Are professional conferences worthwhile


Conferences offer you an opportunity to learn new tips, tricks, and ways of doing business. These insights can push your operations to the next level. You will also experience direct demonstrations during a conference, which will give you the confidence to try new products and services.May 29, 2020

Is it worth it to go to a conference?

You can go to the best conference in the world, meet the best contacts onsite, learn truly amazing things from the speakers, but if you go back to the office the following week having forgotten everything and bury yourself in your daily tasks and let everything you took from the conference disappear, it will have been a worthless experience.

What are the benefits of attending conferences?

But, if you’re in almost any other work arena, conferences are a great way to meet other similarly minded people, share information and ideas, solve common problems, and discover that others are just people like you. You also discover who the jerks in your field are, too!

What is the conference experience like?

While attending conferences can be hectic, moving from session to session, you also have the freedom to pay for an additional workshop, attend local museums (usually for free), or just take in the scenery and food of a new locale. Taking time for yourself to recharge is an essential part of the conference experience.

How often should you attend new conferences?

New conferences are announced almost every day, but you can realistically only attend a select few per year. With the strategies above, you can make sound choices about how to identify and prioritize where you want to spend your time — and who you want to meet, and become, in the process.


What are the benefits of attending conferences?

In summary, these are some of the benefits of attending a conference.Sharpen your knowledge.Gain and share new ideas and best practices.Learn about the latest innovations and insights.Meet influencers and industry experts face to face.Make new contacts and stay connected with friends and colleagues.Team building.More items…•

How do conferences help professional development?

Rather than interacting digitally, conferences harness the power of having individuals with similar interests gathered in the same place. From business networking to industry best practices, conferences offer professionals the opportunity to learn from peers and leaders alike and forge useful connections.

Why it is important to attend face to face professional conferences?

Face-to-face meetings can increase engagement and participation by encouraging clients, coworkers and colleagues to be fully present. When participants can see each other in person during a meeting, they are often more likely to contribute to the conversation.

How do you decide if you should attend a conference?

Here’s how…Budget. Decide how much you can spend. … Set goals. What do you most want to learn? … Evaluate speakers. If you are going to learn something from a conference (big or small) you want to make sure the speakers are in line with your industry. … Find out who is attending. … Assess the logistics.

Why do conferences matter?

A conference is not just an avenue for a scientist to present their research to the wider community, but it can be an important venue for brainstorming, networking and making vital connections that can lead to new initiatives, papers, and funding, in a way that virtual, online meetings cannot.

What you get from a conference?

8 Benefits of Attending ConferencesGet feedback on an early version of your latest work. … Get to know other people in your field. … Hear about the latest research. … Improve your presentation and communication skills. … Visit a new place and have fun. … Meet your academic heroes. … Engage in high-level debates and refine your ideas.More items…

Are in person meetings more effective?

In-person meetings can be better than virtual meetings even in cases that aren’t inherently better-suited to face-to-face conversations. That’s because in-person meetings offer the following advantages over virtual meetings: Better communication.

Why in person meetings are better than zoom?

In person meetings allow attendees to express themselves through things one doesn’t get with virtual meetings such as body language and facial expression. Being able to shake hands with a person has a profound effect on this cultivation of trust.

Are virtual meetings more effective than in person?

Both online and in-person meetings have benefits, as well as, drawbacks. For example, virtual meetings take away the ability to read non-verbal cues, which some research suggests makes for 80% of our communication. On the other hand, in-person meetings can lack inclusivity of individuals’ communication styles.

How do I get the most out of a professional conference?

6 Tips to Get the Most Out of a ConferenceThink About Your Goals. Consider your priorities for a conference. … Choose the Right Conferences. There are several different types of conferences and they each have their own strengths. … Plan Your Time. … Networking. … Don’t Neglect Twitter. … Take Notes. … Follow Up.

How do you attend a professional conference?

Don’t passively attend the conference use it to advance your career objectives!Attend the Orientation for New Attendees. … Use the mobile conference apps (at NACADA use Guidebook) … Focus on Variety. … Read the Conference Materials and Do Some Preliminary Planning Before You Attend.More items…

How long should a conference last?

Not many people want to travel a long distance for a short conference. That is why an international conference should last at least two days and a national conference in a large country should take one and half to two days.

Why is attending conferences important?

Attending conferences can not only expand your horizons but can also reaffirm your own teaching practices. It is reinvigorating not only to bring what you’ve learned back to your students but also to be reminded we’re actually doing a pretty good job! Attending familiar sessions or favorites can be helpful, too.

What are the trends in art education?

Whether you are just hearing about new philosophical approaches or are ready to dig into a new way to teach, conferences are a great place for you to gather more research, more resources, or to meet those teachers that are already working hard in their classroom. Hearing others talk about their experiences and journeys as an art educator is nothing short of inspiring. Even if you don’t agree with their philosophy or are still a bit wary, attending these targeted sessions can help you make a more educated decision on your practice.

Why are keynote speakers important?

Keynote speakers are often chosen for their innovative thinking, their contemporary art practices, and connections with the global community. Getting a chance to listen to current artists speak about the meaning behind their artwork, their processes and practice, and their artistic journey in person is a whole new level of energy.

A recent conference

I recently attended a conference in Austin, Texas called EO Xcentric. It was put on by Entrepreneurs’ Organization, which I’ve written about, and only available to members, their key employees, and spouses.

Are conferences worthwhile?

So, are conferences worthwhile? I now think yes, conferences can be valuable. But it depends on the mindset, commitment, goals, and follow through of the person that attends.

3 Reasons to Attend a Conference Every Year

At 9 Clouds, each team member gets to attend at least one conference per year (with the approval of our CEO). It’s part of our employee benefits.

How to Find the Right Conference for You

Notice that in that list, I didn’t mention things like tactics, vendors, or networking.

Keep Tabs on Our Conference Adventures

Whenever a 9 Clouds employee attends a conference, we try to disseminate the info both to our team and to our community.

How many days do you have to be away for a conference?

It’s not always easy to take time off for conferences, which usually require anywhere from 2–5 days away, depending on travel time. That’s why — if you’re serious about prioritizing them — it’s essential to register far in advance.

What is the secret to Wayne Gretzky’s success?

The secret to hockey legend Wayne Gretzky’s success was that, as the famous saying goes, he would “skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.” The same goes for the conferences you choose to attend. It’s important to not just consider the gatherings that your peers frequent. View your conference attendance aspirationally, as a chance to connect with the people whom you wish to have as your peers in the future.


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