Are virtual better realworld conferences


Virtual experiences don’t carry as much weight or gravity as real-world experiences. This may change with the advent of VR, AR, and 3D technologies – or it may not. A great many people simply feel more comfortable interacting in the real world, which is one of the biggest advantages of holding offline conferences.


Are virtual conferences worth the cost?

If a prospective attendee was hesitant to register for fear of missing a main event, then unfettered access to a replay may convince that guest that enrolling is still worth the cost. Of course, one of the main complaints about virtual conferences is that online guests may be flakier than real life counterparts.

What are the best virtual conferences ideas?

A custom avatar serves as a great conversation starter, too. Personalized avatars are one of the simplest examples of icebreaker activities for virtual conferences. If this approach feels too informal, then you can utilize a more practical “digital name tag,” by allowing attendees to link usernames to professional pages or LinkedIn profiles.

Do you prefer virtual or in-person conferences?

The truth about virtual vs. in-person conferences may surprise you. Despite the convenience and less need for travel, a recent survey shows that over 70% of participants prefer to attend conferences in-person.

What is virtual conferencing and how does it work?

With virtual conference platforms, businesses can hold large scale conferences and expos entirely online. And the virtual conferencing industry has received a massive boost since the start of 2020. In March 2020 alone, virtual event software was downloaded 62 million times.


What are the advantages of virtual conference?

Virtual conferences are often shorter than a traditional conference with a reduced number of live sessions, and offer attendees the flexibility to access pre-recorded content at their own pace, allowing attendees to more easily balance commitments such as work, study or child care.

Are virtual events cost effective?

One prominent benefit to virtual events is their ability to save on overhead costs. Because you are saving on staff, venues, setup, takedown, meals, and travel costs, the overall cost of the event is greatly reduced. According to Aventri, it’s up to 75% less expensive than in-person events.

Is virtual event effective?

Virtual events are effective because they meet people where they are – literally! In-person events are reliant upon the people who have the means and time to attend conferences and trade-shows, leaving a large population out of the action. Going virtual breaks down those prohibitive barriers.

How can I make virtual conferences better?

To cut distractions, put a greater emphasis on attendee engagement. Leverage virtual event technology tools like Q&A, chat, and more during sessions. Set up networking events that break up the day and provide a way for attendees to interact that doesn’t involve staring at the screen without moving or speaking.

What are the disadvantages of virtual events?

Cons of Virtual EventsThe “Wow” Factor Can Be Hard to Replicate. … No Face-to-Face Interactions. … No After-Hours Networking Opportunities. … Harder to Hold Attendees’ Attention. … Easy Information Dissemination. … Massive Data-Gathering and Analytics Potential. … No Budget-Busting Show-Running Costs. … Scheduling Issues—Avoided.More items…•

What is the biggest benefit of hosting a virtual event?

Virtual events record a higher attendance rate compared to in-person events. More participants are inclined to participate since they can conveniently join from anywhere, no travel is required, and on-demand materials are readily available. Compared to physical events, data retrieval is easy during an online event.

What are the pros and cons of virtual events?

The Pros and Cons of Virtual Conferences: Just My OpinionsNo travel. Could attend from a smart device, which means you could attend from ANYWHERE. … Choice. … Cost. … Better than purely recordings. … Video quality over in-person. … Ability to do things like closed captioning. … Great for people with mobility challenges.

Are virtual events better than physical events?

While physical events might win the debate over personal interactions, virtual events maximize the number of those interactions and multiply the value derived from them, providing a successful alternative to participants.

Why are in person events better than virtual?

Networking in person is much easier compared to virtual events. The audience identifies better body language and subtle communication. Demonstrations are more efficient in-person than virtually. It comes more natural to us to interact face-to-face.

How do you make virtual events more interactive?

6 ways to make more engaging and interactive virtual eventsCreate quizzes and questionnaires. … Encourage voting during virtual events. … Create a fun learning experience. … Create memories with interactive virtual events platform. … Communication.

How do you keep the audience engaged virtually?

11 ways to keep attendees engaged during virtual eventsSound out your speaker(s). … Pre-event polling. … Don’t skip on production. … Organise a surprise delivery. … Do a dress rehearsal. … Use your intro wisely. … Create variety with virtual rooms. … Make space for audience interaction.More items…

How do you run a successful virtual event?

