Are there any wireless conference room phones


  • Snom C620 SIP Wireless Conference Phone. …
  • Yealink CP960 Touchscreen Android Conference Phone with Wireless Mics (CP960-WM) …
  • Konftel 55Wx Wireless Conference Phone. …
  • Yealink Teams CP700-BT Portable Speakerphone with BT50 300-700-001. …
  • Plantronics Sync 40 Smart Conference Phone.

Which wireless conference phones have built-in WiFi?

VoIP Supply carries high-quality wireless conference phones from known brands like Yealink, Yamaha (Revolabs), VTech, Poly and more. These cordless conference phones feature built-in WiFi and/or Bluetooth to give you maximum mobility. Starting a conference call on the road or in a small-to-medium room is easier than ever! Need it for a bigger room?

What is the range of a wireless conference phone?

Wireless Conference phones with a wireless communication range anywhere from 30ft – 150ft from the base, accommodating anywhere from 5 users to 30-40 users, depending on the model. They all require a rechargeable battery and an “analog” phone line.

What is the best conference phone for home use?

These are excellent, no-nonsense, conference phones, and the Polycom Soundstation VTX 1000 is it’s best product. It’s easy to set up, with a LCD screen and number pad that lets you easily dial in or view incoming calls. It looks a bit dated compared to conference phones with touchscreens built-in, but it does the job – and does it very well.

What are the features of our conference phones?

With in-room presentation, one-touch and videoconferencing capabilities, our conference phones make it easy to run better meetings This easy-to-use conference phone boasts 16 built-in microphones and superior audio quality plus the ability to seamlessly share ideas and files with in-room presentation display capabilities. Read More…


Does Polycom make a wireless conference phone?

The Polycom® SoundStation2W™ wireless conference phone extends mobile conferencing to virtually any environment by eliminating the need to connect via dedicated telephone or data lines. Anywhere high-quality voice conferencing is needed, the Polycom SoundStation2W phone delivers.

Which phone is best for conference call?

Polycom Soundstation VTX 1000. The classic conference phone. … Konftel 300IPx. A brilliant modern conference phone. … Konftel Ego. Another great affordable conference phone. … Yealink CP960 Optima HD IP Conference Phone. The best high-end conference phone. … Jabra Speak 710 UC Conference Speakerphone.

What are conference phones?

Conference Phone It is a standalone device, but can be supported by extension microphones. They are as easy to use as regular phones, and are built to cover an entire room and all the people in it.

What is a spider phone?

OVERVIEW of the SPIDER CONFERENCE PHONE The four powerful microphones, true HD audio, full duplex, and exceptional broadcasting range ensure crystal-clear seamless conversations. The Spider addresses all your audio needs in the conference room. Ideal for huddle rooms, boardrooms, conference rooms and executive offices.

What are the types of conference calls?

Types of Conference Calls When we talk about what a conference call is, there are three types that come into mind: audio, video, and web conference. Knowing the difference between the three is important to learn how to utilize each tool for your conferencing needs.

What is the best way to do a conference call?

How To Set Up A Conference CallCreate a conference call account if you don’t have one.Select appropriate dial-in numbers for your callers.Pick a date and time for your conference.Send a conference call invite.Dial into your conference at the appointed time.Start your conference!

How do I setup a conference call on my phone?

Here’s how it works:Phone the first person.After the call connects and you greet the first person, touch the + symbol labeled “Add Call.” After touching that, the first person is put on hold.Call the second person. … Touch the Merge or Merge Calls icon. … Touch the End Call icon to end the conference call.

How many persons can be connected in a conference call?

You can connect up to eight people together in a conference call. You can include in a conference call anybody that you are normally able to place calls to, including external numbers, mobile phones, and, if you are normally allowed to dial them, international numbers.

How do you do a conference call on a Polycom phone?

To set up a conference call:Call the first person.From Lines or Calls view, press More and then Confrnc. The active call is held.Using the Dialer, call the second person.When the second person answers, press More and then Confrnc to join everyone in a conference.

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Why are wireless conference phones important?

Wireless Conference Phones are really significant during this time because most of us are in quarantine so we really have to adapt ourselves to the new working environment which is to work from homes. And as you may know, meetings are really inevitable, meetings need to be held to keep up the progress of the work and to know what’s happening in

What is a round and LED black conference speaker?

This round and LED black conference speaker is an awesome pick. The speaker is designed for professional use with 4 mics included. It features the Acoustic Echo Canceller to reduce the distracting sounds.

What is Jabra Speak 510?

this is a Bluetooth & USB Speakerphone that has top-notch sound clarity because it equipped Jabra Speak 510 wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

How big is a Yealink phone?

Since it is an IP phone, it is able to work overseas. Its dimensions is 23.80 x 16.40 x 17.80 inches.

Is Polycom a wireless conference phone?

Polycom has always been receiving the reputation as the lead in the wireless conference phone industry. There are many awesome and useful products. And Polycom RealPresence Trip 8500 is one of them. This phone will make navigation more simple and faster. It has the full-duplex echo cancellation.

Is there a Bluetooth button on Konftel phone?

It is small bit powerful with many amazing functions. The sound quality is nice and acceptable to run a meeting. There is Bluetooth button on the phone.

Does Yamaha have a conference phone?

Yamaha has never failed to impress the customers with its products. This is a wireless conference phone that has built-in sound clap technology that allows smooth conversation voice transformation. You can use it in open spaces without any worries. There is also a special feature called Far Field Noise Reduction, so the distracting noise around you will be reduced to produce a clear and loud meeting.

What is the best conference phone?

If you want the very best conference phone for hosting large-scale meetings with people around the world, then the Yealink CP960 Optima HD IP Conference Phone is easily the best conference phone you can buy right now. Its elegant design allows it to sit in any meeting room without standing out, and the five-inch 1280 x 720 touchscreen lets you quickly set up the call and add participants.

Is video conferencing a part of business?

This is especially important as audio and video conferencing have increasingly become a normal part of business, with many business phone services now offering them as standard features, especially when in comes to cloud phone systems.

Does Polycom Soundstation VTX 1000 work?

It looks a bit dated compared to conference phones with touchscreens built-in, but it does the job – and does it very well. If you ‘re not bothered about modern mod-cons, you’ll love the Polycom Soundstation VTX 1000.

Is the Yealink CP960 Optima HD IP conference phone expensive?

However, it is very expensive, and smaller businesses might not need all the features that the Yealink CP960 Optima HD IP Conference Phone provides.

Is Konftel Ego a good phone?

If the Konftel 300IPx above is too expensive, then the Konftel Ego is a great alternative. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, which makes it an excellent portable conference phone, and its omnidirectional microphone can handle meetings with around four people in a room.


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