Are you ready to be that man conference oasis 2019


When does the oasis conference series membership period begin?

Our new membership period for the Oasis Conference Series begins July 1, 2021 and continues through June 30, 2022. With membership you enjoy access to two streaming live conferences, one live attendance international conference, and ten monthly Ask-the-Expert sessions.

Why attend the Oasis 2019 psychiatry conference?

“The Oasis 2019 Psychiatry Conference was outstanding. The guided meditations led by Dr. Jack were very calming and helped enhance the wonderful conference experience. This was a beautiful setting with outstanding meals and entertainment.

What is better man Conference?

Better Man Conference events are a prime starting place for men to explore the roles they might play as allies for inclusion without shame or blame: Understanding the value of healthy masculinity and inclusive leadership

What are people saying about Oasis?

Highly Recommend!!” “Oasis has all of the essential ingredients of a superb conference, including expert presenters, current and practical knowledge, insightful and friendly colleagues, delicious and healthy food, all in a beautiful place. I honestly feel enlightened, inspired, and ready to make exciting and necessary CHANGE!


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