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Is attending nonprofit conferences necessary?

Attending nonprofit conferences is necessary if you want yourself to keep up with trends and best practices being utilized in the nonprofit world. Conferences are usually short (1-3 days), efficient, and wildly helpful approaches to learning from experts.

How many sessions will there be at the Connect Conference?

What: The conference will feature over 150 live, interactive, and thought-provoking sessions, inspiring keynote speakers, and ways to connect with each other.

What is the size of the Nonprofit Leadership Conference?

Each year about 4000+ nonprofit decision-makers attend the conference, thus making it a hub of networking for all. Registration started back in November 2021 and early bird rates end on 24th February 2022. Audience profile: Nonprofit leaders, decision-makers, and other senior-level employees. Price: Pricing varies for members and non-members.


DUO changes: steps to take if you need assistance

Hello friends, I work at IT and was told to let everyone know how we’re handling DUO. It’s frustrating for us too, and we understand. We have a flood of requests we’re currently working through, including students, staff, and faculty.

Dermatologist recommendations

Hey guys, I’m living in Tallahassee for the summer, working and going to school, and that makes going to see my normal dermatologist a little bit more difficult. Any Tally locals or students/alumni who could recommend a good dermatologist in town?

Salley hall

Me and a friend got assigned to Salley Hall today. Is it really as bad as I’ve heard? Everywhere online says it’s the worst set of dorms. And they used it for quarantining last year 😭. Please tell me about it.

What the fuck is up with FSU making Summer C kids wait until July 14 to register for classes

Legit all the classes I need for my major are not available. Even if they are, they’re during times where it’s conflicting. Can someone please explain why summer C kids have to wait until July 14 whilst everyone else was able to sign up for fall classes during orientation?


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