Are conference publications easier than journal papers


Conference papers are (in many if not most fields) much easier to get accepted for publication than papers in good journals; Conference papers can be a good way to get early feedback on – or publicity for – work in progress;

Also, journal paper is generally more elaborative than the conference papers. They have flexible page limit and are expected to be a lot more detailed than the conference paper. On the same line of a journal but with different intent is a University journal, which is a publication of a particular university.Mar 20, 2022


Is it better to publish in a conference or journal?

This depends on your field of research and of course the conference and journal in question. Conference (proceedings) and journals have relative impact factors and weights. It is possible that a highly regarded conference in your subject area would be better weighted than a mediocre journal or vice versa.

Which has more lasting impact journal publication or conference paper?

A journal publication or even a book will have more long lasting impact, considering the time factor. However, the history of science shows that important conferences were re-edited as books ‘forever’ (e.g. yearbook, Festschrift, …). Which is better, a conference paper or journal publication? Journal publication is better.

Is there any difference between a conference paper and journal research paper?

Yes there should be no difference between a conference paper and a Journal research paper if the conference paper meets the standard of research. Cite 4 Recommendations 16th Dec, 2012 Decebal-Radu Ciurchea

Can a conference paper be cited in a journal article?

When such a conference paper is cited in a journal article but the reviewer and the reader do not have access to it, the citation cannot be verified.


Are conferences easier than journals?

I believe it all depends on the field. For example, in some fields, it can be much more difficult to publish in certain conferences than getting a journal article. However, what I see is that the general impression of a journal article is better than a conference paper.

Are journals more prestigious than conferences?

In fact, conference papers are arguably more prestigious than journal publications: oftentimes, conferences have higher stan- dards and lower acceptance rates. This is the opposite of most other scientific fields.

Is it good to publish in conference proceedings?

It gives you a chance to publish it in a better journal! But if you publish an article in a journal, you should not present it in a conference, because the audiences know about whole of your study! I think yes, provided there should be considerable change in rewriting the paper and changed topic.

Should I publish conference paper?

Many researchers go on to publish the work that they presented at a conference in a journal publication. It is a useful route to take because conference attendees will comment on your presentation, ask questions and provide their input. The conference proceedings contain the first draft or your journal article.

Does conferences have impact factor?

Conferences dont have an impact factor. To rank a conference you need to look at it’s rejection rate, the higher the better. Also the chairs and the conference committee are a good indicator of the conference quality. The audience of the conference is also another factor.

Is IEEE Xplore prestigious?

Global Prestige The premier source for technical content, IEEE Xplore has over 5 million documents and provides over 8 million downloads each month. IEEE is also the most cited publisher in US and European new technology patents—with over 3x more than any other publisher.

Do conference papers count as publications?

yes, it’s a publication. It is not exactly the same kind of publication as a journal publication, and depending on the field it may be viewed as less or more important than a journal publication, but it still counts as a publication.

Can you submit the same paper to a conference and a journal?

You can submit the conference paper to a journal. However, you will need to keep the following points in mind. If the full conference paper was previously published in the conference proceedings, it might not be possible to publish it again. If however only the abstract was published, there might be a better chance.

Are some conferences journals better than others?

Both the ACM and IEEE have their name attached to a host of conferences and journals. Some are known to be better than others, but I feel generally that any conference or journal with the ACM or IEEE brands attached are considered decent quality. (Questions like this indicate I’m not the only one to think so.)

Can you publish in a journal after presenting at a conference?

Yes you can still publish your work in another journal even after presenting it in a conference.

Are conference publications peer-reviewed?

Papers presented at conferences are working papers. They are not typically peer-reviewed journal articles. Some of these papers will go on to be published in peer-reviewed journals, but others will not.

Is a conference paper a scholarly source?

Books, conference publications, and academic journal articles, regardless of whether they are print-based or electronic, are common types of scholarly materials, which share the following characteristics: The authors are scholars or researchers with known affiliations and educational/research credentials.

Why are conference papers important?

Conference paper has a essential importance for communication between the researchers.

Why is it important to present a paper at a conference?

When you present your paper at a conference in the topic of your choice, you get an insight into the shortcomings of your research through suggestions and constructive feedbacks. You also get to connect with people of your interest and enhance your research.

What is the review process for conference papers?

The review process for conference papers is typically within a fixed window: everyone submits for a certain deadline, then the review committee (program committee) collaborates to review and discuss papers, then all authors are notified with accept/reject at the same time.

How many papers should I write in a conference?

It is good to begin by contributing in a conference as it boosts the confidence of writing n seeing your work getting published quickly. Ideally after writing 2 or 3 papers in conference start writing some good research paper and getting it published in some average journal and once that is done.

