Are there truly free conference call services

image is truly a free service and does not have any paid service levels. The available features include up to 1,000 participants, call recording, and a mobile app.Jul 26, 2021

How do I join a free conference call?

  • Make sure your phone is charged before joining the call. …
  • Look at the signal strength bars on your screen. …
  • Right before the call, turn your mobile device’s ringer switch to off to reduce distractions. …
  • If possible, don’t use the speakerphone on your mobile device during conference calls. …
  • Background noise also can be a problem. …

What are the best free conference call services?

The Best Conference Call Services

  • Nextiva — Best Overall. …
  • RingCentral — Best Video and Phone Conference Call Combo. …
  • GoToMeeting — Best for Upgrading (or Creating) Your Conference Room. …
  • — Cheapest Options for Routine Small Conference Calls. …
  • ClickMeeting — Best Tools for Webinars and Presentations. …
  • Zoom — Best for Large Teams. …
  • Google Hangouts — Easiest to Set Up and Invite. …

More items…

How do you join a conference call?

  • Open Conferences. In Course Navigation, click the link for your web conferencing tool. …
  • Join Conference. Next to the conference you want to join, click the Join button. …
  • Join Audio. To use your microphone during the conference, click the Microphone icon [1]. …
  • Audio Test. …
  • View Conference. …

What is the best free conference call app?

Best user experience: Skype is the video conference app I would use with my non-tech-savvy mother. It’s the simplest user experience and offers easy-to-use chat features, and it’s completely free. Best performance: Zoom will consistently deliver the lowest amount of latency for your video conference calls. You can have 100 people on at once …


Is there a free conference call service?

GoToMeeting, FreeConferenceCalling, FreeConferenceCall, and Tokbox offers business features and can be used by enterprises. Google Hangouts, Skype, UberConference, and FreeConference have good features for small to medium-sized businesses.

How can I host a conference call for free?

Start Conferencing TodayGet a Free Account. Create a account using your email and password. … Host a Conference Call. The host connects to the conference call using the dial-in number, followed by the access code and host PIN. … Participate in a Conference Call. … Add Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing.

Is Zoom conference call free?

Zoom offers a full-featured Basic Plan for free with unlimited meetings. Try Zoom for as long as you like – there is no trial period. Pro plans allow for unlimited meetings lasting up to 24 hours maximum. Your Basic plan has a 40 minutes time limit per meeting.

Is Webex conference call free?

A free video conferencing experience. Sign up to get a free Webex plan. You’ll get meetings with 100 participants, HD video, screen sharing, messaging, interactive whiteboarding, a personal room, and so much more.

Is Zoom conferencing free?

Zoom has a free Basic Plan with unlimited meetings. You can experience almost full features of Zoom with no trial period. But the plan has a 40 min…

Can I hide my own face during the meeting?

Most conference call services, like Zoom, give you the permission to hide yourself without turning off your camera . Others can see you, but you wo…

Why can’t others see me?

Make sure that all other programs that utilize the camera, such as Photo Booth and Facetime, are closed. Rejoin the meeting. If the camera still do…

Unlimited Free Conference Calls With Up to 400 People at A Time

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Your Own Dedicated Conference Line to Use at Any Time

Hold free conference calls on demand or schedule in advance, your free account comes with a dedicated dial-in number and access code you can use wh…

Free International Dial-Ins – The Ultimate Feature in Free Conference Calls

Provide your participants with free conference call dial-in numbers that are convenient and local no matter where they are dialing from. From Unite…

How Do I Get A Free Conference Call number?

You can get a free conference call number by simply signing up for is 100% free with no credit card required…

1. RingCentral Video

Along with being one of the most recognizable names in the VoIP software industry and one of the best vanity phone number providers, RingCentral has developed the RingCentral Video conference call solution at an equally high-performing level as the other tools within the RingCentral’s suite.

2. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting Free is a fast and reliable collaboration tool that also includes 14 days of GoToMeeting Business for free, while the free plan itself allows you to host 40-minute meetings for up to three participants.

3. Cisco Webex

Webex ‘s VoIP system will leverage your computer’s built-in speakers with wideband audio support, which facilitates outstanding quality, even under low-bandwidth networks.