10 tips for hosting virtual eventsSet clear goals from the start. … Choose the right platform to host your virtual event. … Choose the right time for your event. … Promote your virtual event. … Develop a clear agenda that includes speakers and timeframes. … Include moderators at your event. … Engage your audience. … Prepare to troubleshoot.More items…

How do you budget for a virtual event?

How to Build a Virtual Event BudgetStart with common event line items. … Determine what you need for your virtual event to be a hit. … Remember to account for the number of attendees. … Remember what is most important for your event. … Breaking down your budget. … Don’t assume virtual means cheaper than in-person.More items…

What are the pros and cons of virtual events?

The Pros and Cons of Virtual Conferences: Just My OpinionsNo travel. Could attend from a smart device, which means you could attend from ANYWHERE. … Choice. … Cost. … Better than purely recordings. … Video quality over in-person. … Ability to do things like closed captioning. … Great for people with mobility challenges.

How do you price a virtual event?

How to Price Virtual EventsDon’t Call it “Free” … Consider Attendees’ Situations. … Determine if Sales Tax Should Be Charged. … Look for Value-Adds. … Don’t Get Stuck on One Rate.

What are the expenses of online event?

A virtual event does away with a large number of expenses associated with an in-person event. These include costs related to venue rental, hospitality, equipment rental, staffing etc. The budget for a virtual event may be estimated considering the cost areas enumerated earlier.

The advantages of virtual conferences

There’s a reason why more marketers are gravitating to a virtual or hybrid event format. Several reasons, in fact. They can help to lower costs, reach more people, provide content for marketing, and help you track the success of your event.

The disadvantages of virtual conferences

The list of advantages of virtual conferences is notably longer than the downsides, but that doesn’t make the downsides any less important. Before you go all-in on virtual events, consider the following:

Addressing online conference challenges with Canapii

The advantages and disadvantages of a virtual event don’t matter as much if you don’t also have the right event software leading the way. At Canapii, we’ve developed purpose-built tools that increase these advantages and out shadow the downsides to make every virtual event a smooth success. Learn more when you schedule a demo.

What are the pros and cons of virtual conferences?

For example, pros might include relatively low costs and high accessibility, while cons might include a lack of face-to-face interaction. The purpose of these pros and cons is to better understand your investment and potential.

What is a fully digital conference?

A fully digital conference, in comparison, is an opportunity to reach worldwide audiences at both a fraction of the travel time and cost.

What are the disadvantages of remote conferences?

Not everything about remote conferences is sunshine and rainbows. For example, there are far fewer hugs. Here are some more disadvantages. 1. Less face time. For some conferences run online, you could also go this “no face time.”. In some cases, these events are run asynchronously, via video recordings and similar.

Why do people hold conferences online?

Holding your conference online may give you access to a wider variety of speakers, and it may also preclude you from working with some of the best.

Can you run a virtual conference on a shoestring budget?

You will, notably, likely still have speaker fees and other costs, and these will in part be reduced by not having associated travel fees. If you were so inclined, you could likely run a virtual conference on a shoestring budget; in a way that competes with the most successful conferences in the world. 2.

Can you sponsor a conference?

As you start to explore the world of online conferences, you learn there are nearly countless sponsorship opportunities. For example, you can sell sponsored ad space on backgrounds, invites, websites, blog posts and similar. Since this sponsorship has a large potential reach, you may actually earn more than you would from localized equivalents.

Is it cheaper to run a conference online?

Lower costs. Running conferences online isn’t free; but the price of a Zoom, Webex or other virtual meeting software license is substantially cheaper than renting a conference hall.

How long is a virtual conference?

When asked the ideal length for a virtual conference, a majority (59%) of respondents opted for 1-2 hours as the ideal length. In addition, the number of respondents that preferred conferences that lasted one day or more was only 3% for virtual conferences compared to 19% for in-person conferences.

What are the issues with online conferences?

Another issue that arises with online conferences is the willingness of participants to pay what conference organizers would say would be a fair price. In the case of an in-person conference, the participant can “see” the venue, the conference space, the audio/visual set up and other “clues” to what a conference actually costs to put on. “People don’t want to pay. Full stop,” says Adam Parry, Editor of Event Industry News and Co-founder of Event Tech Live . “If they can get something for free, that is always their preferred option.”

