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What would PR mean for the Lib Dems?

From what we know about the British electorate, PR would eliminate the possibility of a future majority-Labour government. PR would not guarantee leftwing coalition governments either. What it would mean is the Lib Dems would effectively get to choose the prime minister after each election.

How are public relations professionals adapting to the modern world?

The marketplace for PR professionals is constantly expanding. With each new trend, the landscape transforms and then creates space for new upcoming trends and approaches. The leading public relations professionals keep up with these changes and use their awareness to grow and succeed.

What are the arguments against proportional representation (PR)?

There are many philosophical arguments that can be made against PR. PR makes coalition governments the norm rather than the exception. It reduces the ability of a party to deliver on its manifesto promises. It gives disproportionate weight to small parties. It encourages a more transactional form of politics, based on post-election horse-trading.

Are the Lib Dems really left-of-centre?

In fact, if MPs were allocated proportionately, the Lib Dems (and the SDP and Liberals before them) would have decided nearly every single British government in postwar history. While some commentators like to fantasise about the Lib Dems as left-of-centre fellow travellers, their recent record in government does not bear this out.


Dave Goldiner

Dave Goldiner is a political reporter at the New York Daily News. A 30-year newsroom veteran, he believes he is the only reporter to cover both the Sept. 11 terror attacks and the death and funeral of South African freedom icon Nelson Mandela on the ground.

Tim Balk

Tim Balk covers politics and Broadway at the New York Daily News. He previously worked at Chicago magazine and can often be found racing subway cars on the Manhattan Bridge bike path.

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