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VAT & Indirect Taxes for Non-US Located Conferences

The Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax on the consumption of goods and services. Conferences need to pay VAT on both sales and purchases (VAT paid on purchases may be recoverable depending on the location of the conference and the type of purchase).

Are conferences held in the UK subject to UK VAT?

‘ Conferences that take place in the UK are liable for UK VAT as they are classified under VAT legislation as ‘services supplied where performed’ and therefore VAT of the country hosting the conference must be charged.

Is attending conferences tax-deductible?

Is Attending Conferences Tax-Deductible? Can You Deduct Photography Props on Taxes? In general, you can deduct “ordinary and necessary expenses” for attending business meetings and conferences when the expenses directly relate to your business, job, or profession, says the Internal Revenue Service.

What are the VAT compliance regulations for conferences and digital services?

The VAT compliance regulations relating to digital services and conferences are quite different, and it’s important to gain clarity on the issue. In addition, conferences-at-a-distance raise other VAT issues. If you’re selling merchandise at virtual events via an online store, that raises complex compliance issues .

When is a conference not a digital supply?

If a conference is pre-recorded or is being live-streamed via the internet at the same time as transmitted by radio or television, it will be a digital supply. If a conference is delivered live online only, it will not be a digital supply.


Is there VAT on online training courses UK?

Fully online courses, with non-matriculated learners, are classified as ‘digital services’ and their income is subject to VAT (currently 20%). This levy applies to the fees charged.

Is there VAT on training courses in UK?

The training is exempt from VAT even if the cost is specifically subsidised by the eligible body.

Can VAT be claimed on accommodation?

The distinction between commercial accommodation and a dwelling is essential, because the supply of commercial accommodation is subject to VAT at the standard rate, whereas the letting and hiring of a dwelling is exempt from VAT.

Can you reclaim VAT on accommodation in Ireland?

You can reclaim Value-Added Tax (VAT) incurred on accommodation in connection with the attendance by you or your representatives at a qualifying conference. You may reclaim the VAT where the accommodation is provided at the conference venue or at a different location.

Are conference fees subject to VAT?

Normally, VAT registered businesses claim VAT on their costs and charge VAT on their taxable sales. However, conferences and training course usually fall within a VAT accounting procedure called the “Tour Operators Margin Scheme” or “TOMS” for short.

What training is exempt from VAT?

The provision of children’s or young people’s education, school or university education or vocational training or retraining by recognised schools, colleges and universities is exempt from VAT, regardless of the age of the student. Recognised schools include pre-schools, primary schools and post primary schools.

Is VAT allowed on entertainment expenses?

Going out for a meal with clients is called ‘entertainment’ and as such, you can claim it as a business expense, but you cannot claim the VAT on it.

Can you claim VAT on business entertainment?

Entertaining employees: tax relief and VAT The cost of entertaining staff as a reward for good work, or to keep up morale, is classed as employee entertainment, for which you can both claim tax relief and reclaim any VAT you pay.

Is entertainment zero-rated or no VAT?

VAT on entertaining Normally VAT on entertainment is not claimable. So, if your executives are in the habit of taking customers out for a meal at The Ritz then you have to make sure you don’t claim this back. However, this is not the case for staff entertainment.

What is a qualifying conference?

‘Qualifying conference’ means a conference or meeting in the course or furtherance. of business organised to cater for 50 or more delegates, which takes place at a venue. designed and constructed for the purposes of hosting 50 or more delegates and in.

What VAT can you not reclaim?

What VAT can you not reclaim? You cannot reclaim VAT on the following costs even if you are registered for VAT and make only taxable supplies: food, drink or other personal services for yourself, your agents or employees. The exception being to the extent that they are part of a taxable supply of services.

What is VAT exempt Ireland?

You do not have to pay any VAT on financial, medical or educational services. You may also not pay VAT for live theatrical and musical performances (except those where food or drink is served during all or part of the performance).

Do you need registration for a virtual conference?

Delegates from around the world meet up to share information. Registration may be required, tickets may be sold. However, from a VAT perspective, defining virtual conferences is more complicated.

Is there VAT on tickets in the EU?

In the EU, there are specific rules pertaining to conferences and events. For example, ticket sales are subject to VAT in the country in which the event is located, even if those tickets were purchased outside of that country.

Is VAT compliance complicated?

As any event organiser will know, hosting a successful event is an intricate process with many moving parts. Managing events industry VAT compliance is no less complicated. Compliance requires careful consideration of the specific rules relating to events, as well as more general VAT questions.

Is VAT recoverable in the EU?

So, it is very important to have a good understanding of the local VAT laws. The EU currently operates two schemes for VAT recovery, one for EU companies known as the ‘ EU refund mechanism’ and the other for non-EU business know as a ‘the 13th Directive reclaim’.

Can VAT be recovered?

VAT incurred when arranging an event abroad can in most instances be recovered but may be neglected by staff who ignore international VAT incurred which results in the company losing out on a significant amount of money.

What are allowable expenses?

With certain limitations, allowable expenses include travel, lodging, meals and associated out-of-pocket costs. However, use discretion with your deductions, lest you violate the rules of good judgment. For instance, extravagant expenditures for personal purposes are specifically not allowed.

Is an ordinary expense deductible?

Ordinary expenses are “common” and “accepted” in your occupation. Necessary expenses are “helpful” and “appropriate” for your occupation, according to IRS instructions for deducting business expenses. Both conditions, ordinary and necessary, must apply for expenses to be deductible, says the IRS. For instance, your purchase …

Can you deduct meals and entertainment on taxes?

For instance, if you take employees to a conference, you can deduct the full amount of their meals and entertainment, whereas the 50-percent rule only applies to you.

Can you deduct travel expenses for educational conferences?

Are Travel Expenses for Educational Conferences Tax-Deductible? In general, you can deduct “ordinary and necessary expenses” for attending business meetings and conferences when the expenses directly relate to your business, job, or profession, says the Internal Revenue Service. With certain limitations, allowable expenses include travel, lodging, …

Who should be issued VAT invoices to?

If a supply is to the third party who actually benefits from the services rather than to the ESFA, any VAT invoices should be issued to the third party and not to the ESFA.

What is taxed in the normal way?

the sales of other goods or services are taxed in the normal way. For a non-eligible body (see section 4) the education, and other goods and services provided, is taxed in the normal way.

What is an exempt supply of training?

Supplies of training will be exempt if someone is contracted or subcontracted to provide education or vocational training under one of the government’s approved training schemes and the services are ultimately funded by:

What is voluntary training?

Vocational training occurs where trainees attend courses, conferences, lectures, workshops or seminars and the purpose is to: prepare for future employment.

Is there an exemption for education?

Except for closely-related supplies between eligible bodies, there is no general exemption for goods and services supplied to providers of education, research and vocational training for use in their educational activities.

Can LA recover VAT?

The LA can recover the VAT incurred under section 33 of the VAT Act 1994. You can find out more about this in Local authorities and similar bodies (VAT Notice 749).

Does an entity have to register separately for VAT?

If the entity is not a governing body and is not acting as an agent of the LA, then it is its responsibility to account for VAT, not the LA ’s. If it makes taxable supplies, then, subject to the normal registration threshold, it must register separately for VAT.


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