Are speaking at conferences worth your time


Most Conferences Won’t Be Worth Your Time

Take time to consider if speaking at a particular conference will make a valuable addition to your business or your professional career. Most industry conferences will not benefit you much so take your time to plan strategically on how it will make a difference.Sep 20, 2019

Do you make money by speaking at conferences?

However, you must be a great presenter in order to nab such great benefits because after all, speaking at conferences to make money is more of a numbers game. The more conferences you speak at, the more money you will make as people discover you as a great presenter. IS SPEAKING AT A CONFERENCE REALLY WORTH YOUR TIME?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of speaking at conferences?

The greatest advantage of speaking at conferences is that you can easily target cross sections of people who are most likely to use the products or services you are offering and increase brand awareness. The credibility factor is an equally important benefit that you get from speaking at a conference.

Why should you give a speech at a conference?

Even though a lot of hard work, confidence and countless hours of practice go into delivering the perfect speech at a conference, it can really give your career that ‘much needed’ boost you always wished for.

Is your first presentation not as amazing as you expected?

Your first presentation may not be as amazing as you expected it to be, but by the time you attend your third or fourth conference, you will speak and present like a pro. After all, practice makes perfect, right?


Why do people only hear your speech when you speak at a conference?

Because you can reach thousands of people by writing one blog post, which will keep bringing in new readers and potential customers. When you speak at a conference, only the people who come to your presentation will hear your speech, unless your video goes online too.

Is speaking at events worth it?

Speaking at events is well worth it in my mind. Sure, it isn’t as effective as blogging, but if you combine both efforts, you’ll find that it will help grow your company and personal brand at a faster pace.

Public speaking at conferences is only worth it when done right

That, of course, is the case with most things. Why do something if you’re not doing it right? It seems obvious that when you are going to speak at a conference, you make an effort. Whether it’s the initiative of a business or an individual, the intention is the same: to do a great job.

Who should be speaking?

Can anyone be a good public speaker? Yes, I do believe anyone can be a good public speaker. If you stick to some basic principles, you will be able to tell a good story on stage. To be a great speaker requires more effort.

What does it take to do it?

How do you become a great public speaker? Or better said: how do you become the best in public speaking? How do you get those speaking engagements you always wanted?

Why Should I Bother?

There’s no way around it–giving a talk is a lot of work. That said, there are many great reasons to invest that effort. Here are just a few:

How Do I Get Started?

You don’t need to lead a giant team or flaunt thousands of Twitter followers to speak at a conference. Some conferences are invitation-only, but many offer a Call for Proposals (CFP), in which the general public is invited to submit a talk for consideration. Here’s how you can take advantage of that opportunity.

Ready to Speak?

Do you feel inspired to share your ideas with the world? I hope so! Next time, I’ll share some advice on preparing and giving a talk. In the meantime, if you have questions, additional tips, or would like to share the topics you came up with, please leave a comment!


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