Are conference registrations allowed on a p card


There are times when the P-card can be used to pay for conference registration, webinars, and other trainings. More information. Use Against University Purchasing Agreements The Procurement Card can also be used to purchase items available on university supply agreements that are not available in AggieBuy.


Are multiple conference registrations or training classes considered a violation?

Multiple conference registrations or training classes are not considered to be violations under the split purchases policy. Rather, event registration fees are considered to be the total of the individual registration fee.

Can I use the P-card to purchase against an agreement?

Although you can use the P-Card to purchase against an agreement, you may not exceed the delegated limit per transaction on the P-Card, even if the transaction limit on the agreement is higher. If using an agreement, provide the supplier with the agreement number to ensure appropriate pricing, terms, and conditions.

What departments are eligible for the P-Card program?

The P-Card program is available to all departments, except Medical Center (Chart H account) departments. In general, employees who regularly provide a purchasing function for the department and receive departmental approval are eligible for the P-Card.

Who is eligible to be a P-card holder?

Any individual authorized by the department to procure goods and or services and is an employee of the University is eligible to be a cardholder. How do I apply? Complete the appropriate application form . The completed, original application should be sent to P-Card Administration via e-mail at or mail at 401 ADMS CC (0439).


What can you use AP card for?

If you are wondering what is a p-card, a p-card is a type of company card that employees can use to charge goods and services on behalf of their employers without having to go through the traditional purchase request and approval process. They are also known as purchasing cards or procurement cards.

Is AP card like a credit card?

In the simplest terms, a P-Card is a charge card, similar to a consumer credit card. However, the card-using organization must pay the card issuer in full each month, at a minimum. P-Cards are also known as Procurement Cards (ProCards), Payment Cards, Purchase Cards or similar terms.

What is a University P card?

Procurement Cards (P-Cards) are issued to university employees to facilitate small purchases (typically $3,500 or less) and to provide a payment mechanism for university employees while traveling on university business. P-Cards are also required to settle tax-exempt purchases through iBuy+ Goods and Services.

Which of the following information must be included on detailed itemized receipts?

The document should include the following: information pertaining to the items purchased, the date of purchase, vendor information and the total price. An acknowledgment of where the item was delivered: This must be a valid University address, and it must be listed on the itemized receipt.

Do P-Cards have limits?

P-Card Spending Limits The declining balance is replenished each July. P-Cards also have a preset single transaction limit of $1,000, which means that no single purchase can exceed $1,000. You may not split a charge larger than $1,000 into two payments to stay under the single transaction limit.

Does square accept P-Cards?

Accept Prepaid Cards Square can process prepaid cards bearing any of the logos above at our standard processing fees. Any remaining balance from prepaid cards will display on the receipt.

How long should the detailed itemized P card receipts be kept on file?

Once the electronic version is attached in WORKS the original receipt can be discarded • Original itemized receipts for P Card purchases between $25.00 and $50.00 must be retained in your department files for three years, or can be uploaded in WORKS.

How P cards improves the procurement of goods and services effectively in an Organisational setting?

Advocates of P-cards say they reduce the number of invoices that must be processed (hence fewer accounts payable staff are needed). They also enable more efficient cash flow management, better reconciliation processes and greater transaction transparency.

How long do Reconcilers have to reconcile a transaction once it appears in the P card software?

within 25 daysP-Card policy states that the Reconciler should reconcile P-Card transactions within 25 days of their appearance in the P-Card software.

What practice is prohibited when using a Government purchase card?

5.04 Prohibited Purchases The purchase card must not be used for the following: • Long-term rental or lease of land or buildings of any type. Purchases of travel (airline, bus, boat, or train tickets) or travel-related expenses. Cash advances.

What are three examples of misuse of the Government commercial purchase card?

Examples of misuse include: (1) purchases that exceed the cardholder’s limit; (2) purchases not authorized by the agency; (3) purchases for which no funding exists; (4) purchases for personal consumption; (5) purchases that do not comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and/or other applicable procurement …

What qualifies as an itemized receipt?

An itemized receipt is a sales draft that contains detailed information about the transaction. It contains a breakdown of the purchase, including separate lines for each item. In addition to the items purchased, it might also include the date, time, store name, price, tax, total, and payment method used.

Who uses the P card?

Assuring the p-card is only being used by the cardholder.

What is a violation on a P card?

What is a violation? A violation is an improper use of the p-card. Violations commonly result from a transaction limit being exceeded or the purchase of a disallowed item. Common examples of disallowed purchases are personal items, food, travel, prescriptions, donations, deposits, partial pay, or a gift.

What to do if my P card is stolen?

My p-card is lost or stolen, what should I do? Contact the bank, 1-800-344-5696, and P-Card Administration, You will need to provide the bank your full account number. A replacement card will be issued within days.

What is a group travel card?

What is a Group Travel Card?#N#The Group Travel Card is a credit card used by University employees when traveling with students for University purpose. This program has different policies and procedures than the P-Card program. If interested, contact P-Card Administration for further information at .

How to contact a vendor about a dispute?

If the merchant does not or cannot assist in a resolution, contact the bank at 1-800-344-5696. You will need to provide the bank your full account number. A window of 60 days is available to resolve disputes.

How long does it take to get a P card?

How long does it take to get a p-card? Once ordered from the bank, a new p-card typically arrives at P-Card Administration within two to three days. Cardholders will receive their p-card once training is completed.

