Are traps gay asked at conference


Where can I join traps for the 2022 in-person Institute&Expo?

Join TRAPS for the 2022 In-Person Institute & Expo Kyle Field & Texas A&M Hotel 177 Joe Routt Blvd. College Station, TX 77840 The health and safety of our members and everyone who attends the 2022 TRAPS Institute and EXPO, and the College Station community, is our priority.   We are committed to having an in-person event.

Why choose traps College Station?

The Institute education program is of exceptional quality; and the social and networking activities will be enjoyable. The TRAPS leadership and staff, and our College Station hosts, hope to see you in the middle of February in Aggieland. Health & Safety Protocols Maintenance Rodeo Health & Safety Protocols Parking & Shuttle Information

Is there a virtual event at traps?

No virtual option is offered in “real time”, but a virtual event (equivalent in CEU opportunities) will be offered later in the spring. TRAPS endeavors to meet this goal by encouraging wearing a mask; social distancing; cleaning areas; and having hand sanitizing stations near each event and/or food area.


What’s up with this new report on climate change?

So I’ve seen a lot of posts all over Reddit, where people seem to discuss some new report about climate change. What is it all about? Why does that certain report get so much attention?

What’s the deal with the girl and the horse at the olympics?

I keep seeing memes of a girl crying and a horse that looks like it’s “smiling” at the olympics. I did a very quick lazy dirty google and only see things about Alison Brie and some horse culture stuff.

Why are people talking about “toxic positivity”?

I’m 24 and my brother is 16. I’m a tail-end millennial and he’s a Zoomer

What’s going on with WOW players leaving for FFXIV?

Apparently this is a thing? I’ve seen a few FFXIV meme videos joking about WOW players leaving to play FF instead. And then the comments are full of former WOW players raving about how great FFXIV is.

What’s going on with Lebanon launching missiles into Israel lately?

Second time I’ve heard about it recently and can’t really seem to get a straight answer out of anyone as to why its happening.

What is going on with the boycott of Niantic over Pokemon Go?

I saw this trending on Twitter. I bunch of people are angry with and boycotting Niantic on August 5th by not opening the Pokemon Go app


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