4. Zoom

Among the most well-known video conferencing tools in the world, Zoom allows unlimited one-on-one and group meetings and up to 100 participants per conference, with a unique capability of allowing multiple people to share their screens simultaneously.


Offering the most accessible system for large meetings with global attendees, provides free-for-life, ad-supported audio and video conferencing for up to 1,000 participants, supporting dial-in, mobile app, and browser callers.

6. Dialpad Meetings

Complete with a built-in AI, Dialpad Meetings will allow you to enjoy unlimited video meetings for $0, connecting with up to 10 participants for 45 minutes.

7. Google Hangouts

Being a part of the Google Suite, which includes one of the best virtual phone number providers in Google Voice, Google Hangouts automatically connects with your Gmail account and contacts, along with Google Calendar, which allows you to schedule meetings with ease.

What you save in money you lose in quality

This is a biggie in making people question free conference calls. Although it doesn’t directly contradict the facts that make free conference calls really free, it suggests there are more abstract costs. Some blog authors recall crackling, echoes and humming in their teleconferences. This could certainly prove really distracting.

Plans are specifically created to force users into expensive options

This links to the previous point, but paints an even more cynical picture of the telecommunications industry. While the premise of different plans of incrementing prices is to provide options which broadly fit with users’ different budgets and needs, some believe this philosophy is being betrayed.

For free conference calls to be really free, they have to be very limited

As well as restricting access to certain features, some think that free conference calls place prohibitive caps on basic aspects of teleconferencing. Again, unfortunately some teleconferencing services provide proof that this is happening.

The bottom line

Ultimately, you really can increase your bottom line (excuse the poor joke) by using a service like WHYPAY? which makes free conference calls really free. While there are doubtless misleading claims being made by other providers, WHYPAY? is all about transparency, quality and providing the very best without expecting customers to shell out.

RingCentral –

It offers video conferencing with their paid phone plus and it is perfect for any work from home businesses. Having a VOIP phone service let you make phone calls from having just and Internet connection. Capping of 40 minutes per meeting up to 100 participants in free plan.

GoToMeeting –

GoToMeeting gives a free plan to collaborate with up to 3 clients and colleagues. It has three pricing plans – starter, Pro and Plus kit. It allows to schedule the meeting anytime-anywhere and from any device. It gets integrated with Microsoft office, email, and instant messaging tools. There is no need for a PIN or code to join the calls.

BlueJeans –

It is a web conferencing and unified communication platform with multi device operability, both mobile and browser integration, for businesses irrespective of its size and industry. It offers high quality video meetings with additional features like content sharing, recording, chat, and multiple participants.

Vast Conference –

It offers both reservation-less and operator assisted services, reservation-less service allows to host conference calls at any time without scheduling them in advance, can hosts up to 500 callers. Customized greeting options and includes call recording at no additional cost.

Zoom –

Cloud based system offers wide range of free and paid options for individuals and businesses of any size. It has simple video conferencing and messaging across any devices. Join anywhere on any device, zoom meetings syncs with calendar system and delivers streamlined enterprise level video conferencing from mobile and desktop systems. –

Free version allows only five online meeting participants. It offers three additional plans starter, plus and pro. It offers online meetings, and collaboration. It provides HD audio, video, and screen. It offers video conferencing service, conference call recording, web conferencing service, dedicated dial-in numbers, and free conference calls.

Lifesize –

It provides a reliable and fast web collaboration solution. The app provides an easy to use interface, the admin console enables users to get full control and easily manage their account. Other features include screen sharing, calendar integration, call recording, audio conferencing via PSTN, unlimited guest invitations, web-based management.

Why is a conference call important?

Conference call is the primary communication tool for offices or work environment. It helps the teams to collaborate and communicate quickly and easily. Conference call services will improve business communication. It is indeed a quick and efficient way to communicate with the team members and complete the task on time.

What is conference call operator assisted?

Using the reservation less service you can host the conference call 24*7. It doesn’t require any advanced scheduling. Operator-assisted service is the conference call service that includes a dedicated representative to help you plan the meetings in advance.

