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What is Biblical storytelling?

Biblical storytelling reconnects worshipers with the communal experience of hearing God together. A feature story exploring biblical story telling and learning the scriptures by heart. In the same churches that soulfully sing “ I Love to Tell the Story ,” the Scripture reading (if any) is often delivered without eye contact, emotion, or inflection.

Should congregations use storytelling in worship services?

Congregations are finding ways to use biblical storytelling in many parts of their worship services. Dennis Dewey, an ordained Presbyterian and professional biblical storyteller, likes to point out that public Scripture reading often sounds like “spoken print.”

How can I incorporate storytelling into my teaching?

For example, Classcraft brings storytelling to life by allowing you to create quests for your students to embark upon as they navigate your lesson objectives. Listed below are other ideas for incorporating storytelling into your teaching, as well as links to ready-to-use Classcraft lessons.

What is the storytelling workshop?

This highly interactive workshop demonstrates and develops storytelling activities and techniques that teach empathy, compassion, acceptance and nonviolent conflict resolution skills from an early age.


How do you teach a Bible narrative?

Here are the tips I gathered from them on reading the Bible’s narratives with vibrant storytelling:Enthusiasm Should be Visible and Audible. … Decide Whether to Read or Tell. … Option 1: Tell the Story from an Outline. … Option 2: Read Aloud a Paraphrase. … Use the Tools of Drama. … Involve the Audience.More items…•

Why is narrative used in the Bible?

Old Testament narratives are inter-related, progressing accounts of God’s purpose for history and how He intends to accomplish it. As the narratives tell what happened (the context for God’s revelation), they also indicate why it matters (the purpose of history).

How do you engage Scriptures?

Seven active ways to engage with ScriptureRead it out loud. Reading the Bible audibly brings different benefits to reading silently. … Read it with others. Reading the Bible with others strengthens your faith. … Pray it. … Sing it. … Keep it visible. … Memorize it! … Live it out!

What percentage of the Bible is stories?

Approximately 43% of the Bible is made up of narrative, from historical narrative to parables.

What are the three types of biblical narrative?

Gospel: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Acts of the Apostles (genre): Book of Acts. Drama and tragedy: Passion of Jesus.

What are the three levels of narrative in the Bible?

Narrative PrinciplesTop Level – the complete universal plan of the Sovereign God being worked through his creation.Middle Level – key aspects of God’s plan centering around God’s people. Old Testament – Israel. … Bottom Level – composed of hundreds of individual narratives that provide the content for the other two levels.

What are the 4 ways of engaging with the Bible?

In the history of biblical interpretation, four major types of hermeneutics have emerged: the literal, moral, allegorical, and anagogical.

How do I make an interactive Bible study?

Use hands-on activities. Let them role-play. When asking a question that calls for an agree/disagree response, place the words on different walls. Let the group members move and stand based on how they agree with the statement.

How can we promote reading of the Bible to others?

Read the Bible with Other People. Reading the Bible in community is one of the quickest ways to get out of a reading rut. … Meditate on the Bible in Private. Reading the Bible with other people doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read the Bible alone. … Respond to the Bible in Prayer.

Is the Bible literally true?

Only about one-third of Americans today believe the Bible is absolutely accurate and that it should be taken literally word for word. The rest either feel that the Bible is the inspired word of God, but not literally so, or that it is a book of ancient fables, legends, and history as recorded by man.

What is the shortest Bible verse?

“Jesus wept” (Koinē Greek: ἐδάκρυσεν ὁ Ἰησοῦς, romanized: edákrusen ho Iēsoûs, pronounced [ɛˈdakrysɛn (h)o i. eˈsus]) is a phrase famous for being the shortest verse in the King James Version of the Bible, as well as many other versions.

Where did the stories of the Bible originate from?

Scholars now believe that the stories that would become the Bible were disseminated by word of mouth across the centuries, in the form of oral tales and poetry – perhaps as a means of forging a collective identity among the tribes of Israel. Eventually, these stories were collated and written down.

Why are stories so compelling?

BH: Stories are compelling because we live our lives as stories. And we communicate with each other largely by telling stories. We identify with characters in stories—sometimes because they are like us, and sometimes because they are what we would like to be. We join them on their storytelling journey—because every a story is a journey—and often we discover what they discover. And sometimes, because stories can be incredibly powerful, we are even changed by the discoveries that change them. That power is rooted in the subversiveness of a good story. Yes, we have all heard stories where the point, the message, the meaning is obvious, almost from the start, and where the story acts as a cudgel to hammer the lesson home. But a story is more effective when it acts like an invitation and let’s the reader or listener discover what nuggets of truth it holds, subtly, organically, as the story progresses.

What is the Lion Storyteller Bible?

