Are gartner conferences worth it


Attendees tell us these meetings in themselves are worth the cost of the conference admission. Roundtable and workshop sample sessions* Roundtables are Peer-to-peer discussions, facilitated by a Gartner expert, that give attendees a forum to ask and answer each other’s questions around a particular topic or challenge.


How much does it cost to participate in Gartner conferences?

In addition to consulting services, there is a cost to participate in Gartner conferences, which start at roughly $35,000 for the basic package (booth at a conference, Gartner-arranged private get-together with potential clients, etc.) and can move up rapidly in price.

Is a Gartner subscription worth it?

You need to critically look at many factors to decide whether a Gartner subscription is really worth it for you or not. Furthermore, it also depends on how you use or interpret various reports on Gartner. In the end, those extensively researched and reviewed grids are no more than opinions that can be right or wrong.

When will Gartner’s virtual conferences resume?

Gartner will be delivering conferences virtually through August 2021 and resume in-person conferences starting in September 2021.

Why attend connect with Gartner?

Connect with peers and Gartner experts to drive stronger performance on your most critical priorities. Gartner conferences are uniquely designed with a combination of actionable, objective insights, expert guidance and consultation, peer networking, and solution provider assessment.

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Why attend Gartner symposium?

Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo Gain practical skills and best practices from peers and experts to capitalize on key technology trends. Learn how to scale, refine and accelerate your digital business strategy. Explore the latest cybersecurity risks and how to adapt your IT security strategy.

What is the Gartner conference?

Gartner conferences are uniquely designed with a combination of actionable, objective insights, expert guidance and consultation, peer networking, and solution provider assessment.

Why attend Gartner?

Successfully engage CEOs and align key stakeholders. Achieve business agility and benefit from disruptive tech. Understand and position IT as a design center for innovation. Prepare for the future but manage today – hear the latest trends and predictions based on trusted Gartner research and analysis.

Are Gartner webinars free?

The Gartner Top 6 Cloud Trends to Focus on Now This free webinar explores the top six trends for cloud computing for 2022 and beyond.

How do you become a speaker at a conference?

8 Tips to Start Speaking at Events and ConferencesUnderstand the Event Audience. Before you even submit to speak or accept a request, be sure to understand the event audience. … Let Event Organizers Know Early. … Don’t Sell Your Product. … Do Sell Yourself. … Know Your Worth. … Set Yourself Apart. … Engage the Audience. … Publish Your Work.

Why is Gartner so focused on trends?

This is because vendors rely on Gartner to help promote their offerings, and vendors typically have some new hot thing they are promoting.

Why do people pay for Gartner?

One reason for paying Gartner is to have these items promoted as legitimate, allowing the software vendor to sell more software. The current craze in 2019 is artificial intelligence. A few years ago, it was analytics and Big Data. In a few years, it will be something else.

Why is Gartner a cool vendor?

To give smaller vendors that don’t have a chance of doing well in the Magic Quadrant the incentive to buy consulting services , Gartner may profile them as a “Cool Vendor,” which is another report that they create. This prevents Gartner from losing revenue due to smaller vendors dropping out.

Why do software vendors make similar investments?

A software vendor might make a similar investment when trying to make a software deal. The difference is that there is no software sale at the end of the process, only the potential that future customers will contact the software vendor because of the better ranking provided by Gartner.

Is Gartner bigger than Forrester?

For instance, even though Gartner is much larger and more prominent than Forrester, there are some things that Forrester does better.

Does Gartner list vendors in quadrants?

As a result, major vendors are being listed in quadrants, for which Gartner readily admits the vendor has no product—yet. The value in doing so is to get software buyers to postpone their software selection until a significant software vendor they are familiar with comes out with the application.

Does Gartner charge a premium?

There is no reason why dealing with Gartner should cost this much, except that Gartner is in a dominant position in the IT analyst space, and therefore vendors can expect to have to play by their rules. Gartner can demand a premium payment from software vendors, and many software vendors are obligated to pay it.

