Can a junior assistant scoutmaster do a scoutmaster conference


Technically, there’s not anything prohibiting a JASM from doing a Scoutmaster Conference – the only limitation I could find anywhere in “official” BSA documents says a JASM can do anything an ASM can do, with the exception of activities that are age-prohibited.


What does a junior assistant Scoutmaster do?

The junior assistant Scoutmaster functions just like an assistant Scoutmaster (except for leadership responsibilities reserved for adults 18 years of age or older).

Can a Scoutmaster hold a conference in public?

Each conference should be a private discussion between the Scoutmaster and a Scout, but it must be held in full view of other people in accordance with the BSA’s Youth Protection policy. CAN A SCOUT FAIL A SCOUTMASTER CONFERENCE? No, it is not a test.

What can the Scoutmaster do for me?

The Scoutmaster can also encourage a boy’s advancement in Scouting by reviewing with him the requirements for his next rank. The Scoutmaster conference can be used as a counseling tool at any time and for a variety of other reasons. Among its many values, the Scoutmaster conference can accomplish the following goals:

When is the Scoutmaster conference for Eagle Scout?

The Scoutmaster conference for the Eagle Scout rank may be held at any time. The conference can occur in several informal conferences. It does not necessarily have to be held after the Scout completes his Eagle Scout leadership service project.


Can assistant Scoutmaster conduct Scoutmaster conference?

Who can conduct the Scoutmaster conference? Typically the Scoutmaster, but if there are extenuating circumstances that prevent the Scoutmaster from holding the conference themselves, an assistant Scoutmaster (21 or older) can be designated to conduct the conference.

What is the role of the junior assistant Scoutmaster?

The junior assistant Scoutmaster is a young man who is at least 16 — but not yet 18 — and is appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader with the advice and approval of the Scoutmaster. The junior assistant Scoutmaster, sometimes called a JASM, functions as an assistant Scoutmaster and reports to the Scoutmaster.

Can a parent conduct a Scoutmaster conference?

They can be conducted at troop meetings, during outdoor activities or in the Scout’s home (provided a parent is also present).

When can a Scoutmaster conference be held?

Scoutmaster conferences can also be held to encourage Scouts who are not advancing, or are having difficulty in the troop. Simply stated, a Scoutmaster’s Conference should be held as often as necessary, or no less than one week prior to a Board of Review.

What is an assistant patrol leader?

Assistant patrol leader duties: Helps the patrol leader plan and steer patrol meetings and activities. Helps him keep patrol members informed. Helps the patrol get ready for all troop activities. Represents his patrol at patrol leaders’ council meetings when the patrol leader cannot attend.

What does the troop committee do?

The troop committee obtains, maintains, and properly cares for troop property. It ensures the troop has an outdoor program with a minimum of 10 days and nights of camping per year. Members of the troop committee serve on boards of review and plan and conduct courts of honor.

How do you do a Scoutmaster conference?

These pointers will help make every Scoutmaster conference a success:Make the conference special. Give the Scout your undivided attention throughout the meeting.Invite the Scout to share in the discussion.Keep the setting relaxed. Don’t sit behind a desk or across a table from the Scout.

What is an Eagle Scoutmaster conference?

A Scoutmaster’s conference is a short chat with their Scoutmaster that each scout must complete before they’re able to rank up. It’s usually a one-on-one meeting (while following BSA youth safety regulations) between yourself and the Scoutmaster of your troop.

Who can sit on a board of review?

All boards must constitute at least three and not more than six members who are all 21 years of age or older.

How many merit badges do you need for life Scout?

For example, the rank of Star requires you to earn six merit badges (including four from the Eagle-required list). Life requires five more (including three more from the Eagle-required list). And Eagle requires an additional 10 (including six more from the Eagle-required list) to complete a total of 21 merit badges.

What are the 12 Scout Laws?

Co-founder and principal, Dave Clayman, chose Twelve Points as a tribute to the 12 Points of the Boy Scout Law. “A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent,” said Clayman.

What is the outdoor code for Boy Scouts?

The Outdoor Code: As an American, I will do my best to be clean in my outdoor manners, be careful with fire, be considerate in the outdoors, and be conservation-minded. The Outdoor Code is one of the most important foundations of Scouting.

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