Can a president bar certain reporters from his press conferences


Are press briefings a stand-in for hearing from the President?

Press briefings and fleeting exchanges with the press are not stand-ins for hearing directly and at length from the president, said Leonard Downie Jr, author of the CPJ report and a former executive editor of the Washington Post.

What are the disadvantages of a press conference?

Downie acknowledged the drawbacks of a press conference: the potential for political theater, grandstanding by reporters and filibustering by the president. Yet he said events present a “valuable” opportunity for Americans to hear directly from the president – and for the world to see a leader field tough question from a free and independent press.

How many press conferences has Biden done compared to Reagan?

Only Ronald Reagan, whose public appearances were scaled back following an assassination attempt in March 1981, held fewer press conferences during his first year. But Reagan did 59 interviews that year, compared with Biden, who has only done 22.

Does Biden have a lack of formal news conferences and interviews?

Asked about Biden’s relative lack of one-on-one interviews and formal news conferences, White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, pushed back, arguing that the president interacted with the press frequently and questions from reporters multiple times per week.


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