Experience Information Technology conferences

Join your peers for the unveiling of the latest insights at Gartner conferences.

Webinars: Fast insights, expert advice

Stay networked and informed with our events, webinars and conferences curated to equip CIOs and IT leaders across industries and functions on their biggest challenges.

Why is Gartner getting fewer calls about IBM than they did last year?

That’s why IBM is no longer a leader and Oracle is, despite outscoring Oracle in customer surveys. It’s because Gartner’s advisory fee revenue related to IBM went down. Gartner does not evaluate software.

Is Gartner worthless?

Gartner is probably your organization’s go-to resource for assessing software which is a shame because Gartner is worthless. Their process is misunderstood by the industry and their magic quadrants are utterly misleading. It’s all the worse for their ubiquity as a key reference for decision makers.

Does Gartner do a technical analysis?

Gartner doesn’t do a deep technical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of software in house; they instead send out surveys and let their customers do it for them. Except they also don’t appear to take the survey results into account either based on how they’ve ranked Oracle this year.


Why Companies Strive For Good Relationships with Gartner?

  • A technology company always needs industry analysts to initiate a powerful marketing strategy or product development strategy. If we look at the past years’ trends, we will know that one company stands out amongst the group for serving powerful analysis i-e, Gartner. Since the time it went p…

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Is Gartner Investment Worth It?

  • The answer to whether Gartner’s investment is worth it or not depends on many factors. Major field vendors spend a handsome amount on Gartner, though they know how expensive it is. Here are some worth-knowing factors before reaching a final decision. How does Gartner’s MQ affect the Stock Performance of Vendors? When the reports are launched, investors straightaway revie…

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Archaic Approach

  • The most noticeable criticism was to Gartner MQ due to the silent and exclusive methodology. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant (MQ) is a collection of research reports related to the market built after analyzing proprietary qualitative data that shows market trends, future direction, comparison, and maturity of the market vendors. Gartner updates MQ every one or two years and includes a visua…

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Outdated Methodology

  • Gartner itself boosted about naming automation in its top 10 strategic technology trends of 2020. Other companies converge robotic process automation, AI, machine learning, process discovery, process mining, and analyticsas hyper-automation to amplify the automation process, then why is Gartner not practically implementing it? Why are vendors in Gartner’s RPA MQ measured on RP…

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High Ratings and Analysis Products

  • Gartner pretends that vendors’ interest to invest does not affect its rankings. It has created an ombudsman where vendors bring their complaints. Actually, it is a fake office that works to keep the secret of its actual funders? However, the financial bias that Gartner has towards high payers is pronounced. When new companies start making more money, suddenly they start performing …

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Benefits to Smaller Vendors

  • Regarding smaller vendors, they have to look at where they rank and what information buyers and investors get about them. They have no other way except to maintain a good relationship with Gartner to be on the safe side at Gartner’s system of tribute. In case smaller vendors do not pay, it retaliates and lowers their rankings.

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Benefits to Larger Vendors

  • It is not a difficult decision, mainly for large vendors. Companies like Oracle, Microsoft, and SAPare stable enough to spend several million to stay on the top of carts. Gartner methodologies are designed in such a way that it shows large vendors as the best companies with high values. It is beneficial for large vendors as it makes them sell even low or immature products. So, even if …

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Benefits to Medium Vendors

  • For medium-sized vendors, it is essential to improve or maintain the already attained quadrant position. So, it is worth the cost with Gartner for medium-sized vendors. Mostly, vendors with international offices and comprehensive software suites best fit to Gartner’s requirements. Overall, medium-sized vendors do not get as much advantage as large vendors, but they can stil…

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Increasing Subscription Rates

  • Now that you understand why it is important to have a good working relationship with Gartner let’s look at its subscription charges. Gartner has always sold its services at premium rates, and the rates have continuously increased as Gartner is the leader among technology analysts. In the start, it was easy to get in touch with an influential analyst only by being a Gartner client. But thin…

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