Are conference names italicized


For conference sessions and poster sessions, italicize the title. Include in brackets, the type of session. For papers published in conference proceedings, use regular font. The first word of the title and subtitle is capitalized as are proper nouns but all other words are lowercase.

For conference sessions and poster sessions, use regular font for conference title. For papers published in conference proceedings, italicize the conference proceedings title. Capitalize all major words.Jul 16, 2021


Do you capitalize the first word in a conference title?

Capitalize only the first word of the title and subtitle as well as proper nouns. Italicize the title. After the title, in brackets, add a description of the contribution (i.e., conference session, poster presentation, keynote address, etc.).

What titles should be italicized in MLA?

Titles that should be italicized are longer works. These include titles of books, movies, TV and radio shows, journals and magazines, and long poems. In the next section, we’ll see how these works differ from titles of shorter works which are put in quotations instead.

What are some good business names for a conference?

For example, some names could be: Science Sessions, Competitive Concepts, Conference Crew Talks, Topic Talks. With that in mind, here are more business names I came up with: Click to check domain availability. Click to check domain availability. Click to check domain availability.

What are the 7 rules for italics in writing?

7 Rules For Italics 1 Emphasis. Want a word or phrase to stand out in a block of text? Try writing in italics. Example: I went to grab… 2 Titles Of Work. The titles of works should be italicized (or underlined). … 3 Articles. Articles are shorter forms of work. As such, they are put into quotation marks rather than italicized. More …


Are conference titles italicized or quoted?

Quotes, Italics, or Nothing?Titles for…Quote Marks, Italics, or NothingThe Chicago Manual of StyleConferencesNothing8.69DepartmentsNothing8.175DrawingsItalics8.193EssaysQuotes8.17536 more rows

How do you cite a conference name?

Referencing elements to cite:[#] Reference number (matching the in-text citation number)Author’s first initial. … Title of the paper in lower case, in double quotation marks.Presented at the abbreviated name of the conference. … Place of publication: City of the conference, abbreviated state, country.More items…•

How do you cite a conference presentation?

Conference Presentation ReferencesProvide the names of the presenters in the author element of the reference.Provide the full dates of the conference in the date element of the reference.Describe the presentation in square brackets after the title.More items…

How do I cite a conference in APA?

To cite a paper that has been presented at a conference but not published, include the author’s name, the date of the conference, the title of the paper (italicized), “Paper presentation” in square brackets, the name and location of the conference, and a URL or DOI if available. Jang, S. (2019, August 8–11).

How do you cite a conference in MLA?

Last Name, First Name. “Conference Paper Title.” Conference Title that Includes Conference Date and Location, edited by Conference Editor(s), Publisher, Date of Publication.

How do I cite an online conference?

Title of book [Internet]. Proceedings of the Title of Conference; Date of conference; Location of conference. Place of publication: Publisher’s name; [cited YYYY Mon DD]. Available from: URL or Database Name.

How do I cite an online conference in APA?

Include a description of the presentation in square brackets [ ] after title (e.g., [Conference session], [Paper presentation], [Poster presentation], [Keynote address]). If video available, include link at the end of the reference.

How do you cite a zoom meeting in MLA?

This works for recordings of TedTalk and Zoom lectures. Speaker’s Last, First Name. “Title of the Lecture.” Website Location, Date, URL.

How do you cite a conference presentation in APA 6th edition?

Presenter name – last name, initial(s). (Year, month). Title of paper – italicised. Paper presented at the Conference name, Location.

What is conference publication name?

Conference proceedings always have a conference title. They often have two titles: the title of the book of proceedings (often the name of the specific conference) and the title of the conference. Many organizations hold annual numbered meetings, each of which has a specific topic or theme.

How do you cite a conference abstract in APA 7?

(Year, Month Day-Day). Presentation title [Format]. Conference Name, Location. DOI or URL of website.

How do you cite a conference paper Harvard?

Reference examples In: Family name, INITIAL(S) (of editor if known). ed. Title of conference proceedings, date of conference, location of conference. Place of publication: Publisher, page number(s).

What are the titles that should be italicized?

Titles that should be italicized are longer works. These include titles of books, movies, TV and radio shows, journals and magazines, and long poems. In the next section, we’ll see how these works differ from titles of shorter works which are put in quotations instead.

Why do we use italics in MLA?