What percentage of people prefer in person conferences?

In fact, in this youngest group of respondents, over 85% prefer in-person conferences over virtual ones. There is a lot of research when it comes to why exactly this might be true.

Do you need to be paid to attend an online conference?

Many prefer the ability to network at in-person conferences that does not occur in most virtual environments. The truth about online conferences is that speakers still need to be paid, equipment and software are still needed, and personnel must still invest time running the conference.

Is a virtual conference more successful than a multi day conference?

This leads to the conclusion that when it comes to virtual conferences, a series of smaller events would likely be more successful than a large, multi-day event, while in-person conferences can and should be longer.

When is a good time to attend a conference?

The ease of virtual conference attendance makes midweek a great time to plan them.

Can you see value of online conference?

The attendee may not “see” the value of an online conference vs. one that is held in person. They also may not understand the costs involved in hosting a virtual conference. Attendees may see online conferences similar to “free” webinars, and expect to be “sold” something online, rather than getting a real benefit.

What is virtual conference?

Virtual conferences are a type of virtual event. While there are a variety of virtual events, virtual conferences include many elements of traditional conferences, and sometimes other types of virtual events. Ultimately, they’re longer, larger, and more involved. In addition to conferences, other virtual event types include:

What is the most important part of a successful virtual event?

The most important part of a successful virtual event is having the right software. Choose wisely, because not all platforms are created the same. It must be capable of easily handling your audience size, engagement tools, virtual entertainment, integrations, and more. And don’t forget about security and analytics.

How to provide valuable entertainment?

The key to providing valuable entertainment is knowing your audience. Provide surveys and polls ahead of events to discover what types of entertainment they would like to see to break up or end the day. Understand what kind of content will make people forget they’re at a computer, and become immersed in something fun and engaging.

Why do you need a hybrid conference?

You will easily boost your event ROI with a hybrid conference, because you’re providing many more engagement opportunities for attendees and are able to simply and instantly track it. Plus, you can use these sophisticated tracking tools to understand how to better target content in the future.

What is a keynote in a virtual setting?

The most exciting part about keynotes in a virtual setting is the ability to obtain wider-reaching connections. Your message can be viewed globally, and shared on all platforms.

How to combat virtual elements lack engagement?

To combat the idea that virtual elements lack engagement, pack in all the opportunities you can. Include breakout sessions for networking opportunities and Q&As, round tables for specific topic discussion and exploration, and panel discussions to share various perspectives from industry experts and leaders.

Can you attend a virtual event in person?

Currently, the event is going hybrid: You can attend virtually or in-person. Regardless of how you want to attend (the in-person event is in Austin, Texas), virtual attendees will also have access to networking opportunities and will be able to attend the opening party and all main stage speaking events.

Why is virtual conference important?

It’s vital for businesses to evaluate and understand the engagement levels over a virtual conference. It acts as real-time feedback for hosts to improve on different aspects. Thus, your virtual events platform should display holistic engagement statistics on registration, attendance, polls, etc.

What is the best virtual event platform?

1. Eventzilla. Best for marketing and promotion of your virtual events ($1.50 per registration). Eventzilla is a virtual event platform that helps you host, set up, and manage all virtual events like webinars, live streams, and conferences.

How many people can attend a webinar jam?

WebinarJam is a cloud-based virtual event platform that lets you create and host virtual events including webinars, virtual meetings, and live streaming. It can connect with 5000 attendees and six presenters in a single event – though it places a 4-hour limit.

What is Whova conference?

Whova is an all-in-one virtual event platform that helps you stream sessions, replay videos, engage attendees, create virtual booths, and more. It works with all major video streaming platforms and helps you manage videos and session info in one place.

What is clickmeeting platform?

ClickMeeting is a virtual event platform that helps you organize paid webinars, automated webinars, large virtual events, and more. It also lets you live-stream your content simultaneously on Facebook or YouTube to get more attendees.

What is a vfair?

vFairs is a virtual event platform that helps you host online and semi-online webinars, trade shows, conferences, etc. It offers a chat room feature with one-on-one audio and video support and integrates with top CRMs and marketing solutions.

Which is better, Eventzilla or Zoom?