Just this year, we have gathered stories from all those collections into something called The Lion Storyteller Family Bible. The idea was to create a family Bible that would not just sit prettily on a shelf but would actually be used by families to explore the Bible together. So we expanded each story from one spread to two, and then pulled out pictures of characters from those stories to ask the readers questions about the text. There are also links at the end of each story to help families explore other stories connected to that narrative as well as suggestions for prayer. Care for the Family has been very supportive of this project and my hope is that it will be a helpful resource as parents seek to make Psalm 78 a reality in their families.

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The goal of YES is to inspire and nurture storytelling by and for youth, from preschool through college. Through YES, youth storytellers are meeting kindred spirits. Educators are discovering that storytelling actively engages students in learning.

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The Világszép Foundation (named after a popular Hungarian fairy tale) has been training volunteer storytellers for 10 years to bring bedtime stories into Hungarian foster homes. Storytelling is our way of showing the children attention, acceptance, and the assurance that all can turn out well in the end.

Why does Dewey believe in biblical storytelling?

That’s partly because storytelling requires direct eye-to-eye contact. So, unlike watching a liturgical drama, those in the pews don’t have to pretend that the story is happening in …

Where is the Kortright Presbyterian Church?

At Kortright Presbyterian Church in Guelph, Ontario, the worship planning team uses many methods to present the Scriptures—“storytelling, video, drama, or simply reading—whatever seems appropriate to the passage and to the pastor’s point,” says Dennis Gray, who’s on the worship planning team and Kortright Storytellers Guild.

Can preachers tell their text?

Though some preachers choose to always tell their text instead of read it, many see biblical storytelling as an option among several good choices. This option can work well in several parts of the worship order.

An International Update from Beth Galbreath

Dear Biblical Storytelling friends! It’s July, and in the northern hemisphere it’s hot – the same extreme heat that Australia experienced a few months ago in the southern hemisphere summer, if I remember correctly.

2019 Festival Gathering Keynote Speaker, Kathy Maxwell, speaks at conference

Dr. Kathy Maxwell speaking about biblical storytelling at ⁦@PBAUniversity⁩ The Art of Storytelling Conference. — Jonathan Grenz (@jongrenz) October 12, 2018

Cain and Abel

Biblical Storyteller Dennis Dewey shares with us the story of Cain and Abel from Genesis.

What are some examples of stories in the Old Testament?

Two that were especially powerful were the stories of the call of Moses (Exod. 3-4) and the call of Isaiah (Isa. 6). The story of the witch at Endor (1 Sam.

Why did Jesus teach the people in parables?

When Jesus’ disciples asked him why he taught the people in parables, he responded, The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.

Why do people love to hear stories?

People love to hear stories. And biblical stories have the power to produce spiritual change in the lives of those who are ready to receive their teaching. Jesus’ Use of Stories. Jesus was the master storyteller. He often taught people in the form of parables.

What is narrative paired with?

In this type of setting, narrative should be paired with visual representations such as art, drama, and symbolic acts in order to help people experience the truth in terms of event.

Who received the secret of the kingdom of heaven?

Those who were spiritually minded, who had some understanding of the things of God and were seeking to know more, received the “secrets of the kingdom of heaven.”. But those who had no spiritual understanding and whose hearts were indifferent to spiritual matters failed to receive the truth found in his parables.

What does Daniel Sheard mean by “short stories with simple plots”?

In this context, “short stories with simple plots” can become the means that “God uses to draw people to Himself” (Sheard 2007, 12, 18-19).

How does classcraft bring storytelling to life?

For example, Classcraft brings storytelling to life by allowing you to create quests for your students to embark upon as they navigate your lesson objectives. Listed below are other ideas for incorporating storytelling into your teaching, as well as links to ready-to-use Classcraft lessons.

Why is storytelling important?

Storytelling can enhance any subject. From stone-age hunters who would regale their tales of slaying beasts to soldiers who reflected on their experiences in wars, storytelling has always been a powerful medium for communicating ideas, documenting history, and sharing knowledge with others.

Why did Mrs Tebo divide us into groups?

Tebo would divide us into groups with the assignment of writing and presenting some kind of story that included a certain number of nouns, adjectives, etc. In short order, the class covering this odious subject became much more fun because it introduced an element of creativity.

What is the history of storytelling?

History of storytelling in education. Storytelling as a means of instruction has been around forever. Before there was any form of written communication, there was verbal communication. Stories of the ancestors were passed on from one generation to the next. Through these stories, children learned such things as how their people came to be, …

Why are stories important in a lesson?

Aside from being a great way to grab the attention of your students and engage them in the lesson, stories also: Give students a way to understand their world. Even fantasy stories, which on the surface appear to have nothing to do with reality, are able to present truths that apply to students’ lives.

How do stories help students remember facts?

Better enable students to remember facts. Stories connect the emotional with the logical. This utilization of multiple areas of the brain strengthens the ability to recall the facts embedded within a story. Have the ability to calm and focus the minds of our students.

Is grammar a part of storytelling?

Grammar. Grammar may be one of the less exciting topics, but as I learned, it can definitely be made more interesting through storytelling: Assign the students a form of creative writing in which they focus on using one of the parts of speech.


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