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The 2022 Montana CAN Conference theme “Raise Your Voice to Lift Theirs,” is designed to inspire child welfare employees and stakeholders surrounding the child welfare system to empower the voices of the children we serve.

The 9th Change Agents’ Network (CAN) conference will take place on 11th-13th May 2022. The in-person day will be hosted on the UCL London

UCL London
The typical minimum entry requirement is a cumulative GPA of 3.3 / 4.0 (or equivalent), but some subject areas require at least a 3.7 and may have additional prerequisites. Admissions Tutors need to be confident that you have enough knowledge to take classes alongside regular degree students at UCL. › how-apply › entry-requirements

Bloomsbury campus.


When is CAN*CON 2022?

Mark your calendars now for Can*Con 2022: October 14-16. Thanks again for making the past year fun. Stay safe, stay healthy, and we look forward to seeing you in the future. Where Are Your Parents, Kid?

What is the theme of the 2022 Montana can Conference?

The 2022 Montana CAN Conference theme “Raise Your Voice to Lift Theirs,” is designed to inspire child welfare employees and stakeholders surrounding the child welfare system to empower the voices of the children we serve.

When is This can happen Conference 2021?

This Can Happen Conference is our flagship event. The two day online conference is taking place on 16-17 November 2021. Book your tickets now. Our 2021 Awards celebrated workplaces and individuals who champion mental health. The live-streamed awards ceremony took place on 24 June.

What is the hybrid experience for the 2022 conference?

We’re proud to offer a hybrid experience for 2022 with both in-person and virtual attendance options, which has made the conference more inclusive, accessible and widely reached.


Can meeting 2022 registration?

All meeting participants and organizers must adhere to health requirements in place in Ontario and Toronto at the time of the conference. Attendees will be encouraged to wear a mask at all times. We will ask our attendees to collaborate with us to ensure the safety of all.

Can ACN schedule?

Canadian Neuroscience MeetingsYearLocationDates2022TorontoMay 12-152021VancouverAugust 22-252020MontrealMay 31 – June 32019TorontoMay 22-2515 more rows

Can you meet 2023?

MONTRÉAL | APRIL 12–16 & VIRTUAL | SEPTEMBER 20–22 The SAH 76th Annual International Conference will be comprised of an in-person meeting in Montréal, Canada, April 12–16, 2023, followed by virtual sessions, September 20–22, 2023.

Where is SfN?

Join Us in San Diego or Online Neuroscience 2022 will be held in-person in San Diego, CA, November 12-16. SfN will also offer a sampling of annual meeting content virtually, including the opportunity for virtual posters.

Is neuroscience a neurobiology?

Many researchers say that neuroscience means the same as neurobiology. However, neurobiology looks at the biology of the nervous system, while neuroscience refers to anything to do with the nervous system. Neuroscientists are involved in a much wider scope of fields today than before.

Does neuroscience pay well?

The salaries of Neuroscientists in the US range from $31,432 to $838,663 , with a median salary of $149,722 . The middle 57% of Neuroscientists makes between $149,732 and $378,879, with the top 86% making $838,663.

Where will the Society for Neuroscience hold their 2021 annual meeting?

ChicagoNeuroscience 2021, the 51st annual gathering of the Society for Neuroscience, will be held Nov. 13-17 in Chicago. This year’s meeting is expected to attract more than 30,000 industry professionals from over 80 countries.

Is neuroscience a hard major?

Neuroscience is hard because the core courses such as biology, chemistry, and mathematics are challenging. Earning a Ph. D. or MD in Neuroscience also requires students to stay in school so much longer. A graduate degree in Neuroscience, since it is in the medical field, can be hard on the pocket, too.

Writing the Family

Where Are Your Parents, Kid? Writing the Family – When sending a scrappy protagonist off on their adventures, many creators start by doing away with those pesky parents, but what can be gained from keeping them and other family members in the story? Beyond that, why do we as readers and viewers love sad dads and dead moms so much? What benefits and challenges come from grappling with family (both found and blood) in fiction?.

Tonya Liburd

Tonya Liburd shares a birthday with Simeon Daniel and Ray Bradbury, which may tell you a little something about her. She is a 2017 and 2018 Rhysling nominee, and has been longlisted in the 2015 Carter V. Cooper (Vanderbilt)/Exile Short Fiction Competition.

Liz Westbrook-Trenholm

Liz Westbrook-Trenholm has published or aired mainstream and speculative short fiction on radio, in magazines and in anthologies, most recently in Shades Within Us (Laksa Media ), Over the Rainbow (Exile Press), Tesseracts 22 (Edge) and Amazing Stories.

José Pablo Iriarte

José Pablo Iriarte is a Cuban-American writer and teacher who lives in Central Florida. José’s fiction can be found in magazines such as Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, Uncanny, and others, and has been reprinted in numerous year’s best anthologies.

2021 Virtual Conference

The Michigan Medicine Child Protection Team welcomes you to the 39th Annual Michigan Statewide Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect: Prevention, Assessment, and Treatment on October 18 and 19, 2021.

Conference Goals

At the conclusion of the conference, participants will understand and be able to implement:



  • Date: May 3-5, 2022 Location: Chateau on the Lake | 415 State Highway 265 | Branson MO 65616 As the statewide Community Action Network, we have much to celebrate. In the three years since we’ve last gathered in-person, we have seen historic changes within our nation and state, from a global pandemic that completely upended our lives, to the ensuing…

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  • MCAN Member: $450 (any CAA employee who is a member OR their agency is a member) Non-member: $550 (any CAA employee who is NOT a member and works at a non-member agency) We’re offering a special incentive for this year’s conference. If you’re the 4th, 8th, 12th, or 16th registrant from the same agency, you’ll receive a $200 discount. We’ll be doing this for both me…

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  • Tuesday | May 3
    9 am – noon: Registration Noon: Lunch 1 pm: Conference opening 2:30 pm: Break/Visit with exhibitors 3 pm: Workshop Block 1 4:30 pm: Break/Visit with exhibitors 5 pm: Awards Gala
  • Wednesday | May 4
    7 am: Breakfast/Morning activities 9 am: Keynote Speaker, Dr. Donna Beegle 10:15 am: Break/Visit with exhibitors 10:30 am: Workshop Block 2 Noon: Lunch 1 pm: Workshop Block 3 2:30 pm: Break/Visit with exhibitors 3 pm: Workshop Block 4 4:45 pm: Networking reception with exhibito…

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  • Missouri CAN has booked a host of sessions designed to give you the professional and personal tools to succeed in your Community Action career. Check out the schedule below and start planning your conference experience. _______________

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Covid Policy

  • The health and safety of our guests continues to be of the utmost importance. The Missouri CAN Board of Directors approved the following COVID policy in accordance with current CDC recommendations: All attendees (including staff, workshop presenters, and exhibitors) will be required to submit one of the following upon arrival at Chateau on the Lake: proof of vaccinatio…

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Sponsors & Exhibitors

  • Are you interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at our event? It takes a lot of support from partners like you to achieve our mission—to advocate for low-income Missourians and create a Missouri where all people and communities thrive. To learn more about sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities, download the sponsor and exhibitor packet: _______________

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2022 Conference Sponsors

  • In-kind Donations

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Contact Us

  • Missouri Community Action Network is the statewide association for the state’s Community Action Agencies. We advocate for those in poverty, educate the public about its effects, and help Community Action staff grow in their careers. Community Action provides localized services to assist low-income families in achieving a life of financial independence. Join us at the Missouri …

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