Is a P card considered a personal property?

When I apply, is there a personal credit check? No, there is not a personal credit or background check on an individual applying for a p-card. The p-card is considered University, not personal, property.

Who is eligible for a P card?

In general, employees who regularly provide a purchasing function for the department and receive departmental approval are eligible for the P-Card. In order to ensure a proper separation of duties, fiscal officers are generally not eligible to be cardholders.

What is a subscription on a P card?

Subscriptions are an appropriate purchase on the P-Card. Source documentation for a subscription may include a subscription form or confirmation slip from the supplier. See the Allowable Uses Page for more information on allowable P-Card transactions.

What is a P card?

The P-Card is a convenient way to purchase goods and materials up to the delegated transaction limit. The P-Card eliminates the need to process KFS Requisitions and Payment Requests, makes purchasing easier for the employee, and because payment is immediate, suppliers ship purchases faster.

How often do you need to refresh your P card?

P-Card refresher training is required for active cardholders and fiscal officers once a year. An e-mail notification will alert you when it’s time to complete the online training and provide a deadline. The training should be completed by the deadline in order to ensure that the card account remains active.

How long do you need to keep P card documents?

The attachment of supporting documents within KFS meets the requirement that documents be retained for five years after the close of the fiscal year in which a P-Card purchase was made, and any other documentation, such as bank statements, need not be retained for longer than that period.

What is a travel card?

The Travel Card is issued to employees for travel and entertainment-related expenses only (e.g., airline tickets, hotel charges, car rental, meals, etc.). Employees who regularly travel or entertain on behalf of the university are strongly encouraged to apply for the Travel Card.

Do I need to complete a P card training?

P-Card Training. P-Card Training. Do I have to complete training before getting a Procurement Card (P-Card)? Yes. Training is required for all prospective cardholders, as well as fiscal officers/delegates. Training should be completed before submitting a P-Card application.


What happens if I lose my receipt or did not receive a receipt from the vendor?


I accidently made a personal purchase with my P-Card. What do I need to do?

How can I use a p-card?

In order for you to understand what is a p-card, it is important for you to understand how they can be used by a company. Companies issue p-cards to specific employees to use to make purchases. The employees are expected to follow the companies’ policies related to p-card use. Instead of filling out requisition forms when small items are needed, the employees can simply charge the items to their p-cards.

What is the difference between a pcard and a corporate card?

P-cards allow companies to streamline the payment process and to track expenses more efficiently. Businesses are able to restrict the p-cards that they give to their employers to specific dollar threshold amounts and to restrict their use to specific merchants.

Why use a purchasing card?

Using p-cards gives companies greater spending flexibility. With traditional processes, an office manager who needs to purchase a new stapler would need to take time to fill out a request form and submit it. The request would then be processed and submitted for approval. Then, the purchase order would be issued, and the stapler could be purchased.

How does a P card differ from a virtual card?

How p-cards differ from virtual cards. Virtual cards are randomly generated numbers that are composed of 16 digits like credit cards and come with CVV codes. These virtual numbers are linked to an underlying card account but cannot be traced back to the original account.

Why do businesses use procurement cards?

More businesses are using procurement cards within their companies to help to lower the transaction costs for day-to-day items. According to the National Association of Purchasing Card Professionals, the transaction costs for processing a request and approval is the same no matter how much an item is worth and average between $50 to $200 per transaction. This means that transactions costs may often exceed the value of small items that companies need.

What is corporate card?

Corporate cards are often given to employees for travel. They function in a similar way to credit cards. They have fewer restrictions that are placed on them, and employees who are given corporate cards must submit expense reports to detail their expenses each month.

How much does a P card save?

Because of the greater efficiencies of using p-cards for making small transactions, the NAPCP reports that the average savings per transaction made with a p-card is $63. In addition to using the cards for high-volume transactions, more companies are also using them to replace checks and to make the payments to suppliers more automatic.

Who can contact PSC Commercial Card Administration?

AOs (or other University personnel) may also contact PSC Commercial Card Administration directly and confidentially. PSC Commercial Card Administration regularly audits transactions for possible violations and requests specific documentation to determine if a violation has occurred.

Who is required to follow the Commercial Card Program policies?

All departmental procurement card program participants – Cardholders, Delegates, and Approving Officials – are required to know and follow Commercial Card Program policies, including those defining program violations and their consequences.

How long does it take for a procurement card to be suspended?

Cardholders with 150 or more violation points will have their cards suspended for a period of six months and will be required to complete Procurement Card Cardholder training before their cards can be reinstated.

How many points does the PSC issue?

PSC Commercial Card Administration will issue 50 points to the Cardholder for each of the following types of Procurement Card violations.

What can a procurement card be used for?

Procurement Cards may be used to make payment to foreign companies only for purchase (not rental) of the following goods and services: Supplies and other tangible personal property. Services performed entirely outside the U.S.

Can you use a procurement card to purchase parking?

Cardholders are not to use the Procurement Card to purchase Pre-Paid Parking or Meter Keys unless they are purchased directly from the University.

Do you have to report a credit card purchase to the AOs?

Cardholders must immediately report any inadvertent personal purchase to their AOs and must immediately either reimburse the University or arrange for a credit transaction from the merchant. Documentation shall include proof of reimbursement by employee or credit by merchant.


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