Are design conferences worth it


There are many reasons why you might feel as though attending a design conference isn’t worth it. Unpaid time away from work. Boring topics. Too many lectures and not enough questions answered. But there are also many reasons why you should consider attending a design conference regardless of the objections.


Are conferences really worth it?

Conferences are a great way to receive feedback from experts on your work, build new professional relationships, find new marketing opportunities, and check out your competitors. So don’t be afraid to reach out to the people you meet there because experience shows that most of them are open to help.

What is a design conference?

The Design Conference is an event for creatives. Each year we navigate the future of design, including how you can be an active participant. Attendees are offered an opportunity to evolve their practice through an elevated way of thinking.

How do you design a creative leader?

The HOW Creative Leadership Summit is an intimate virtual gathering that will focus on the emerging challenges faced by leaders in design, product and engineering roles. These leaders will share insights, ideas and tactics that they’ve implemented successfully to lead their teams to drive results.

What is design con?

DesignCon is the country’s largest gathering of chip, board, and systems designers. For 27 years, design engineers and other industry professionals come together in Silicon Valley to search for techniques and products to handle the latest signal and power integrity challenges.

Why does it feel like everyone’s trying to be an influencer in UX?

This is a throwaway account, but…as the title suggests I’m just curious to the nature of things.

What’s up with companies only wanting to hire senior-level designers?

I’m seeing an overwhelming amount of job postings for senior positions and a handful of junior or even mid-level designer positions.

What do you think of those ‘A vs B’ posts you see on LinkedIn?

I, for one, think these posts miss the point completely. They lack context, an actual design question, and are just used to farm likes.

I want to build a one-stop-shop for all things UX research but lack experience as a founder

Some things are self-evident in the profession once you take time to understand and reflect. I’ve worked for 10 employee startups to 1800 employee corporations and everything in between.


Interaction 20/IXDA: February 2-7 – Milan, Italy
Cost: $495 to $1,500 (workshop & education summit sold separately)
One of the largest events dedicated to design and organized by The Interaction Design Association ( IxDA ), this conference will bring together the brightest minds in design, as well as science, philosophy, psychology, and business.


The UX Conference: March 2-3 – London, UK
Cost: £38 to £765 bundle tickets for talks and workshops, see site
The theme for the conference this year is collaboration between UX, UI, and content designers.


Design Thinking Australia: April 1-2 – Sydney, Australia
Cost: $2,615 (bundle tickets are available when adding workshops)
Design Thinking Australia 2020 event returns with a three-day jam-packed program filled with workshops, case studies, and interactive discussion groups.


UX STRAT Europe: June 29-July 1 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Cost: €600 to €1,560 (conference and bundle tickets with workshops)
A conference bringing together design leaders, strategists, user researchers, design-focused data scientists, product managers, and experienced design professionals for presentations and workshops about the latest trends at the intersection of business strategy, user experience, product design, and service design..


An Event Apart: August 17-19 – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Cost: 3-day pass $1,500 / 2-day pass $1,100 / 1-day pass $600
A three-day design conference with 17 sessions and an intense focus on digital design, UX, content, code, and more, giving attendees deep insights into where we are now and where things are going next.


Smashing Conference Freiburg: September 7-8 – Freiburg, Germany
Cost: varies (bundle tickets are also available when adding workshops)
This design conference tends to be broad and includes front end, UX, UI design, CSS/JS techniques, accessibility, performance, privacy, internationalization, designing for mobile, and real-life case studies with 13 speakers..

October October 9 – Stockholm, Sweden
Cost: $263 (super early bird) is a single-track conference all about UX, UI, design tools, workflows, and more with talks by internationally renowned speakers and rising stars in the design community. It touches on visual design, UX, AR, VR, bots, creative work, and more.

1. Adobe Max Conference for Photographers

Adobe Max is one of the most popular conferences in the world, as it gathers about 12000 designers, photographers, videographers, and UI/UX developers every year. The attendees are presented with over 300 different activities: seminars, creative sessions, workshops, thematic lectures, etc.

2. Summit Palm Desert of Leadership

The Summit Palm Desert conference gathers single-minded individuals from around the world in the Californian desert area to help them fully dive into communication, creativity, personal growth, and leadership. The organizers divide the event into the following sections: Talks, Performances, Culinary, Art, Wellness, and Impact.

3. ShowIT United Photography Conference

This event is a prime example of targeted photography workshops. Its main goal is to give photographers the knowledge and tools needed to help them do transition from pure creativity to building a successful business.

4. World Domination Summit for Creative Entrepreneurs

This creative conference is primarily organized for entrepreneurs who want to improve their managerial skills, increase their team interaction level, develop leadership qualities, and find new creative directions.

5. Brand New Conference for Design-Related Industries

This event is based on the idea of design being a key aspect of brand development. Professional speakers from around the world will talk about corporate and brand identity, its elements and characteristics while using global brands as examples.

6. Circles Conference of Visual Art

The Circles Conference is a 3-day affair aimed at designers, technical experts, and creators with most events being related to graphic and UX design, illustration, and photography. You can participate in various activities dedicated to art, creative direction, website digital, and UI/UX design, illustration, etc.

7. Awwwards Designers and Developers Conference

Awwwards is among the best creative conferences for designers and developers that are in search of fresh experiences and knowledge from industry leaders. This event will touch upon many subjects related to different types of design, allowing everyone to find something new for themselves regardless of their expertise level.


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