Are you allowed to bring noes into a mun conference

What should I bring to an MUN conference?

Some things you’re required to carry during an MUN conference are: Your research. Dress in your best formals! Carry a pen, notepad and some chit pads is possible. Diplomacy and confidence.

Is it important to come to your first MUN conference prepared?

In reality, if you want to start off your MUN career with a bang, it’s important to come to your first conference prepared. Personally, when I went to my first conference, I was dumbfounded, and by the end of it, I wish I had known the following ten things before I walked in: 1.

How many “I’s” are allowed in a Mun?

No “I’s” allowed! It’s “we”, your country’s name, or “as the representative of Country Name.” Some MUN’s choose to have a brief discussion between two representatives of the two different topics, if there is no clear preference.

What kind of procedure do MUN conferences use?

Parliamentary Procedure. Most MUN conferences in North America use this type of procedure (check out THIMUN and UN4MUN procedure too!). Walking into your first committee session can be confusing, because people aren’t going to be using pronouns like I or my. Instead, they’ll be following Parliamentary Procedure.

What can you bring to Model UN conference?

Ten of My Favorite Things to Pack for Model UN ConferencesA password-locked flash drive. … Power cords for both your cell phone and your laptop. … Snacks on Snacks on Snacks on Snacks. … The Backup Tie. … Crisis notes (written after first session) … A Watch. … A MUN-specific email address. … A college-ruled notebook.More items…•

Can you use personal pronouns in MUN?

MUN debate is extremely formal, and everything you say must be in a form of third-person, known as Parliamentary Language. This is a must for all speeches, though it is kind of hard to grasp. These are the basics: No personal pronouns (I, you, we, etc.).

Are laptops allowed in MUN?

Unfortunately, the learning experience in Model UN is currently sub-optimal because conferences have chosen to ban laptops and technology in the committee room as a competitive equalizer.

Does MUN have a dress code?

Dress Code Professional business attire is a business jacket, dress shirt, tie, slacks/skirt/dress, and dress shoes. Professional dress expectations require that dresses and skirts be knee length. Delegates should be dressed in professional business attire that reflects their self-identified gender.

Do all delegates speak at MUN?

Most delegates will only make one speech, however they can also request a “Right of Reply” to respond to another delegate- not necessarily because they are offended, but also if they want to make a point or simply respond to an argument. 2. The committee will then enter “Informal Consultations”.

How do you introduce yourself in MUN?

Before the first session of the conference, walk in a little early and introduce yourself. You don’t have to get into a deep philosophical debate; just offer a couple of words about you, your country, and your school. And speak with confidence. “Hi, I’m Aryestis and I’m representing Greece.

How much does Model UN cost?

Participant Fee – $115 per person A participant fee is charged for each student or teacher/chaperone who attends the conference.

How long are MUN conferences?

MUN conferences are six hours each. Students are highly recommended to attend all sessions, but may notify staff if they have to miss a session due to personal circumstances or academic conflicts.

What is second in MUN?

The seconder may state “I second the motion” or “second” without first being recognized by the chair. They may remain seated but in larger assemblies, except in those where nonmembers may be seated in the hall, the seconder should stand.

How Do U Win MUN?

4:1055:2610 Tips from Award-Winning MUNers on How to Win at Model UNYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipExperience for them and for you they’re giving up their time to help you have an awesome mun.MoreExperience for them and for you they’re giving up their time to help you have an awesome mun. Experience tip number two always brand yourself and your skills.

What is considered business dress?

Business formal includes a dark pants suit, dark suit and tie, a black suit with a light button-down shirt, skirt suit or suit dress. In some cases, a long evening dress may be appropriate. Shoe options include formal flats, heels, Oxfords or loafers. Accessorize with jewelry, belts, a tie clip, or small cuff links.

What is women’s business casual?

In general, business casual for women includes a skirt or slacks, a blouse, a blazer and an appropriate heel or flat for the office. Business casual do’s for women include: Skirts or slacks. Staple pieces include a few pairs of dress slacks and an assortment of knee-length pencil skirts.

What is a model UN statement?

The statement is a general message to all Model United Nations conferences. The statement is not an endorsement by the United Nations or a certification or recognition of any specific conference or Model UN club. The statement does not indicate or imply an affiliation with the United Nations. The United Nations does not have affiliated Model UN …

Can a UN official speak at a conference?

You can get in touch with the United Nations Speakers Bureau to request a United Nations expert to speak at your conference. The Model UN office does not have the capacity to send an official to speak at your conference.

Do I need to register for a model UN conference?

Do I need to register with or be certified by the United Nations when organizing a Model UN conference? No. The United Nations does not register or certify Model UN clubs. Model UN clubs and conferences operate independently from the United Nations. The United Nations does not recognize, certify or endorse Model UN conferences.

Does the UN have a model conference?