What is a conference paper?

Conference papers refer to articles that are written with the goal of being accepted to a conference: typically an annual (or biannual) venue with a specific scope where you can present your results to the community, usually as an oral presentation, a poster presentation, or a tabled discussion.

Do journals have rolling review?

However, instead of conferences that typically have only accept/reject decisions, journals typically have a rolling review schedule and reviewers can opt to ask the authors for revisions, meaning that there might be multiple review phases (often limited to three, at which stage the paper is rejected/accepted).

Can conference proceedings be promoted?

However, a problem with conference papers is that at many places, papers published as conference proceedings are not accepted for promotion, yet in some places where it is accepted for promotion it is given less credit than a article published in a journal. Cite. 2 Recommendations. 13th Jul, 2018.

How to write a conference paper?

Things to consider when you write your conference paper: 1 Title: Your title should be catchy and give a clear indication of your focus. 2 Abstract: Your abstract should give a snap-shot of your work. 3 Style: Ensure your ideas flow uniformly throughout your paper. 4 Focus: Concentrate on one focus, rather than multiple ones as commonly done in a journal article. 5 Body: Give a brief background of your research and detail your methods and results, besides presenting your research in a logical order. 6 Conclusion: Conclude your paper with a takeaway message for the readers.

What is the name of the book or journal that accepted papers are collated into?

The accepted papers are collated into a book or journal known as the conference proceedings. The conference participants (and anyone else who may be interested) before or after the conference get a copy of these proceedings.

Why do institutions give credit to peer reviewed articles?

It is a useful route to take because conference attendees will comment on your presentation, ask questions and provide their input.


A conference is a place where eminent researchers are physically present to discuss and present their research specific to their field. Researchers submit their papers to a conference according to specific guidelines and timeline specified by particular conferences. This paper is then sent to reviewers.


A journal is a publication that is printed periodically. It is a collection of peer-reviewed and credible papers. Impact factor of a journal helps in measuring the citations of the paper of the journal. There is no place unlike the conference, where you have to go and present your paper.

Term Paper

A term paper is a kind of research paper which is written by students during their academic year. It focuses on an idea or a discussion point. It is mostly, an original piece of work and usually long.

Conference Proceeding

It is a published record of a conference, symposium or other meeting but might not include details of the papers presented by the scholars. In such a record, when the complete details or the text is included, it is called a transaction.


A seminar is held within an academic institution and focuses on a particular subject. It is a form of an intellectual lecture. The presenter usually comes prepared with some presentations and often there is some material which the participants can take to their home.

Technical Report

It is a document that describes the research in terms of the process, status, or outcomes of the problem statement. These reports rarely undergo any review.


A patent is a form of intellectual property. It provides the owner the right to exclude anyone from making, using, selling, and importing the patent idea for a limited period, usually twenty years. In most countries, patent rights fall under civil law and the patent holder can sue someone who infringes the patent.

Why do researchers publish their research articles in conferences?

Most of the researchers publish their research articles in conference because its a faster way of making the results available. At many places, papers published as conference proceedings are not considered during promotion, on the other hand, at few places it is counted as publications but with less credits.

What is an author publishing paper?

An author publishing a paper is assumed to submit a genuine paper, “not published before”. If title, author list and content differ, that is another paper. As about the data in scope of the paper, it can come from someone else’s paper and be reconsidered in the currenrt one, by avoiding plagiarism, of course.

Why is rigorous review so difficult?

Since rigorous review is a tedious task for even good journals due to lack of sincere reviewers, time constraints, etc., it is very difficult to maintain the quality in conference publications ( there are some exceptions). In conference papers, the scope for correction/revision is very less.

How long does it take for a professor to submit a high impact finding?

If he submit to journal, at least he need to wait for 1 year until his finding can be available to public.

Is publication a legal term?

Publication is a legal means of authoring. But ANY means of publication, including oral, such as conferences, is a way of publishing your ideas. The point here is that some conferences are not indexed by ISI. Actually, in 1987, a conference proceedings volume was published by Elsevier.

Is a conference paper considered a scientific publication?

Conference paper is counted as scientific publication . But most of the educational institutions need a peer reviewed indexed journal publication for the promotion purpose. Conference abstract peer review system and journal system is totally different. Yours Sincerely.

Do conferences have their weight?

Because cost more and provide integration in the specific environment, YES, conferences should have their weight in estimating the scientific value of a work group. Of course, in a professional environment, plagiarized work and shallow research (recherche bidon in French) are identified more quickly also. Cite.


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