Are virtual conferences worth it


The learning curve has been steep, but associations are discovering the advantages of virtual conferences. They’re more accessible to people who are unwilling or unable to attend in-person events because of disabilities, social anxiety, work and family obligations, or budget limitations.

What are the benefits of attending a virtual conference?

Virtual conferences are often shorter than a traditional conference with a reduced number of live sessions, and offer attendees the flexibility to access pre-recorded content at their own pace, allowing attendees to more easily balance commitments such as work, study or child care.

Are virtual events cost effective?

One prominent benefit to virtual events is their ability to save on overhead costs. Because you are saving on staff, venues, setup, takedown, meals, and travel costs, the overall cost of the event is greatly reduced. According to Aventri, it’s up to 75% less expensive than in-person events.

What is the average cost of a virtual conference?

The average cost per attendee for a large virtual conference is slightly higher at $1000 – $1500. The most popular type of virtual event is small gatherings. This is followed by networking events and round table discussions. 67% of virtual events use external (customer) speakers.

Are conferences worth the money?

Are scientific conferences truly worth this time and money? The answer is yes, according to a new Northwestern University study. Scientists who interact with others during assigned sessions at conferences are more likely to form productive collaborations than scientists who do not, researchers found.

What are the disadvantages of virtual events?

Cons of Virtual EventsThe “Wow” Factor Can Be Hard to Replicate. … No Face-to-Face Interactions. … No After-Hours Networking Opportunities. … Harder to Hold Attendees’ Attention. … Easy Information Dissemination. … Massive Data-Gathering and Analytics Potential. … No Budget-Busting Show-Running Costs. … Scheduling Issues—Avoided.More items…•

What is the biggest benefit of hosting a virtual event?

Virtual events record a higher attendance rate compared to in-person events. More participants are inclined to participate since they can conveniently join from anywhere, no travel is required, and on-demand materials are readily available. Compared to physical events, data retrieval is easy during an online event.

Why do virtual conferences cost so much?

Nearly all in-person meetings have been converted to an online format, the so-called virtual conference. Because so many online communication tools are free to individuals or small groups, people are often surprised that registration fees are being charged at all for virtual conferences.

How popular are virtual events?

According to their survey respondents, 40% of the events they plan to attend in 2022 are predicted to be virtual. Another 35% said they’d be hybrid – virtual paired with in person. On the whole, this figure confirms: Virtual events have increased in popularity by 35% from 2020.

How do you budget for a virtual conference?

How to Build a Virtual Event BudgetStart with common event line items. … Determine what you need for your virtual event to be a hit. … Remember to account for the number of attendees. … Remember what is most important for your event. … Breaking down your budget. … Don’t assume virtual means cheaper than in-person.More items…

Why should you attend industry conferences?

Attending an industry conference is a great idea on a number of levels. More than the takeaways you get from the speaking sessions themselves, you also get invaluable networking time, opening up the door for new business, new partnerships and new perspectives.

How do you attend a professional conference?

Don’t passively attend the conference use it to advance your career objectives!Attend the Orientation for New Attendees. … Use the mobile conference apps (at NACADA use Guidebook) … Focus on Variety. … Read the Conference Materials and Do Some Preliminary Planning Before You Attend.More items…

How much do medical conferences cost?

Some conferences only cost $30 to attend, while others cost well over $200. Take into account the conference’s price with the aforementioned factors to determine if it’s a worthwhile investment. In the end, deciding whether or not to attend a medical conference is a decision unique to each physician.

How do you budget for a virtual event?

How to Build a Virtual Event BudgetStart with common event line items. … Determine what you need for your virtual event to be a hit. … Remember to account for the number of attendees. … Remember what is most important for your event. … Breaking down your budget. … Don’t assume virtual means cheaper than in-person.More items…

What are the pros and cons of virtual events?

The Pros and Cons of Virtual Conferences: Just My OpinionsNo travel. Could attend from a smart device, which means you could attend from ANYWHERE. … Choice. … Cost. … Better than purely recordings. … Video quality over in-person. … Ability to do things like closed captioning. … Great for people with mobility challenges.

How do you price a virtual event?

How to Price Virtual EventsDon’t Call it “Free” … Consider Attendees’ Situations. … Determine if Sales Tax Should Be Charged. … Look for Value-Adds. … Don’t Get Stuck on One Rate.

What are the expenses of online event?

A virtual event does away with a large number of expenses associated with an in-person event. These include costs related to venue rental, hospitality, equipment rental, staffing etc. The budget for a virtual event may be estimated considering the cost areas enumerated earlier.

Virtual conferences: are they worth it?

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Will there be opportunities for networking?

One of the main benefits of a “real-life” conference is the ability to network with other delegates. Indeed, it’s not such a flippant comment to say that sometimes the most important parts of any conference are the tea and lunch breaks.

Will there be opportunities to ask questions?

Another essential aspect of conferences is the chance to ask the speakers questions. After all, each speaker has been invited onto the podium because they’re acknowledged as an expert in their field. Therefore, being able to ask them a question is tremendously valuable.

Will the sessions be recorded?

There may be data protection reasons that the sessions cannot be recorded. However, if they are, will you have access to those recordings afterwards? Some online conferences offer a tiered structure, such as a small fee to have access to the recordings for a limited period of time, and a larger fee to have permanent access.

Will the slides be made available?

More often than not, presentation slides on their own are fairly useless, especially if, rather than having text, they have pictures. However, they may act as an aid-memoire and in that way supplement your own notes from the event.

Is the conference fee cost-effective?

In normal circumstances, attending a conference usually involves a whole separate layer of additional costs: travelling time, fares, and possibly food and accommodation. A virtual conference allows you to do other work right up to just a few minutes before you need to get online, and with none of the other costs mentioned.

Consider online training

Dr. Cem Kaner, a professor of software engineering and test industry pioneer, once told me his standard for training was one actionable idea per day. As disappointing as that is, it is understandable.

Meeting people and maintaining relationships

This one is more challenging in a virtual format. I have attended the Online Test Conference (OTC), the Automation Guild, the Performance Guide Conference, three or four more, and even organized the Software Testing World Cup two years in a row.

Meetup in the middle

Originally designed for local gatherings, just hit profitability in February 2020. Then, due to COVID-19, people were not allowed to meet in person, and the $15 per month organizing fee was a hard sell.

How do I find conferences online?

Finding conferences online is as easy as it gets. With virtual conferences becoming the new norm, the volume of search for online conferences is steadily growing. The easiest way to find out what online conferences are coming up in your industry or any other industry is:

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SMSS is a distinguished social media conference, aimed at solution and service providers to engage directly with a targeted audience of decision-making marketers.

Best business conferences in 2022

The Startup Grind Conference brings inspiration to startups around the world. Being hosted online and offering a choose-what-you-pay model, this year´s edition is more accessible to entrepreneurs globally.

Best technology conferences in 2022

Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association, CES encompasses every aspect of the tech sector. It is the most influential tech event in the world and the platform to showcase breakthrough technologies and global innovators.

Best IT conferences in 2022

Hosted by a leading provider of business cloud communications and contact center solutions, RingCentral Connect is the best virtual conference for IT professionals, business owners, or anyone interested in learning what’s new in the world of business communications.

Best HR conferences in 2022

Given the shift to remote work that many companies have undertaken, Running Remote could not be more relevant. Whether your employees are 100% remote working or you´ve taken a hybrid approach, this conference is for you.

Best education conferences in 2022

Online Educa Berlin (OEB) is the annual leading international event on technology-supported learning.


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