The United Nations does not organize Model UN conferences . Instead, search for local organizers online or through your school. You may also ask the United Nations Information Centre in your area for local opportunities and resources.

Does the UN register Model UN clubs?

The message is not an endorsement or recognition or certification of the conference or club. The United Nations does not register or certify Model UN clubs or conferences.

Is the Model UN affiliated with the UN?

Model UN conferences are held independently by schools or and other organizations. They are not affiliated with the United Nations. You may contact the organizers directly to have your concerns addressed. I want to use the United Nations emblem in the promotional materials of my Model UN conference.

Can you use the UN logo on a permanent basis?

Use of the logo on a permanent basis will not be authorized.

What does it mean when a motion has been raised in the MUN?

Either way, once a motion has been raised, the Chairs will call for a procedural voting process, meaning that delegates are unable to abstain and MUST vote.

What happens if you finish your speech before allotted time?

If you finish your speech before your allotted time is over, the Chair may open the remainder of the time for other Delegates to ask you a question, which you then are able to answer, you may let your time seize, or you may give your time to another Delegate.

Can a MUN be separated into different parts?

But even without that specific book, we can teach you some of the most pressing rules today, so keep on reading! The Ground Rules. An MUN can normally be separated into different parts of the discussions, which all have their own functions in furthering a topic.

Can you move around in a freeform debate?

Within it, general rules seize to exist for a while, and one is able to be within a freeform debate, no turns, no points, no speaking time, You are allowed to move around within a room , you get to meet the other countries in a more personal manner, and you get to negotiate and write your draft resolutions.

Do you speak if the chair acknowledges you?

You ONLY speak, if the Chair acknowledges you. This is a universal rule, which is present in all sections of the MUN debate (except for the unmoderated caucus). Once you have been acknowledged, you say your country’s name and move to place your preferred topic first on the agenda.

Tip 1: Ask the organisers whether you are allowed to have a laptop with you

Some MUN conferences — like the one I attended — let you bring in with you a laptop to use throughout the committee sessions. I only brought mine in on the last day but it drastically changed my performance during the conference. I was able to take notes easier, research needed information faster and write small speeches quicker.

Tip 3: Never admit that the stance of your country is wrong

The Delegate of Pakistan once made this mistake at our conference. She stated that Pakistan has problems regarding child marriage and that they are trying to remedy that. This would NEVER happen in the real United Nations.

Tip 4: Research the type of diction that you should be using in a MUN conference

What I’m talking about here is the official language used at conferences. For example, when addressing the rest of the committee you should start any speeches with ‘Honourable Chair’ and ‘Distinguished Delegates’ as a sign of respect to all those with you. Furthermore, you are not allowed to use first-person pronouns like I.

Tip 5: Go through the rules of procedure, annotate it and bring a copy with you to the conference

Taking the rules with you is just an easy way to reference them during the conference if you’re unsure about anything and need to find out information quickly. For my conference, I read through the rules the day before and highlighted any words or terms that I didn’t know so I could research them. It really helped develop my understanding of MUN.

Tip 6: Have fun

This one is sometimes easy to forget in the middle of the nerves and the tension. But remember that there is no requirement to talk. Take your time and observe how others debate. You’re likely to learn a lot more if you just listen rather than be the one who talks.

MUN Resolution Writing

Every delegate wants to sponsor a resolution and see it get passed. It’s a great indicator of the general consensus of the committee, and in many cases, it shows that you were able to create and market a resolution better than anyone else.

Getting started with Resolutions

A Resolution is a legal document that expresses the general opinion of the committee. Once passed it can be seen as a list of actions that your committee recommends.

Resolution Writing

Following the structure for Resolutions is necessary, but knowing what to put in your Clauses is just as important – a perfectly formatted Resolution won’t get passed unless it also provides innovative solutions.

The Next Steps: Getting your Resolution passed

So by this point, you found your bloc, discussed your ideas, and put your clauses down on paper – you’re almost there. The next step is presenting your work to the rest of the committee. This is the time when you have a chance to compare your Resolution with the work of other delegates.


Directives are a special type of Resolution that are exclusive to Crisis committees. They are action-based documents that are meant to be produced quickly. They can be as short as a page long and may only require one Sponsor. Depending on various committee restrictions, delegates may combine directives to make a more comprehensive document.

What is the golden rule of MUN?

The golden rule, yet one of the biggest mistakes made in MUN conferences: when a delegate fails to capture the attention of his audience. Here is the ugly truth: if you do not capture and maintain the eyes and ears of the other delegates in that room while making your speech, then your speech is not heard.

Can you argue with facts?

No one can argue with facts. They can however, certainly argue with opinions. Facts are a commonly ignored, yet a pivotal weapon in debate strengthening. They make you believable; provide credibility and make your speeches virtually indestructible. Use the facts in your case.

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