Are there conference websites for accepting abstracts


How to submit an abstract to a conference?

Click on the bookmarks on the right to jump to the various sections. How to submit an Abstract The selection panel of the conference committee will consider all abstracts received by the published deadline to ensure that the proposed submission is relevant to the Conference. Abstract selection notifications will be sent out to relevant authors.

Can I submit an abstract to more than one program?

An abstract may only be submitted to one program, with the exception of the Pediatrics for the 21st Century (Peds 21) program. The decision regarding acceptance and presentation of abstracts is final. The presenting author will serve as the primary contact for all correspondence regarding the abstract.

What is the AAP national conference abstract program?

The AAP National Conference Abstract program is comprised of 35 Section/Council programs accepting submissions. Each participating Section and Council has program specific guidelines listed below, which must be reviewed in detail before submission. Submission of an abstract indicates acceptance of all guidelines, policies, and procedures.

How will my abstract be displayed and published?

Abstracts will be displayed in the Virtual Abstract Hall and published exactly as submitted. No copyediting will be provided by the AAP. Submitters are responsible for thoroughly reviewing their submission and ensuring accuracy before submission (no edits/updates).


Do conferences accept all abstracts?

Some conferences don’t even receive as many abstracts as they have presentation slots. But even then, they’re more likely to re-arrange their programme than to accept a poor quality abstract. And you can’t take it for granted that your abstract won’t face much competition.

Do conferences ever reject abstracts?

It depends on the conference and the field. Some conferences have limited space for posters and there is plenty of submissions for those slots, so some percentage are rejected. Other conference have space for all submitted posters.

Do accepted abstracts count as publications?

In one word, no. Abstracts are not peer-reviewed publications, and don’t contain enough information to be evaluated as such.

How do I submit an abstract for a conference?

Here are the main points that you need to include.Title. The title needs to grab people’s attention. … Problem Statement. You should state the specific problem that you are trying to solve.Purpose. … Methods. … Do Your Research on the Conference. … Select Your Keywords Carefully. … Be Concise. … Use Example Abstracts as a Guide.More items…

Do most abstracts get accepted?

Generally, all submissions are accepted for an oral or a poster, with a few removed as a consequence of either being inappropriate or without any data. However, the acceptance rate for late breaker oral presentations is approximately 5 percent.

Why are abstracts rejected?

Banality, irrelevance, plagiarism, and plain old madness will get any abstract rejected, no matter how good it is. Similarly, if your ideas are brilliant, pointed, original, and sane, you have a hard road ahead of you. Even the worst abstract may not suffice for rejection. Program committees differ in their standards.

Can I submit the same abstract to two conferences?

Conference planners and directors have the right to insist that submitted abstracts not be sent to multiple conferences. Presumably, the rule of exclusive submission insures that the abstract material will not have been presented elsewhere such that attendees will find value in learning it.

Do journals accept abstracts?

Yes, it is possible to publish in journals. Usually the proceedings includes the abstract or report on unfinished work. So publishing the final outcome in peer reviewed journals is acceptable.

Why do people publish abstracts?

To disseminate their work (as much as their company allows), to promote their company, and also for the reasons above. Why might an academic conference want industry attendees and presenters? To help cross-pollinate the work of academia and industry, so they can both learn from each other.

Who can submit an abstract at a conference?

presenting authorAbstracts are submitted to the conference organizers by or on behalf of one of the research authors. This person is called the “presenting author”. The presenting author submits the abstract because they wish to present their work at the conference.

Where do I submit my research abstract?

In most cases, the abstract page immediately follows the title page. Do not number the page. Rules set forth in writing manual vary but, in general, you should center the word “Abstract” at the top of the page with double spacing between the heading and the abstract.

How long does it take to write a conference abstract?

Conference papers are only about 15-20 minutes long and you will only have time to present one or two key elements or arguments from your research. It follows that the abstract should offer a summary of the paper that you intend to give at the conference, and not a summary of your entire research project.

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How many sections are there in the AAP conference?

The AAP National Conference Abstract program is comprised of 35 Section/Council programs accepting submissions. Each participating Section and Council has program specific guidelines listed below, which must be reviewed in detail before submission. Submission of an abstract indicates acceptance of all guidelines, policies, and procedures.

When is geographic location and name of institution and/or study site permitted?

Geographical location and name of institution and/or study site is permitted only when it is a significant variable to the study. Study registration numbers should be included on abstracts, posters, and slides, where applicable. Use only standard abbreviations.

What is FDA approved study?

Any aspect of clinical trials/regulatory FDA approved studies of vaccines/drugs/devices, public policy and law related to drug and device development, utility of device/technology and use in pediatric office settings, and use of electronic devices for information sharing with patients and families.

What is the AAP 2021?

The 2021 AAP National Conference & Exhibition will accept abstracts of case reports, original research, program evaluations and quality improvement projects for presentation within 35 section and council Programs. Section/council programs are developed by AAP member specialty and subspecialty communities to provide a forum for …

When is the 2021 National Conference?

2021 Call for Abstracts. Abstracts were accepted for the 2021 National Conference, taking place in Philadelphia, PA beginning Tuesday, June 1 and concluded on Friday, July 9 at 11:59PM CDT.

Does AAP provide copyediting?

No copyediting will be provided by the AAP. Submitters are responsible for thoroughly reviewing their submission and ensuring accuracy before submission. By submitting an abstract to the AAP National Conference & Exhibition, submitters are agreeing to participate as accepted.

How many words should be in an abstract?

If you opt for a paper, this should be a maximum of 2000 words including abstract, keywords and references.

What is a conference committee?

The conference committee welcomes contributions from individuals and organisations working in the field. These contributions can take the form of a presentation or a demonstration. In the first instance an abstract should be submitted describing the work to be presented. If the abstract is selected you will be asked whether you wish to produce a paper or just give a presentation. You will need to register for the conference to have a confirmed timetabled slot.

What is submission information?

The Submission Information page describes the types of submissions and how to submit your work to this conference. It provides information to help you through the process from abstract submission to preparing your presentation at the conference.

What to do before submitting a paper?

Before submitting your paper, please ensure that it has been carefully read for typographical and grammatical errors. If English is not your first language, have your paper proof-read by an English speaking person. Papers will be returned if the standard of English is not considered to be good enough for publication.

Why are papers rejected?

Papers can be rejected due to a poor standard of English. Papers that are accepted will be published in the conference proceedings providing at least one author completes registration (including payment). see the registration section of the conference website for more information about registration.

Do abstracts need to be presented?

The abstract does not need to be presented. Illustrations: Figures should be designed to be viewed from a distance and should use clear, visible graphics and large type. Each figure or table should have a heading of one or two lines. Additional essential information should be provided below in a legend.

How many proposals can you submit as first author?

To promote broad conference participation, an individual may not submit more than two proposals as first author, regardless of the proposed format of the submission or whether the submission is for the mini-conference or main conference. Each submission must identify who will be the primary presenter at the conference.

What is AAPOR conference?

The Annual AAPOR Conference conforms to the OPM definition of a “developmental assignment.” It is intended for educational purposes; over three quarters of time schedule is for planned, organized exchange of information between presenters and audience, thereby qualifying under section 4101 of title 5, United States Code as a training activity. The AAPOR Conference is a collaboration in the scientific community, whose objectives are to provide a training opportunity to attendees; teach the latest methodology and approaches to survey research best practices; make each attendee a better survey researcher, and; maintain and improve professional survey competency.


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