Are there grocery store conferences


The NGA Show

The National Grocers Association holds an annual expo, taking place February 23rd-26th in San Diego, California in 2020. Its primary purpose is to bring together independent wholesalers and retailers, food retail industry executives, food/CPG manufacturers, and service providers.Jan 10, 2017

What can I expect at the National Grocery Association conference?

Across four days, our jam-packed agenda will feature informative, unrivaled talks on the changing grocery landscape from 175+ industry leaders as well as opportunities to connect and network with peers and potential partners. Through rich presentations, interviews, case studies, workshops, and panels, expect advice and insights on:

What are the best retail conferences for your business?

These are some of the biggest and most innovative retail conferences available to you and your team: Rakuten Optimism, National Retail Federation, and ShopTalk. To find out more about these conferences, as well as other amazing retail events, take a look at our full article.

What is the online retailer Conference&Expo?

About: The Online Retailer Conference & Expo is a two-day event filled with the latest in e-commerce trends, tech innovation as well as retail solutions. Check their website for updates on the 2021 conference.

Why should grocery retailers attend trade shows?

From large, national events to regional warehouse shows, the opportunity for grocery retailers to network and expand their knowledge on new and upcoming tools and products for their operations is vast. Nothing beats tasting a new food product first hand before you stock your shelves.


What challenges do grocery stores face?

4 Major Problems Faced By Grocery StoresInventory Loss. Grocery stores deal with fragile inventory every day, such as fruit prone to spoilage or boxes and cans that are vulnerable to damage. … Injury to Employees. … Injury to Customers. … Property Damage.

Do grocery stores use social media?

Social media sites used most heavily by supermarket shoppers include Facebook (89%), YouTube (53%) Twitter (30%), Pinterest (29%) and Instagram (28%). It is important to note that members of various generations use social media differently.

What departments are in a grocery store?

Common grocery store departments and sections are:The Produce department.The Meat department.The Seafood department.The Beer and Wine section.The Health and Beauty department.The Deli/Prepared Foods department.The Front End.

What is the NGA show?

The NGA Show is the largest gathering of independent grocery retailers and wholesalers, food retail industry executives, manufacturers and suppliers – making it the one event that you don’t want to miss.

How do you promote a grocery store?

Marketing Strategies & Promotional Ideas for Grocery StoresStrategy #1: Social Media Outreach. … Strategy #2: Get Local. … Strategy #3: Branded, Reusable Shopping Bags. … Strategy #4: Offer Tastings. … Strategy #5: In-store Events. … Strategy #6: Offer In-store Fruit and Beverages. … Strategy #7: Offer Delivery.More items…

How do you attract customers to your grocery store?

9 ways to attract customers to your storeEvaluate your store operations. … Prioritize and decide to change those things that aren’t working first. … Focus on your associates. … Market to people who already know you. … Use retail sales training so your crew can sell your merchandise. … Become a student of Facebook.More items…

What do you call someone who works at a grocery store?

A grocery clerk, also known as a supermarket clerk, is responsible for maintaining a grocery store to ensure it runs efficiently. They demonstrate excellent commercial awareness, courtesy, and organizational skills. Duties may include cleaning the store, restocking shelves, and ordering stock.

What type of industry is a grocery store?

food retail industryThe food retail industry in the United States comprises foods sold at grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores, mass merchandisers, and foodservice facilities.

How many sections are there in supermarket?

Supermarkets are divided into sections, such as bakery, dairy, produce (fruits and vegetables), frozen, meat, and deli, along with a “general grocery” section where one can find packaged goods, cleaning supplies, and personal hygiene items.

Where is NGA this year?

Future dates and locations: Feb. 23-26, 2020 – San Diego Convention Center. March 7-10, 2021 – Caesars Forum, Las Vegas.

Which retail conferences changed their date/venue due to COVID-19?

Due to the recent pandemic many conferences have either cancelled their event or changed their dates and venues. Our team is doing its best to upda…

How to maximize your next retail conference?

Before attending just any retail conference, it is best to do research beforehand and to find the most relevant retail conference for your business…

What are the biggest retail conferences?

These are some of the biggest and most innovative retail conferences available to you and your team: Rakuten Optimism, National Retail Federation,…

Why do retailers attend groceryshop?

Retailers and brands attend Groceryshop to learn about the latest technologies, trends and business models as well as to collaborate with peers, startups, tech companies, investors, real estate operators and others in an open, friendly environment.

What is groceryshop 2022?

Groceryshop brings together national and regional grocery retailers, drug stores, convenience stores, drug stores, club/warehouse stores, discount stores, D2C startups, meal kits, and ecommerce players as well as CPG brands in food and beverage, beauty, personal care, household, health and other verticals. More than 250 companies will exhibit at and sponsor Groceryshop 2022. Our Hosted Retailers & Brands Program will curate approx. 3,500 onsite meetings with key solution providers.

When is the Food Automation and Manufacturing Conference and Expo?