How much does a web conferencing service cost?

Few companies will charge you on a per-call basis while others will charge a flat monthly fee. The cost ranges from free to $50 per month.

How many people can use Skype?

It is integrated with Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc. Using Skype, 250 people can communicate through the meeting. It has features of screen sharing and live subtitles.

What is a conference call?

A conference call is a telephone call in which someone talks to several people at the same time. The conference calls may be designed to allow multiple participants to speak during the call, or the call may be set up such that participants merely listen to the call and cannot speak. Following is a handpicked list of Top Conference Call Service …

How many people can be in a RingCentral meeting?

You can host a maximum of 100 participants in an online meeting. It enables you to manage both incoming and outgoing faxes online. RingCentral is available in 100+ countries with local dialing plans as well as international virtual numbers. It allows you to share file tasks and file online.

What is RingCentral?

RingCentral is a tool that offers cloud-based communications and collaboration solutions for businesses. It helps you to better serve with all in one video conferencing, cloud phone, team messaging, etc. It provides a call forwarding facility. This tool offers HD quality video and web conferencing.

What is justcall?

JustCall is an online phone system for businesses to get phone numbers in more than 60 countries. You can use this software to make and receive calls from a web browser computer or desktop. Features: You can send and receive messages through the Justcall phone number.

What is ConXhub phone?

ConXhub is a user-friendly business phone system. It is a highly advanced business phone system that allows users to create multiple profiles and numbers. You can also make & receive calls from multiple numbers.

What is Mighty Call?

MightyCall is a virtual phone system made for a small business. This system allows you to make and receive calls on the device of your choice. It enables you to decline the call, accept, or send to voicemail.

Do conference call providers have free trials?

Most of the Conference Call service providers offer free trials for their users. However, some conference call providers have paid plans as well. You can always check for the free trial on the conference call service provider’s official website.

Best Free Conference Call Services Compared

Right off the bat, what makes for an outstanding free conference call service?

3. Free Conference Calling

Reliable clear audio calling that comes with a full offering of features designed to enhance the experience, Free Conference Calling allows you to call anytime from anywhere.

2. Free Conference Call

This service provides a well-rounded conferencing solution that includes both audio and video conferencing; with screen sharing, recording, and global access. Having an international network that provides high-quality, reliable, and simple-to-use services positions their product as “everything you ever wanted in a conference call.”


If you’re looking for peace of mind when it comes to technology that allows you to make crystal clear important calls and implement both audio and video conference calling for FREE, is the two-way group communication platform that incorporates everything mentioned above and more:

1. Quality Is Unpredictable

Actually, the quality of free conferencing services can be more than a match for paid counterparts. According to Wainhouse Research, nine out of 10 people claim their experience with a free service is “about the same” or “better” than paid services.

2. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Not really. has been around since 2001. In that time, we’ve grown from startup to industry leader. Today, is the third largest conferencing provider in the U.S. and fifth largest worldwide by minute volume. And, we are not going anywhere.

4. Distracting Ads Pepper the Site

Nope. At, we are 100 percent ad-free, 100 percent of the time.

5. No ads? They Must Sell User Data

Another fictional statement. Online privacy matters to us, and we’re happy to report that we have never sold customer data. End of story.

6. There Has to Be a Lack of Security

Asking yourself how secure is The company meets or exceeds industry security standards, including data encryption and firewalls to protect stored data. We use multi-tiered access controls and layered networking technologies, with services deployed from stringently secured computing facilities.

8. Get Ready to Endure Constant Upselling

When you sign up for a account, everything you need to hold a virtual meeting is included. You won’t be cut off after a 30-minute call and the 11th participant won’t be turned away. Each call can last six hours and have up to 1,000 participants.

What is the best conference call service?

Published on July 16, 2021. Want to jump straight to the answer? The best conference call service for most people is definitely Nextiva, RingCentral, or GoToMeeting. A good conference call services allows you to connect with the folks you want, when you want, and how you want.

Is WebEx a Cisco product?

Webex is a Cisco product, so you know that the technology used to power this solution is reputable and high-quality. This is one of the best business conference call services to consider for both audio and video calling.


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