Are there any virtual cyber security conferences 2018


Description: Each BSides is a community-driven framework for building events for and by information security community members; there are multiple BSides conferences throughout the year. Two of the most upcoming ones, in Atlanta and Knoxville, are now virtual.


When is the cloud and cybersecurity conference in London?

March 17th, 2020 – March 18th, 2020. United Kingdom. Cloud and Cybersecurity go “hand in hand” and if you work with either of these disciplines and live and work in London then we’d suggest that you attend this event.

Which security conferences are user-submitted?

The majority of the conferences are user-submitted The 6th Edition of the European Blockchain Convention. With the end of summer approaching we will be updating our list of security conferences and events for 2022.

What is the official Cyber Security Summit?

The Official Cyber Security Summit links cyber professionals across the United States, with over 25 events taking place virtually and in-person in 2022. The Atlanta summit this spring will highlight security executive insights and government intelligence, featuring a keynote speaker from the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

How has the cyber threat landscape changed over the past year?

The cyber threat landscape has rapidly evolved over the past year, and the industry need for collaboration and intelligence sharing has increased with the national uptick in cyber vulnerabilities.


Is RSA 2022 Virtual?

Wednesday 30 November–Saturday 3 December, 2022 All sessions on the program will take place live over Zoom and be recorded. Session recordings will be available for online viewing by RSA members registered for the conference until 31 January 2023.

Where is RSA 2022 located?

Moscone Center2022 RSA Conference / LocationThe George R. Moscone Convention Center, popularly known as the Moscone Center, is the largest convention and exhibition complex in San Francisco, California. The complex consists of three main halls spread out across three blocks and 87 acres in the South of Market neighborhood. Wikipedia

What is the largest most famous hacker and security conference in the world?

DEF CON is considered the “world’s largest” hacker con. It is also considered one of the core conferences, with organizers and attendees using it as a model for other conferences.

What is BSides conference?

Most BSides events are two-day yearly discussions with debates (in a conference format) for hackers, security engineers, and their associates. The organizers put on a conference that is a source of education, cooperation, and ongoing discourse for information technologists and people in the sector.

Is RSA Conference free?

RSAC College Day is a free program that gives college students the chance to explore career options, hear from the best in the field and network with leading companies. Students receive Full Conference access on Thursday of Conference, plus attendance to some exclusive programs.

Who owns the RSA Conference?

Jim BidzosRSA ConferenceInaugurated1991FounderJim BidzosPrevious eventVirtual Conference, May 17 – 20, 2021Next eventMoscone Center, San Francisco, California, June 6 – 9, 202212 more rows

Is DEF CON 2021 Virtual?

DEF CON 29 | August 5th-8th 2021 | Las Vegas & Virtual — ITSPmagazine | ITSPmagazine At the Intersection of Technology, Cybersecurity, and Society.

Is DEF CON better than Black Hat?

While Black Hat is a more traditional conference, Def Con is typically far looser. It includes large hands-on events where attendees try to hack into voting machines, medical equipment and other critical technology. Versions of those hands-on events will still be around this year, but for far fewer people.

How much does Defcon 2022 cost?

$360 per ticketUpon purchase of Black Hat Briefings and/or Trainings passes, each registrant will also have the option to purchase a single (1) advance ticket to DEF CON 2022, at a rate of $360 per ticket, one ticket purchase per person, up until the close of “Late” registration on August 4, 2022 at 11:59 PM PT.

What is B-side in K-pop?

The term B-side carries a more expansive definition in the K-pop industry, referring to all tracks on an album that are not marketed as title tracks.

Why are they called B sides?

The term B-side originated from its use in vinyl records. The listener would need to physically flip around the record to the opposite side to listen to the remaining tracks on the release.

Who started BSides?

Security BSides (commonly referred to as BSides) is a series of loosely affiliated information security conferences. It was co-founded by Mike Dahn, Jack Daniel, and Chris Nickerson in 2009.

What is Infosec World Conference?

The InfoSec World Conference is the “business of security” conference. For more than 20 years, experts have collaborated at this annual event to share ideas, give technical expertise and discuss current and rising security concerns.

Who are the speakers at Infosecurity Europe?

Past speakers have included Professor Angela Sasse, Bruce Schneier and Joseph da Silva.