Food Automation and Manufacturing Conference and Expo (April 14-17 in Miami, FL) – Gather together with food and beverage processors and suppliers to explore the latest technologies in manufacturing, automation, sustainability, and food safety.

When is the Smart Food Expo?

Smart Food Expo (June 10-12 in Chicago, IL) – Discover how your company can adopt better-for-you products that align with technologies and advancements in a streamlined global supply chain to delight your customers.

When is Digital Food and Beverage in Austin?

Digital Food and Beverage (July 15-17 in Austin TX) – Explore opportunities with more than 200 digital marketing and ecommerce innovators, from retailers, food and delivery services, and brands who will talk latest trends and challenges.

When is the Ahold Delhaize workshop?

Ahold Delhaize Workshop (October 2 in Harrisburg, PA) – Better understand macroeconomic factors during this workshop with Kantar consulting’s subject matter experts. They will educate on how suppliers affect the grocery channel and how to succeed with Ahold Delhaize’s future strategic direction.

When is the Food Safety Consortium conference 2021?

Online, Every Thursday October 7 – November 4, 2021. Organized by Food Safety Tech, the Food Safety Consortium Conference has been an educational and networking event since 2012 for Food Protection that has food safety, food integrity, and food defense as the foundation of the educational content of the program.

When is Digital Food and Beverage Connect 2021?

Digital Food & Beverage Connect. Online, November 10-12, 2021.

When is Supplyside West 2021?

Las Vegas, October 25-28, 2021. SupplySide West & Food Ingredients North America is the premier gathering of health and nutrition professionals bringing together buyers and suppliers from throughout the industry.

When is Food Edge 2022?

Pack Expo International. Chicago, October 23-26, 2022.

When is Pack Expo 2022?

Philadelphia, March 21-23, 2022. PACK EXPO offers the latest solutions for retailers and consumer packaged goods from over 400 exhibitors, as well as educational seminars and learning centers featuring the latest case studies and reports. 10th American Food Sure Summit.

When is the National Restaurant Association Show 2022?

National Restaurant Association Show#N#Chicago, May 21-24, 2022#N#At the National Restaurant Association Show, you’ll discover the innovations, ingredients, and insights that will help you overcome your current challenges and prepare for what’s ahead.

Where is the Petfood Forum 2021?

Petfood Forum 2021 will take place in-person on Sept. 22-24, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. For professionals not traveling in 2021, an on-demand program is offered. With trade shows and other events, the food industry is full of opportunities for education, innovation, networking, and discovery. Here are the major upcoming events, organized by …

Why do you attend retail conferences?

Retail conferences not only become an avenue for you to hear motivational speeches, or improve your skills, they can also be a gateway for you to expand your network resources.

Why are retail conferences important?

Retail conferences are a great avenue for you to widen your network, learn new digital marketing strategies and become a better entrepreneur and business owner.

What is Shoptalk event?

About: Shoptalk is known as one of the best international e-commerce retail events. Shoptalk features speakers from global industry leaders including eBay, Walmart, Pinterest, Nordstrom, DHL, Barney’s, Crate and Barrel, and of course Amazon.

Why was the 2021 conference cancelled?

The 2021 conference was cancelled due to COVID 10. They are coming back with an in-person conference in 2022.

How many speakers are there at the World Retail Congress?

About: The World Retail Congress brings together over 120 speakers including some of the brightest minds inside retail and out, including those from economics, academia, politics and NGOs.

How much is a grocery shop meetup?

Price: Grocery Shop Meetup: Free (retailers and brands) or $1095 to $1595, depending on ticket type. Shoptalk Meetup for Woman: Free (retailers and brands) or $995 to $1395, depending on ticket type. Shoptalk Fall Meetup: depends on participation.

How much is a retail expo pass?

Price: Retail Expo Pass is free while Full Conference Pass is somewhere between $1050 to $2800 depending on pass type, retailer/non-retailer status, and membership. About: Dubbed as one of the world’s largest e-commerce conferences, Retail’s Big Show is the ultimate marketplace for ideas and innovation.

Become a Member

NGA is the only national trade association dedicated solely to the needs of independent, community-focused grocery retailers and operators. For nearly 40 years, NGA has had privilege to serve the independent supermarket industry.

Get Involved

NGA Take Action portal supporters of the independent supermarket industry are able to connect with elected officials and regulators on the many important issues affecting the independent supermarket industry.

When is Women in Retail Leadership Summit 2021?

Women in Retail Leadership Summit – Oct 11th – 13th, 2021. This event takes place in Miami, Florida and as the name would suggest, this summit is specifically designed for women and features the best in the business. From inspirational female Executives and Leaders to inspirational women speakers, this summit focuses on the future of retail, …

Where is RetailX 2021?

RetailX Conference Aug 24th – Aug 25th, 2021. This conference takes place at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. and will focus on the transformation of retail and featuring over 400 exhibitors. Come prepared because this conference it’s all about innovation in retail. 10.