In the past (before computers and MLA handbooks), italics and underlines were used to emphasize certain words or titles within the text. It let the reader know what was important, or what was separate from the rest of the sentence. They were both used interchangeably , as long as they were consistent.

What is a confusion mark?

Confusion can come up when a title includes a question mark or an exclamation mark in the title itself. For example, the book Who Has Seen the Wind? includes a question mark in it.

Where are commas and periods placed?

According to the MLA (Modern Language Association) handbook, commas and periods are placed inside of quotation marks.

Why are titles of smaller works put in quotes?

The titles of smaller works are put in “quotations” in order to differentiate them from longer works. These smaller works include titles of chapters, short stories, TV or radio show episodes, articles, and short poems.

Do you use italics in an essay?

With that said, the general rule is that italics are used for titles of books, movies, TV and radio shows, magazines, works of art, and long poems. As mentioned before, underlining is a substitute for italics when writing titles by hand. Proper formatting in an essay can be confusing for many students: …

Is underlining used in MLA?

Meanwhile, underlining is mostly reserved to replace italics in handwritten papers. Manuals and guidebooks, such as the MLA handbook, are now widely used in large institutions or according to the country’s standards, so that specific writing conventions, grammar rules, and formatting styles have become uniform.


Author Last name, First Initials. (Year and Date of Conference). Presentation title [description]. Name of conference, location. DOI or URL if available.


Lippold, S., Rach, J. & Fritsch, A. (2020 February 13-14). Study program development: Building a bridge
between tradition and innovation – An unusual approach [Workshop session]. 2020 European Learning
& Teaching Forum, Utrecht, Netherlands .


List each author alphabetically by the authors last name and first name initial (s) in the order they appeared in the article. Do not include titles, positions, or ranks in the authors name.

The Best Conference Name Ideas

We will create a long list of different conference name ideas you can use for inspiration when creating your own conference names. We broke the names into four types of names to help you navigate the long list of suggestions.

Conference Organizer Name Ideas

This category of name ideas is a bit different. The first four name categories include name ideas for different types of conferences. This name group provides a list of name ideas for companies that organize conferences. Most companies in this niche use descriptive names that accurately represent what the company does.

The Best Real Conference Names – How they got it and why it works

This is a must-attend conference for entrepreneurs, leaders, investors, and innovators in Silicon Valley. The name is descriptive and shows what kind of topics are covered at the conference.

5 Biggest Conferences In The World – How they got their names and why they work

TEDx was founded in 1990. It’s one of the most known brands in the conference world, thanks to inspiring videos shared online. The abbreviation TED stands for technology, entertainment, design. This broadly describes the topics covered at the conferences.

Things to Keep In Mind When Creating Unique Conference Name ideas

We covered many different tricks and tips you can use when coming up with name ideas for your conference. We created name ideas you can use as inspiration for your conference. We even went over popular existing conferences and analyzed their names. We did our best to determine why certain names attract people.

What makes a conference name catchy?

Catchy conference names are the ones that are memorable and instantly appealing. They help your store stand out from your competitors. They are also very playful and unique. Catchy conference names talk to the target audience and represent what kind of topics are covered at the conference.

How do I create cool conference names?

We suggest you start by analyzing the existing conferences in your market. You continue by brainstorming fresh and attractive names that will help you stand out in the niche. In the end, you pick a catchy conference name that represents what your conference covers and can help you stand out in your space.

What is the purpose of a conference title?

The primary purpose of a session title is to get the reader to read the first sentence of the session description. The primary purpose of the first sentence is to get the second sentence read. And, so on through the learner objectives.

What is the title of a session?

The session title is the first, and perhaps only, impression you make on a prospective attendee. On average, eight out of ten will read the session title, but only two out of ten will read the session description and leaner objectives. So it’s fairly obvious that if people stop at the title, you’re already dead in the water.

What is the goal of a conference organizer?

Ultimately, the goal of the conference organizer is for the session titles, descriptions and learner objectives to accurately match the presentation that is delivered.

How to write a title for a book?

The American Writers & Artists trainers teach The Four Us approach to writing titles: 1 Be USEFUL to the reader 2 Provide the reader with a sense of URGENCY 3 Convey the idea that the main benefit is somehow UNIQUE 4 Do all of the above in an ULTRA-SPECIFIC way

Is it important to write a session title?

Without a compelling promise that turns a browser into a reader, the rest of your words may as well not even exist. So, from a marketing standpoint, writing a great session title is a critical skill.


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