1. Black Hat USA

Speaker Proposals: Call for papers closed April 9, 2018. Expect 2019’s proposals to be due around April 2019.

2. BSides Las Vegas

Speaker Proposals: Call for papers closed May 24, 2018. Expect 2019’s proposals to be due around May 2019.

3. ICS Cyber Security Conference

Speaker Proposals: Call for speakers is open until July 31, 2018. Learn more here.

4. IEEE Cybersecurity Development Conference (IEEE SecDev)

Speaker Proposals: Call for speakers closed March 12, 2018. Expect 2019’s proposals to be due around February or March 2019.

5. InfoSec World Conference

Speaker Proposals: For speaking opportunities, contact Katherine Teitler at

6. Infosecurity North America

Speaker Proposals: Call for papers closed July 12, 2018. Expect a similar date for 2019’s event.

7. RSA Conference

Speaker Proposals: To be considered for multiple tracks and program committees, call for speakers closes Wednesday, August 1, 2018. To be considered exclusively for one of the two hackers & threats tracks, submit by Saturday, September 1, 2018. Learn more here.

Where is Cloud Security Expo?

In 2018, the Cloud Security Expo was held in March at the ExCel Centre London Royal Victoria Dock in London. Attendees were able to discover various tools, software, and services related to blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other cloud security matters. What’s more, they enjoyed learning from at least 150 experts on various cloud security topics. Cloud Security Expo London is co-located with other events on IoT, big data, and data centers.

What is the purpose of the Gartner Catalyst Conference?

The Gartner Catalyst Conference gives participants the chance to learn about pragmatic solutions and actionable insights for the technologies they use. The conference focuses more on how-tos and gives everyone the information they need to plan and execute their projects. It will touch on DevOps, company-wide security, mobility, cloud architecture, and data centers, among other topics. IT security professionals, business intelligence experts, operations, risk managers, and application developers should attend the Gartner Catalyst Conference.

What is the third Rocky Mountain Technology Summit?

Sessions included threat lifecycle management, hyper converged storage, how to use cloud computing for your business, solving security gaps, among many others. Some of the speakers for the 2017 event included the CIO of the City and County of Denver, Vonage Business’ Franco Martinez, Citrix’s Josh Espinosa, and NetSource Inc.’s John Ayers.

What is infosecurity North America?

Infosecurity North America allows you to see the latest and best technologies that you can leverage to boost your information security strategy. Aside from visiting several exhibits, you can learn more about various cloud and security topics. In 2017, some of the topics included cloud security, using military-grade security, GDPR rules, machine learning, endpoint security, and defending your systems against breaches and hacking. Speakers included information and security professionals from Clemson University, the FBI, NSA, and US Army Medicine.

What is cybertech Europe?

CyberTech Europe is one of the most important exhibitions and conferences involving cyber technologies held outside the United States. Attendees can learn more about different solutions and innovations. This is also a great venue to network with fellow industry professionals. In 2017, the conference had more than 4,000 attendees coming from more than three dozen countries. Around 10 dozen companies joined the exhibit, and 120 speakers shared their knowledge.

What is VMworld?

VMWorld is the biggest conference on virtualization, bringing together VMware users and offering breakout sessions, exhibits, hands-on learning, and labs. The sessions are grouped by tracks, including applications, digital transformation, partner exchanges, security, public clouds, and data centers. Everyone from network professionals to compliance and risk specialists, even those who are in IT project management and technical support, should attend VMWorld. IT professionals can discover what’s next for VMware, as well as how they could use it to perform tasks more efficiently. Attendees get expert coaching and perspectives, as well as networking opportunities with industry peers.

What is Cyber Security Summit?

The cyber security conference is a large platform that allows I.T. specialists, industry leaders, and business owners to speak about cyber security and the best ways to safeguard their networks and protect their data.

Where is Cyber Security used?

Even though cyber security is such a large industry that it affects many types of businesses, it’s much easier to claim that anything with an internet connection is at risk. Here are a few industries that use cyber security.


Cyber security is one of the most demanding sectors and the most critical sector, and it’s only going to get more prominent in the coming years. The sheer magnitude of the industry indicates that cyber security is more critical than ever, but it’s crucial to understand where it’s employed and why it’s needed.


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