When is Shoptalk 2021?

Shoptalk 2021 – 21st – 24th of March 2021. This event was supposed to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, and cover most parts of the broader retail landscape. It covers everything from electronics to groceries to beauty, apparel, and more!

When is the NGA show 2021?

The NGA Show March 7 – March 9, 2021. Taking place in sunny San Diego, this is a must-see event for retailers and not just because it takes place close to a beach (though that is a big plus!). The event features over 400 companies that are on the cutting edge of effective retail strategies and technologies for 2021 and beyond!

Will there be a retail conference in 2021?

10 Retail Conferences and Trade Shows Still Happening in 2021. 1 March, 2021. The retail industry, like so many other industries, is currently being rocked hard by the Coronavirus which has unfortunately resulted in many conferences and trade shows being canceled. Social distancing is, after all, a tricky thing to do in the midst …

Is retail merchandising important?

Retail merchandising is a very important topic for brick and mortar stores, especially for grocery stores. While some mi…

Is a grocery store a brick and mortar business?

But there are certain businesses (like grocery stores) that are continuing to thrive with a brick-and-mortar setup. We’ve put together a list of conferences and events that are still going on this year whether you are a completely online retailer or a retailer still thriving the old way:

When is the next dairy expo?

World Dairy Expo is an international dairy product expo that takes place in an annual place. This year, it will start from 28 Sept to 2 Oct 2021 at Madison, WI. It attracts the attention of dairy farmers to find the latest dairy technology and innovations, including animal health supplies, feeding products, forage handling and much more.

What is food and beverage trade show?

Offering widespread opportunities, the food and beverage trade show event gathers the leading industry experts to find and explore products and innovative solutions for bakery, dairy, and food & beverage segments. The show has a solid attendee list with professionals from retail chains, wholesale chains, and convenience stores attending. You can expect to bump shoulders with supervisors, directors, and CEOs.

What is FPSA trade show?

Organized by FPSA, this trade show is one of the biggest platforms that enable the exhibitors to get the latest insights on technological advancements and integrated solutions of the food & beverage packaging and processing industry.

Where is the Northwest Foodservice Show 2022?

Mark your calendar to visit the most sought-after food and beverage trade show of 2022. The Northwest Foodservice Show, to be held at the Portland Expo Center, is a great food and beverage exhibition that provides its audience a boundless food tasting and adult beverage offerings, live cooking demonstration by both celebrity chefs as well as local restaurant favorites, and networking opportunities.

Where is the Pizza Expo 2022?

Celebrating its 38 th year at Las Vegas Convention Central Exhibit Halls, Nevada, the food expo is attended by the likes of 10000+ attendees and 400+ exhibitors.

When is the kosher trade show 2021?

It will bring together more than 50,000 visitors and approximately 500 exhibitors at a single ground in Secaucus, the USA from November 9 & 10 , 2021. Plan to exhibit in this trade show event to gain greater visibility for your brand, meet with decision-makers, display your kosher-certified items and realize your trade goals.

When is the 2022 World Dairy Expo?

World Dairy Expo is an international dairy product expo that takes place in an annual place. This year, it will start from Sept 28 – Oct 2, 2022, at Madison, WI. It attracts the attention of dairy farmers to find the latest dairy technology and innovations, including animal health supplies, feeding products, forage handling, and much more.

Why do independent retailers attend trade shows?

From networking opportunities to business advice and discovering new products, these events help keep your business current as your industry evolves.

What is outdoor retail market?

The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market is for retail merchants specializing in winter sporting goods and equipment. It’s a great opportunity for suppliers to showcase their products and build relationships with the merchants in attendance.

What is running insight market week?

Running Insight Market Week is a free event, bringing specialty retailers and leading brands together for productive meetings, exclusive content and peer learning. With one-on-one meetings, roundtable discussions and a virtual awards banquet, this event is invaluable to growing your business.

What is magic fashion?

MAGIC is one of the largest and most comprehensive fashion marketplaces in the US that showcases women’s and men’s apparel, footwear, accessories and sourcing resources from all over the world . Now online, this show remains an excellent space for buyers and brands to connect and forge relationships.

Is the PGA Merchandise Show virtual?

The world’s largest annual gathering of the golf industry has shifted to an all-virtual format for its 68th edition. The PGA Merchandise Show offers education sessions and networking through a cutting-edge, highly-interactive virtual experience and marketplace. Registrants can expect new product launch events, industry presentations, group networking and special golf celebrity and influencer engagement programs.

Is the National Retail Federation online?

The National Retail Federation is one of the, if not the, largest retail association in North America and this year, they’re going online. With your registration, you’ll get access to nearly 300 exhibitors, 90 Big Ideas sessions, Equality Lounge sessions and tons of networking opportunities. With over 100 years of experience bringing new insights to retailers of all sizes, NRF 2021 should be at the top of any retailer’s list of trade shows and conferences.


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