If you’re looking for a virtual conference platform with advanced events promotion & marketing features, Eventzilla is the best option. On the other hand, WebinarJam and Zoom are best for collaboration and interacting with your attendees and speakers.

What is virtual conference?

Virtual conference ideas are suggestions for creating engaging and memorable online events that attract significant audiences. Because virtual events are different experiences than in person events, you need to approach your seminar from a new angle. These ideas also work for virtual retreats. Specifically, this list includes: …

How to create a virtual event?

To create a virtual event, first research and select the software and equipment you will need to execute your event. Once you choose your technology, you can begin recruiting and invite experts to present. You may also begin to plan virtual activities such as online cocktail hours, remote team building games, and other web extras such as ecommerce shops and digital book nooks. When your planning is complete, you can advertise your event online and open the registration process.

How to set up a rewind for a conference?

You can set up an online rewind by uploading video of the virtual discussions onto your event website. This offering can drive more guests to sign up for your conference, since the flexible schedule affords overcommitted attendees leeway. If a prospective attendee was hesitant to register for fear of missing a main event, then unfettered access to a replay may convince that guest that enrolling is still worth the cost.

Why are virtual daycares so popular?

Because guests will attend your conference from the comfort of home instead of the seclusion of an event center, there is a possibility that kids may crash the affair. For this reason, some organizers are advertising virtual conferences as children-friendly to encourage the attendance of busy parents. You can take this notion one step further by offering entertainment specifically for the kids.

Where are you staying at a conference?

At traditional conferences, guests may ask each other, “where are you staying?” to which the reply may be, “the Hilton downtown right next to the art museum, ” or “an Airbnb lake house just outside the city.” If all attendees stay at the same hotel, the conversation may shift to, “what’s the view from your room?” In the case of my annual company meeting, I could only ever answer, “I can see the top of the parking garage from my window.”

Can you record a virtual conference?

Most virtual conference software like Zoom and GoToWebinar allows you to record meetings and lectures with the click of a button. With this technology you can easily offer a playback of virtual conference events to attendees. Perhaps Abdul intended on watching the keynote speech on mobile technology in medicine, but his son sprained an ankle at soccer practice and Abdul spent the afternoon at an urgent care instead. Or maybe Joyce found the panel on LGBTQ law so riveting that she wants a playback.

Which is better, a forum or a chat room?

Select a digital venue. Forums work better than chat rooms since the movement aspect of chats make questions easy to miss.

What is the benefit of virtual events?

Broader Reach & Impact– What’s great about virtual events is no one has to travel for them, so you can attract attendees from around the globe. You’re not limited to the size of the room like you are with an in-person event. And best of all online registration allows you to gather a wealth of information about your attendees that allows you to customize their experience with your virtual event.

Why do people use virtual events?

Clients often choose virtual events because resources such as time and money may be at a premium. Virtual events can be deployed quickly with a significant cost reduction. Some good examples of programs that work best in a virtual only format would be panel discussions on current events or policy issues, interview-style programs or educational events that are 90 minutes or less in duration.

What is hybrid event?

Hybrid Events: Flexibility to reach the greatest number of attendees

Why is it important to allow attendees to participate in a conference?

Allowing attendees to participate from wherever they sit in the world – either in-person or online – offers everyone flexibility and convenience and allows you to expand your impact regardless of geography.

How long should a virtual event be?

Keeping people’s attention for long periods of time online is challenging. Keep your virtual events under 90 minutes if at all possible. If you are doing a full day or multi-day event, do it in-person and you can live stream the sessions to extend your reach to those interested who are not able to attend in-person.

Why do people attend events?

Also many people attend events not just for the content, but for the opportunity to meet and interact with other attendees (and speakers) with similar interests. The human factor and relationship building experience are the #1 reason people attend events.

How do you know which approach is best for your event?

How do you know which approach is the best for your event? It boils down to a number of different factors—including your event size, budget, timeline, and the geography of attendees. Each event approach provides its own unique benefits.


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  • What can we conclude from the data gathered? Clearly most of those surveyed, including the youngest segment, prefer in-person conferences over virtual ones, and they are more willing to pay for them. That does not mean that virtual conferences don’t have a place, and in many cases, they are both more desirable and sustainable. However, timing does …

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