Can a guy go to swe conference


A: SWE is open to both women and men. Anyone who supports women in engineering is welcome to join. In fact a lot of our speakers and presenters at the national and regional conferences are men.

Can men attend SWE conference?

Although it is an organization predominantly comprised of women, SWE has always included men amongst its ranks in one way or another.

Who can join SWE?

SWE is pleased to offer membership and resources to K-12 educators.

Is SWE national or international?

SWE is dedicated to supporting engineers and technologists, no matter where they are in the world. There are many different opportunities for global members and partners to get involved and connect with the SWE network.

How much does SWE cost?

SWE NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP Membership costs $20 annually, or $50 through the Collegiate to Career (C2C) option which is active for your entire college career and the first year of your professional career.

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