Are graduate student conferences worth it


Graduate student conferences are low risk, low reward endeavors. As long as the costs (both financial and opportunity) are acceptably low, however, I don’t see any reason to limit participation to one. I agree that a graduate student conference does little for a CV, but in this case the line is not the primary value.


Why should graduate students attend conferences?

Attending a conference means that you can meet more advanced researchers, as well as established senior professionals and scholars. Listening to talks and presentations can open up new ways of thinking about a specific topic or even give you a new idea, one that you had previously not though about.

Do masters students go to conferences?

As a grad student, it’s a good idea to attend as many types of conferences as funding allows so you can get a handle on how the academic world works.

What is the point of academic conferences?

An academic conference (sometimes called a research conference, academic congress, academic meeting or symposium) is a meeting which researchers attend to present their findings and hear about the latest work within their field.

What is a graduate conference?

For the presenters, a graduate student conference provides a friendly forum to practice submitting a proposal and presenting a conference paper. It also allows them to make connections with specialists in the field and to receive constructive feedback on work-in-progress.

Should I list conferences attended on CV?

Conferences attended are not generally listed unless the attendee has played a significant role in the meeting (planned, coordinated, presented, or such). However, as a young professional beginning your career, you might be able to list conferences attended as it shows you are involved in your field.

What are the benefits of attending conferences?

In summary, these are some of the benefits of attending a conference.Sharpen your knowledge.Gain and share new ideas and best practices.Learn about the latest innovations and insights.Meet influencers and industry experts face to face.Make new contacts and stay connected with friends and colleagues.Team building.More items…•

Why do I want to go to a conference?

So what are the main reasons people attend conferences? A big reason for going to conferences is to meet with likeminded people and industry peers. Conferences bring together people from all different geographical areas who share a common discipline or field, and they are a great way to meet new people in your field.

How many conferences should a PhD student attend?

You’ll definitely want to attend at least one conference during your PhD – and probably several. Here are some ways to make the most of an event: Think carefully about the type of conference that you want to attend – do you prefer smaller meetings, or larger international conferences?

How do you present at a graduate conference?

Ask questions at the end, give them feedback, and be gracious. When it is your turn to present, first, thank the audience for coming to your panel. While you introduce your paper, make eye contact with the organizers, conference sponsors, and other audience members that have come to hear you speak.

How do you present a conference paper?

Organize your talk with these tips:Begin by stating the purpose or goal of your research. Tell the audience why your work is important.Provide a very brief literature review. … Move on to the main points of your own research.Conclude by reiterating the importance of your research and emphasizing the key points.

How do you write an academic conference paper?

How to Write a Conference Paper Step by StepBe Clear About Your Intentions. … Know Your Audience. … Make an Outline From Your Oral Presentation. … Write the Introduction. … Expand on the Oral Presentation. … Give Your Results and Conclusion. … Include References. … Read Your Conference Paper Aloud.

Why is a conference important?

Conferences typically provide special guest speakers, breakout sessions, one-on-one engagements, group outings, and events for social interaction. The learning facet of a conference can expose attendees to new ways of operating and can help them discover ways to be even more productive.

Why are conferences important for teachers?

Not only will you learn about the latest innovations in your field, but you’ll also have the chance to connect with other professionals from outside your school district or even your state. If you’ve never attended an education conference, you should start thinking about how to check one out in the future.

Why are scientific conferences important?

Scientific conferences are important avenues for researchers to share and discuss research findings, to exchange ideas and insights, and to network for collaboration and career development.

What are the benefits of attending public conferences workshops and seminars?

Attending a seminar has numerous benefits, including improving communication skills, gaining expert knowledge, networking with others and renewing motivation and confidence.Oral Communication. … Expert Knowledge. … Networking. … Renewed Motivation.

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