predatory conferences now outnumber so-called legitimate conferences. Contrary to what most academics believe, not all predatory conferences are small, poorly-organized, and organized by fly-by-night organizations. In order to ensure that they make profits, a decent organization is usually set-up.

What are the signs of a predatory Conference?

In order to ensure that they make profits, a decent organization is usually set-up. One telltale sign of a predatory conference is that low-quality research is often presented alongside research by famous academics. However, there are various other signs as well.

Is omics a predatory Conference?

OMICS is arguably the most well-known name in this web of predatory conferences, but it has plenty of company. James McCrostie, a professor in the department of business administration at Daito Bunka University in Tokyo, has gone undercover to get a sense of what happens when these conferences actually do take place.

Are too many conferences being promoted around the world?

“Tens of thousands of terrible quality and sometimes fraudulent conferences are today being promoted around the world, which presents an industrial-scale challenge to bonafide associations and their quality education programs,” Gopinath told Convene. “It’s a global phenomenon, which today impacts negatively on almost every scientific discipline.


How do you know if a conference is predatory?

Use these nine clues to spot a fake conference.The conference has an overly ambitious title. … The language on the conference website is…off. … Renowned organisations are sponsoring a low-profile conference. … The organisers’ contact details are missing, or aren’t quite right.More items…•

Are there predatory conferences?

Predatory conferences operate similarly, soliciting scholars to submit materials to conferences that are organized solely for profit. These conferences may be poorly organized and typically do not offer peer review, or they may not actually take place at all.

What is bit conference?

BIT Congress is the largest company in conference organizing and business operating in the world. We have over 500 employees, among which more than 60% hold Master’s and Ph. D. degrees.

Is ConferenceSeries com reliable? are complete scammers. are advertising a Food Fraud- Food Safety event in Vancouver in October 2022.

What are fake conferences?

Fake conferences are NOT non-existent conferences that simply take registration and publishing fees. They are real conferences, but they are marked by poor quality and a high level of deception.

How can predatory conferences be prevented?

Warning signsConference invitations sent by unsolicited email (i.e., spam)A poorly made website (e.g., grammar and spelling errors)No contact information provided.A no-refund policy for registration fees.Conference is not listed on the website of an academic society or publisher that is claimed as a sponsor.More items…

What is Neurotalk conference?

Neurotalk 2020 is a science and education event which brings together neuroscientists, neurologists and neurosurgeons from around the globe to exchange ideas and debut cutting-edge research and therapy-oriented technologies in the key areas of clinical neurology, provides participating scientists and clinicians with a …

Is Esmed legit?

That may very well be a scam or some sort of predatory publishing. Proper scientific journals/events would most likely not invite anybody, people will submit their work to it. Conclusion: avoid ESMED. Best regards.

How do you comment on a conference?

“Thank you very much for organizing this interesting and useful Conference.” “Thank you for this excellent conference and the possibility to attend.” “It was a very good and interesting conference indeed!” “Thank you very much for the opportunity to take part in the Conference!

How do you say feedback for a conference?

“Fantastic conference – thanks so much for all your thoughtful and effective organization.” “I am always impressed with the commitment and efficiency of those who plan this conference.” “I really enjoyed my time at the conference. I am looking forward to next year’s conference.”

Bogus Conference? You Decide

“Credible scientific conferences, typically organized by major professional societies and research agencies, will invite researchers to present because of the caliber and validity of their work as judged by the candidate’s peers.

How to Identify a Predatory Journal or Meeting

Evaluating a journal before submitting material is a core responsibility of the author. Ray Hunziker, Senior Editor for ProEd Communications, Inc., a healthcare communications company, has published tips for identifying potential predatory publishers, journals, and meetings.

Predatory meetings and conferences

Predatory meetings are organized by companies that have no interest in science but are just after your money. These companies, mostly located in India, make money from the registration fee and the hotel packages they sell. They will generate a conference website and put names of speakers on their website that will make them look trustworthy.

Companies that organize predatory meetings

Allied Academies – see a.o. here for a report on their fraudulent meetings

What was the FTC ruling against OMICS?

Earlier this year, a judge in Nevada handed down a $50.1 million judgment against OMICS for what the FTC called “deceptive claims to academics and researchers about the nature of their conferences and publications.”.

Who is the CEO of the International Congress and Convention Association?

Senthil Gopinath, CEO of International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) agrees. “Tens of thousands of terrible quality and sometimes fraudulent conferences are today being promoted around the world, which presents an industrial-scale challenge to bonafide associations and their quality education. Senthil Gopinath.

How many invitations does Laskowski Jones get?

She said she gets approximately 10 invitations each week to speak at what she deems illegitimate events.

How much does a medical meeting organizer spend on legal fees?

However, the U.S.-based medical meeting organizer said that he budgets approximately $100,000 in annual legal fees to fend off fraudulent actors in the housing space and the predatory conference landscape.

Did Klara Valko attend the iPharma conference?

While Richards did not attend iPharma, Klara Valko, Ph.D., DSc, FRSC, director of the U.K.-based Bio-Mimetic Chromatography Consultancy, told Convene that she participated in the most recent edition of the conference, July 3–5, 2019. “I did not realize it was a predatory conference,” Valko said. “It sounded good.”.

Do shady companies generate goodwill?

As legitimate organizations work to generate goodwill, shady companies will likely continue to work to generate revenue. “This is a lucrative industry,” Laskowski-Jones said. “The biggest threat to the existence of these predatory companies is that people won’t attend or won’t submit their research.

Is there a way to end fake conferences?

Cassidy said that it would be “difficult for a convention bureau to publicly ‘announce’ details of a predatory conference” because the process would most likely require additional legal advice, and it could create confusion around legitimate conferences. Any step that could lead to a courtroom is one that most organizations aim to avoid taking.

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I have also been invited recently but after doing some check plus the conservation here, I will not be attending. Attached below is a Wikipedia link to its reputation.

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Recently I attended the WCGG-2013 in Dalian, China. It was Global Health Conference-2013 organized by BITs. It was a good conference and arrangements were quite nice. Everything took place according to the program schedule displayed on the conference website and many delegates and speakers were present for the conference.


What Are Predatory Conferences?

Predatory conferences are usually small and for-profit. In addition, they exploit an academic’s need for recognition or an audience. Moreover, recent data shows that predatory conferences now outnumber so-called legitimate conferences. Contrary to what most academics believe, not all predatory conferences are small, poorly-o…

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Identifying Predatory Conferences

  • There are a number of ways to identify predatory conferences. Identifying these conferences is important for you as a researcher and for others in the academic publishingfield. 1. Is the conference included in the list of known predatory conferences? 2. However, do not assume a conference as not being predatory if it does not show up in the list. 3. Did professional societies …

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Initiatives Against Predatory Conferences

  • While predatory conferences exist in high numbers, there are initiatives that guide researchers on avoiding these conferences. Think. Check. Attendis an organization that helps researchers and academics decide whether the conference is legitimate or not. Think. Check. Attend provides guidelines for researchers to help them identify predatory conferences. Other initiatives are sim…

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Impact on The Academic Community

  • The impact of predatory conferences on the academic community is tremendous. Aside from the lies, the biggest problem with conferences and journals that are bogus is that there is a complete lack of oversight and poor quality control. Most predatory organizations also do not conduct peer reviews. What’s even worse is that they do not reject sub-standard studies. By filling the academ…

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